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SERVPRO Duct Cleaning Operations In Downtown Charleston Businesses

Routine duct cleaning provides a healthier environment for your employees and customers and can save your business money by improving the year-round efficiency of the HVAC system. As you can see on the video, dust, pollen, other particulates, and contaminants can collect in large amounts in your downtown Charleston facility.

SERVPRO teams set up exhaust fans at entry points to clean the ductwork by forcing air at high speed through the ducts to push out dirt and other particulates. They attach hoses at exit points, as you can see, to catch the dirt in a collapsible bag for removal before it can get into the air. If thick layers of dirt cover the interior of the ducts, our team members use long-handled scrubbing brushes to break up them up so the fans can force them out of the HVAC.

Above the cleaning operation, you can see a SERVPRO technician inspecting the ductwork. While the fan forces air through the ducts, it is an ideal opportunity to look for escaping air and particulates along section joints. Near the hose, you can see a bracket holding the duct section in place. Over time, the weight of the ducts can cause the brackets to come loose, letting the sections pull away from each other, allowing openings between them.

Changing temperatures over the seasons and the humidity common to our state can also twist the sections, causing more openings which allow heated or cooled air into the facility. That means the HVAC has to work longer and harder to maintain a controlled environment.

So make it a priority to have your ductwork inspected regularly. If your system allows you to remove, clean, and replace the filter yourself, this is an ideal time to look for an excess of particulates. If the filter or the interior appear dirtier than usual, it may be time to bring in SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston to help save your business money and make your HVAC system run more efficiently. Call us today! (843) 577-2470 to schedule a visit and inspection.