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What Should You Do After Your Home Suffers Storm Damage? | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

5/19/2022 (Permalink)

a large tree trunk split in half laying in grass If you discover storm damage to your home or business, you can count on SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston.

As the spring season comes into full effect, so does the intensity of storms, bringing in whipping winds, heavy rain, lightning and the ever-so-common storm surges and floods. Between these unpredictable weather events, it’s a surprise that our structures and property don’t suffer more damage than they already do.

Here in Charleston, we face an added risk, living near the coast. Even further inland, rivers and creeks run throughout our state and have proven to cause flooding in every area. In fact, there are over 300,000 properties in South Carolina that face significant flood risks over the next 30 years.

Though extreme weather events come in all shapes and sizes, the damage they cause is always something to take seriously. Here are some tips on getting through the aftermath of storm damage.

Stay Cool, Calm and Collected

If the storm that just passed through was powerful enough to damage your home, odds are you spent plenty of time in a crowded closet or bathroom taking cover from the destruction outside. It’s important to take a moment and reconnect with everyone, taking deep breaths and assessing each other for any injuries.

This is a good time to talk through how your response to last night’s emergency either worked or did not work. It allows you to figure out flaws in your preparations and improve them so you’re ready for the next disaster.

Assess and Document All Damage

Once you’ve ensured that everyone is OK and that it’s safe to exit the home, take a walk outside and analyze your property. Take photos on your cellphone of everything that is even minimally damaged, as this evidence will come in handy later so the insurance company can understand the extent of the damage.

Make Necessary Repairs

More often than not, it’s safer to leave your home as it is so the emergency response team can properly handle your home repairs. However, sometimes the damage has become so severe that it can actually cause more damage if left alone.

Making temporary repairs may be required to keep your home from being further destroyed, and if possible, you should do this immediately. Be sure to keep any and all purchase receipts so they can be added to the insurance filings, and follow these tips to help you handle that claim.

Contact the Professionals

Once you’ve addressed the needs of your family, the immediate needs of home repairs and spoken to your insurance company, give the experts at SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston a call. We’re available 247 and have an impressively quick response to all disasters.

By following these steps, and remembering to call the expert team in green, you can be better prepared for the storms ahead.

If you discover storm damage to your home or business, you can count on SERVPRO to handle the restoration. We’re here 247 to spring into action—get in touch with us today.

What Should Go in an Office Emergency Kit | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

first aid kit slightly opened with bandages and gauze on table Contact SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston to create an Emergency Ready Plan or to learn more about our scope of commercial services.

When you’re running a business, you have tons on your to-do list at any given time. You’re making big plans, restocking inventory, keeping your facilities clean and safe, managing a team of employees and navigating the changing times.

While all of these things are important, there may be one item you’re leaving out—emergency planning.

As much as you might not like to think about it, emergencies happen. To keep your business up and running after an emergency, you need a plan, which we can help you with. And to keep the heart of your business—your employees—safe during an emergency, you need an emergency kit.

Why Businesses Need an Emergency Kit
Since we live in a coastal area that’s no stranger to hurricanes, you probably understand the importance of maintaining a well-stocked emergency kit.

You might have an emergency kit in your home. To protect yourself and your family, you ideally need a kit in your house and in your car, stocked with items to keep you safe and healthy in the case of a storm or other emergency.

But most of us spend hours each day at work. When you’re operating the business, you may even spend more time at work than you do at home sometimes.

So you need to take the same preventive measures in the workplace that you do at home. You need to maintain a stock of items that will help nourish your team and keep you safe and protected during a storm and the immediate aftermath.

What to Put in an Office Emergency Kit
So, what should go in an emergency kit for the workplace? Well, first things first—you may actually need multiple kits (or at least one very large supply) depending on the size of your facility and the number of employees on your team.

Determining what goes inside is fairly simple, if you already have a good understanding of what goes in a personal or family emergency kit. It’s basically the same thing, on a larger scale.

When planning out your emergency supplies, you’ll need to base the amount of supplies on how many employees you have. (You should update the kit with extra supplies when employees are added to the team.)

An office emergency kit should contain:

  • Flashlights, with extra batteries
  • First-aid kits
  • Canned goods and prepackaged foods to supply the entire team
  • Emergency blankets
  • Enough bottled water to provide one gallon per person for at least three days
  • A weather radio that’s battery-powered or operated by hand crank
  • Extra cell phone batteries and/or portable chargers
  • Physical maps of the area surrounding your facility
  • Work gloves
  • Multi-purpose tools, like a Swiss Army knife
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Matches

Because every individual has personalized needs, you may want to suggest that employees also keep a small kit of supplies on-site. This kit could include basics such as prescription medications, contact lens solution and personal hygiene products.

Planning ahead for an emergency is the best possible step businesses can take. Get in touch today to create an Emergency Ready Plan or to learn more about our scope of commercial services.

What to Teach Your Kids About Fire Safety | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

a toddler playing with stove knobs in kitchen If you have been impacted by a fire event, contact SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston.

When a fire strikes, you may have only around two minutes to safely escape from your home. That’s scary for an adult to consider, but even more alarming when you consider your kids.

Because children aren’t fully developed, physically or emotionally, it can be even more challenging for them to react properly when a fire sparks. That’s why it is important for your entire family to be informed about fire safety basics and what to do when a fire occurs.

But what do your kids need to know? Read on as our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston team gives you a guide.

Teaching Kids Fire Safety Basics
As with anything, the amount of information you share with your kids about fires will depend on their specific ages and maturity level. But here are some basics to share with any kid, tapered to an age-appropriate message:

- Don’t play with fire. This may well be the most important message you should share with your kids. Each year, an average of 300 Americans are killed and $280 million in property is destroyed as a result of children playing with fire. Keep all matches and lighters out of your kids’ reach—and teach them to never play with or even make contact with fire.

- Follow the fire escape plan. As a family, create a plan for escaping your house in the case of a fire. This plan should include two ways to get out of any room in the home. Practice the plan repeatedly with your entire family. Depending on the age of your kids, part of the plan may be that an adult needs to go to the child and help him or her escape. Regardless, every person should know how to get out, and it should be practiced enough that it becomes familiar.

- Know what the alarm sound means. Would you recognize the sound of an alarm alerting you to a fire in the home? It’s important that you are able to do so easily, and that your children can also discern between the smoke alarm and other alarms and noises in the house. When the smoke alarm goes off, it’s important to leave the home until it’s determined that the home is safe and a fire isn’t present.

- Don’t come back inside. This tip is important enough to stand on its own. Your kids need to know how to escape the home and when to do so, but they also need to know to never come back inside until they’re told to do so by an adult.

- Firefighters are your friends. While kids might idealize firefighters and other fire responders, when they encounter firefighters in an emergency situation, like a fire, it’s not uncommon for them to be scared. After all, they’re in full gear and often carrying heavy equipment. Teach your children that firefighters are there to help and to follow their instructions carefully.

If a fire strikes, your next move matters. You can get in touch] with SERVPRO professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week to start the restoration process. We’ll help get your home back to looking “Like it never even happened.”

What Does It Mean to Shelter in Place? | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

a large storm forming off in the distance over a large body of water The storm has passed, however, you notice that your home has suffered damage. Contact SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston right away.

If you’ve lived in Charleston for a while, you’ve probably been through a hurricane watch or warning. They’re not uncommon during the heart of hurricane season, which stretches from late May into November.

During these periods of heightened alert, there’s often a rush to determine whether you should remain where you are—and shelter in place—or evacuate

Thankfully, meteorologists are usually able to provide local government officials with specific guidance related to current weather conditions that allows them to make this determination.

But it can still be confusing for the average person. So, let’s break down what “sheltering in place” looks like and how you can prepare yourself and your family ahead of time.

Steps to Take as a Storm Approaches

When a storm is predicted, whether it’s an intense thunderstorm, a major rainstorm with expected flooding or a hurricane, it’s important to take prompt action. Start here:

  1. Go inside. Seems self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised how many folks try to test the limits and stay outdoors when a storm is approaching. You will be safest inside a building, but if you can’t get to a building, sheltering inside your car is next best. During a storm, keep the car turned off and try not to touch anything metal.
  2. Close things up. To keep the weather outside of your home, you need to close up all windows and exterior doors. In certain conditions, such as when intense winds are expected, you may want to board up those windows or put shutters in place for extra protection from flying objects.
  3. Choose the safest spot in your home. Ideally, settle your family into a comfortable spot on the lowest level of your home, in a space that’s free of windows. Bring your emergency kit and other necessities into the space so you won’t need to leave it often, if at all.
  4. Keep up-to-date on what’s happening. If cell service is still operational, you can check weather apps and other sources to determine the latest information about the storm. Otherwise, use the battery-operated weather radio you should have in your emergency kit to keep you in the know.
  5. Stay in place until officials say it’s OK to leave. Once the storm has passed, even while you’re still waiting for the all-clear, you can text or call loved ones to let them know your current status.

The storm has passed, but your home suffered damage. What should you do next? Call SERVPRO—we’re available 24/7 to get the restoration process started!

Why You Need a Full-Service Restoration Team for Fire Damage | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

a firefighter spraying water on a large house fire No matter the type of damage, SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston has you covered.

When you think about fire, you probably think about the flame. And it’s true, when a fire occurs in a house or business, the flame is the most obvious factor present.

The intense heat let off by those flames can cause immense danger in mere minutes. In fact, on average, it only takes 30 seconds before a small flame becomes a dangerous one—and only five minutes or less before a house structure is fully engulfed.

But while it’s true that those flames are the cause of a lot of fire damage, they aren’t the only cause. When a fire strikes, the building that caught on fire may also be affected by soot damage, smoke damage, chemical damage and even water damage.

That’s why you need a team of restoration specialists that knows the ins and outs of every type of fire-related damage.

The SERVPRO Difference

Many restoration companies may claim that they’re experts in restoring properties after fire damage. But to be more accurate, they’re actually experts in restoring properties damaged by flames.

Because a house fire rarely causes only flame-related damage, you need a restoration team that offers you more. That’s where SERVPRO can help.

Our team of highly qualified technicians goes through advanced, specialty training in all types of restoration, so we know the best practices for remedying damage due to all sorts of fire-related factors. We can handle the flame damage, but we also take care of all the rest.

When a fire strikes, you can reach out to our team 24/7. Our Emergency Line offers you quick access to our team, and the restoration process will start promptly.

We will visit your house or business for an initial on-site assessment of the damage, quickly determining what areas need to be marked as particular dangers. We’ll also carefully identify all the different kinds of damage in the home, which can include:

- Soot damage. You’ve seen soot in the aftermath of a fire burning in the fireplace. In that case, the soot is contained within the fireplace. But during a house fire, soot can accumulate nearly everywhere, sticking to surfaces and objects.

- Smoke damage. When a fire is gone, the smoke lingers. Even after the actual smoke has diminished, the odor of the smoke and the smoke residue will stick around, clinging to everything in the building.

 - Water damage. Yes, water damage. When fires are extinguished, massive amounts of water are involved. This often leaves standing pools of water that can cause damage on their own but can also contribute to mold growth.

- Chemical damage. Firefighting efforts also involve the disbursement of chemicals to extinguish the flames. Those chemicals may be lethal to the fire, but they’re also hazardous to your home and your possessions.

When you call on SERVPRO, you can rest assured in knowing that we’ll help get your home back to preloss condition, no matter what kind of fire-related damage we encounter.

No matter the type of damage, SERVPRO has you covered. Get in touch today to get the restoration process started.

When Disaster Strikes, Minutes Matter | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

a large tree downed on a white walking ramp Have you sustained property damage and are not sure what do to next? We are here to help, contact SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston.

A fire started in the kitchen. A leaky hose on your washing machine led to a flood in the laundry room. A storm knocked a tree through your roof.

No matter the type of disaster, when one strikes, you can’t wait. And at SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston, we believe you shouldn’t have to.

When you call SERVPRO, you don’t have to leave a message. We’re available 24/7 via an Emergency Line, allowing you to talk with a team member about your emergency and get the restoration process underway.

This may be the most important part of our commitment to our community. We know that when an emergency occurs, the longer the damage lingers, the more likely it is that further damage will occur. That’s why we act fast.

Here’s how we’re able to do it:

Our 24/7 Emergency Line

We mentioned this above, but it’s important enough that we’re talking about it again! Your disaster is our disaster.

If an emergency strikes overnight, you don’t have to wait—you can call us immediately. If flooding affects your home over the weekend, same thing. And we even have a team on the line on holidays, because disasters don’t take a break.

You call, and we get started. It’s that simple.

We’re Locally Owned and Operated

We can get to you fast because we’re literally right down the road. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston serves Charleston and the surrounding areas from a spot right in the heart of the city itself.

That means when you call us, you won’t have to wait until we can travel from another city in the state or elsewhere in the region. The fact that we’re locally owned and operated also gives us a leg up in another way—we know the ins and outs of this community, allowing us to get started (and finished) faster.

We’re a Full-Service Provider

When one type of home damage occurs, another type often follows quickly behind. Take water damage, for example. When that leaky hose caused the laundry room to flood, it left a pool of standing water in the laundry room and dripping into the hallway. If that water isn’t dried up and removed quickly, it can create ripe conditions for mold.

You need a team that can handle it all—and do it quickly. Even under the best of circumstances, sometimes other types of damage will crop up. We’ve got all the bases covered, allowing for a prompt resolution.

When disaster strikes you don’t have to wait. Get in touch with our team 24/7 to get the restoration process started! Because minutes matter.

The 4 Main Causes of Water Damage Inside the Home | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

5/6/2022 (Permalink)

a bright blue pvc pipe being placed in dirt No matter the water damage you are dealing with, SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is your go to restoration team.

Everyone appreciates the advancement of modern plumbing and piping technologies. It allows us to clean our dishes, wash our clothes and transport both clean and dirty water to and from the house respectively.

However, whether you realize it or not, your property is packed with piping systems that bring hundreds of gallons of running water to your home every day. These complicated systems are generally sturdy and capable of withstanding stress, but when they do break, it’s crucial that you identify where the water is coming from so that you can address the issue fast.

It’s possible to prevent water damage from becoming a serious problem, but being proactive and keeping a watchful eye on these causes can help you prevent destruction:

Leaking or Broken Pipes

Everyone knows that bursting pipes can cause your home to flood rapidly, but leaky pipes are early signs that trouble is on the way. Loose-fitting pipes are often the first to leak, either because of improper installation or slow degradation of the seal on the pipe.

These minorly damaged pipes can cause slow leaks that create the perfect environment for mold to grow. Make sure that your plumbing is in working order to prevent further damage.


When your drains experience clogging the flow of water is disrupted and will seek the path of least resistance, which is typically back into your home. Minor clogs can indicate that your plumbing is in need of inspection to prevent extreme clogging.

The water that results from clogs can be dangerous because it’s contaminated and holds bacteria.

Water Heaters

Water heaters work by continuously filling themselves so that you have access to warm water whenever you need it. This is a great advancement, but it has its downfalls as well.

Because of this constant filling, leaks in water heaters can wreak havoc on your home and continuously pump water into your floors, walls and belongings. Checking your water heater for pressure, moisture and corrosion can help you avoid tragedy.

Air Conditioner

It’s important to get an annual checkup on your AC because malfunctions don’t always present themselves. Air conditioners suck moisture from the air and this process can lead to a buildup of water inside the machine. When left unattended or improperly drained, this water can leak and follow the path of least resistance, usually into your home.

Just because your AC appears to be working properly doesn’t mean that it always is. Routinely checking your air conditioner for damage and leaks can prevent moisture from seeping into your home.

To Conclude

It’s very easy to overlook the fact that water flows in, out and under your property nonstop. Until one day when you hear that loud burst and the sound of water gushing out into your home. This is a situation that no one wants to face, but many of the people who do are unprepared.

Water is one of the most damaging and dangerous elements that can affect your home at any time, and the costs are shocking. The costs for water damage can be between $5,000 to $70,000+, with the average insurance claim being more than $15,000 depending on the extent of the damage.

Regularly monitoring your pipes, heaters and air conditioning is the best way to stay ahead of water damage. It’s always best to be prepared, but even if you’re not, SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston will be there for you!

Regardless of the type of water damage sustained, SERVPRO has the tools and teams to help your home or business recover. Contact us 247 when you need a dependable team to help you recover.


Do You Have a Commercial Fire Plan? | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

4/21/2022 (Permalink)

interior stairway in commercial building engulfed in flames If a fire strikes your place of business, don’t delay in treating the damage. Contact SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston right away.

Fires do enough damage on their own. When they interrupt business operations, it becomes more than an aesthetic inconvenience–it’s a major, and potentially costly, problem.

In order to avoid catastrophic losses to your business or commercial property, it’s essential to know what fire protection measures you can implement for your business.

Fires can cause major damage to your business from walls and flooring to electronics, paper documentation and furniture, not to mention the threat of structural damage. Because of this, risk mitigation through a proper fire plan should be at the top of your list if it isn’t already.

The following are the top three fire safety measures you can take immediately to ensure your business is protected in the event of a fire:

Fire Plan. A solid fire escape plan for your business is crucial to the life of your employees and your business. It’s important that anyone in the building, customers and employees alike, know what to do in the event of a fire.

Practice a fire drill with your employees at least once a year, and have fire escape routes posted throughout your building that can be seen clearly by anyone trying to escape the building. Never include elevators in your escape plan—use the stairs. Your fire plan should be a well-known protocol at the workplace.

Sprinkler System. Automatic sprinkler systems are the most effective method of protecting your business in the event of a fire. Without a system in place, a fire may quickly spread across an entire building, destroying a large portion, if not all, of a business’s property.

Sprinkler systems are an affordable fire prevention measure, considering the cost of installing a sprinkler system is modest in comparison to the potential harm caused by a fire.

SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Plan. Know what to do after fire occurs with our Emergency Ready Plan. We will guide you through setting up a process that can be implemented immediately to minimize business interruptions by having a plan of action already in place.

If there ever were to be a fire emergency at your workplace, or any other disaster for that matter, the plan would have already covered everything from a temporary chain of command to interim workspaces.

If a fire strikes your place of business, don’t delay in treating the damage. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is available 247 to assist you at any moment with our emergency response teams.

Are Clogged Gutters That Big of a Deal? | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

4/4/2022 (Permalink)

red and brown leaves coming out of a clogged downspout If you suspect your property has taken on water damage, reach out to SERVPRO of Downtown Charlestown.

Home maintenance can be overwhelming at times. It seems like in every corner of your house there’s something that can be fixed or maintained to prevent potential damage to your home.

So when it comes to home maintenance is it really that big of a deal to overlook some things from time to time? One of the most commonly overlooked home maintenance tasks is clearing your gutters.

Are clogged gutters as big of a deal as they’re made out to be? Let’s look at the two main reasons you should keep your gutters clear.

1. Roof Damage and Leaks. The whole reason you have gutters installed on your home is to allow rainfall to flow from the roof to the ground and well away from your home. When your gutters are clogged, water pool on top of your roof until it becomes too heavy for your roof to handle.

You’ll start to notice water dripping or even pouring from your ceiling when cracks form as a result of too much water gathering on the roof. The leaks will increase until you remove the standing water and clean up your gutters.

2. Foundation Issues. If your gutters fail to perform correctly, it might jeopardize the general integrity and reliability of your house, reduce property value and can result in costly foundation damage.

When water isn’t directed away from the home’s foundation properly, it beings to pool along the soil against the home. Over time, the soil is compromised, causing it to erode and shift. Erosion and soil shifting around your foundation can weaken it, ultimately resulting in foundation cracks or a shifting or sinking foundation which causes a whole host of issues inside and outside of your property.

If you’ve observed leaning or bending walls in your basement, this is a sign that something is wrong with the foundation. Foundation cracks, wall cracks, ceiling cracks and stuck windows or doors are all indicators of foundation issues. A faulty foundation can lead to flooded basements and crawlspaces.

If you suspect your property has taken on water damage, call SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston to clean up the mess. Our certified professionals will get the job done professionally and get you back on your feet quickly.

Fire Safety in the Workplace | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

3/18/2022 (Permalink)

a red fire alarm hanging on a brown interior wall If you sustain damage from a fire at your workplace, call our highly trained experts in green at SERVPRO of Downtown Charlestown.

A fire at your business is never something you can predict, but you can properly be prepared for one. On top of having insurance, there are preventive measures you can take to ensure a fire doesn’t take your business down with it.

A fire can be a significant setback and pose a serious threat to lives for your employees. Fire prevention and safety should be emphasized and promoted in the workplace.

Read on to learn the two most important elements for preparing everyone in the workplace be prepared in case of a fire.

EDUCATION. The best way to prepare your employees for a fire emergency is through education. The evacuation plan should be prominently visible and known by everyone.

You can provide fire safety workshops as well. Fire safety workshops once a year are an easy way to educate every current employee on the plan. One idea for these workshops would be to arrange for a local fire marshal to visit your workplace and conduct an educational session for all employees.

These workshops can also serve as a training session for first-aid and fire extinguisher practice. At the end of the workshop, everyone will be aware of your fire-escape plan and will know where to find it prominently visible in the facility so that when the emergency occurs, there is no confusion.

EQUIPMENT. Having safety equipment available is essential to any safety prevention plan. Almost every fire code that you will ever encounter will mandate that your company have at least one fire extinguisher, and it’s never a bad idea to have extra fire extinguishers available, since they are able to swiftly extinguish tiny flames and protect important equipment from harm.

Most regulations will also require you to install a sprinkler system and smoke alarms. Make a habit of testing the batteries in your smoke detectors on a regular basis, since they may serve as your first warning of danger.

Particle detectors capable of alerting you to the presence of other chemicals or hazards may be an important purchase as well. Finally, keeping a first-aid kit in a well-known place, such as the kitchen, may help treat any injuries sustained in a minor fire.

Because fires are unpredictable and may result in significant damage, being prepared to prevent or extinguish one can save lives and costly damages to your business. It’s important to contact local fire safety experts to educate you and workers on exactly what your facility can do to best be prepared for a fire emergency.

If you sustain damage from a fire at your workplace, call our highly trained experts in green at SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston. We are available whenever your emergency occurs, so don’t wait to get our expert care and support.

The Importance of Commercial Inspection | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

2/23/2022 (Permalink)

two pipes that are not connected with water leaking out of one side Water damage can occur at any time. Know that if you experience any loss, SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is here to respond immediately.

Prevention is the best treatment. And inspection is the greatest form of prevention!

Having your HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems inspected by a qualified expert at least once a year can save you on energy bills, extend the life of your HVAC system and improve indoor air quality by ensuring you catch problems early. In addition, your facility should schedule frequent inspections for the following items:

Appliances. Make sure that equipment are properly spaced in order to prevent overheating the devices and potentially causing fires. Identify any fractures or leaks in the water lines of any machines that are linked to your water supply.

Any equipment that generates moisture (ovens, washing machines, showers and so on) should be located in a well-ventilated area to prevent unsightly mold growth or water damage.

Pipes. Inspect pipes for evidence of leaks or other damage. Pay close attention to spigots and pipelines that are exposed to the outdoors, since these are the ones that are most prone to damage, particularly during adverse weather conditions.

Leaks and cracks in pipes are two of the most common problems of water entering your facility. As you inspect throughout the whole property, look for cracks or evidence of water damage in the walls, ceilings, and the indoor and outdoor foundation. It’s important to note that peeling or damaged paint might be a symptom of concealed water damage.

Smoke alarms. Smoke and fire alarms should be checked on a regular basis. FEMA recommends checking the batteries monthly.

It is also suggested that you review your insurance policy on a yearly basis to ensure that you are fully protected against any loss. Take into consideration the fact that repair prices might vary year to year, so it’s important to check in regularly.

It’s important to do all you can to prevent big damage from affecting your business, but even the best at preparation and prevention can take on severe disaster damage. That’s where SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston comes in. When you take on damage, we are here to respond immediately to mitigate downtime and interruption to your business.

Who Is SERVPRO For? | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

2/3/2022 (Permalink)

aerial view of a SERVPRO recovery pop-up location set up outside a shopping center When you need cleanup and recovery of any kind, SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston has your back.

We know you sit waiting by your computer every two weeks waiting for the latest SERVPRO blog release—or maybe you set an alarm on your phone so you can be notified precisely when the feed updates. You can’t wait to read the latest exploits of SERVPRO’s helpful service, and you live for the tales of the millions of home and business owners being helped out of a crisis by the friendly experts in green.

But just who are these people, and what are their stories? Who exactly is SERVPRO here for?

Glad you asked!

SERVPRO is here for the stay-at-home mom, raising three kids and helping them with everything from 11th grade pre-calculus to kindergarten color recognition. When her water heater decides to give up the ghost and burst, sending water surging through her basement, she knows she can trust her local SERVPRO agents to see her through the cleanup and recovery process she doesn’t have time or equipment to handle.

We’re here for the small business owner in town, who can’t afford another disruption after last hurricane season. She knows that 40% of business don’t recover from a disaster shutdown—that’s why she’s entrusted SERVPRO to help her create an Emergency Ready Plan, to give her dream business a fighting chance in the face of another crisis.

SERVPRO is here to serve local law enforcement agencies and parks departments, who have the unfortunate task of dealing with graffiti, vandalism and crime scenes. There are scenarios many of us would rather not think about—we want them to simply be gone.

But somebody needs to do the work of cleanup and restoration, and that somebody is us. We deal with sensitive situations with utmost care and professionalism, using methods not only appropriate for the situation, but in line with all pertinent local and national regulations.

We’re here for teachers, school officials, hospital administrators and more, who have been so incredibly affected in recent years by the effects of a disastrous pandemic on their work lives, who simply need a clean environment in which to teach, serve and help others heal.

We are proud to serve all these and so many more—anyone who finds themselves in need of cleanup, recovery, reconstruction or just a little help around the house. It’s our honor to use the skills and techniques we’ve perfected over five decades in the industry to brighten our corner of the world and be there 24 hours a day for folks in a crisis.

We’re here for them. We’re here for you. We’re SERVPRO, and we’re here.

When you need cleanup or recovery of any kind, SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston has your back. Contact us anytime to get immediate assistance and the help of the best team in the industry.

Charleston Is a Flood Magnet, and the Cost of Flood Damage Will Rise | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

1/29/2022 (Permalink)

There’s good news, and there’s bad news. The good news is that Charleston is growing. New development is being added, and new families and business are finding the historic city a charming and pleasant place to call home.

The bad news is that Charleston is a flood magnet, and that’s unlikely to change. Much of Charleston’s new development is being carried out on land that’s particularly vulnerable to flooding due to the combined rise of sea levels and the fact that the land itself is already at a low elevation.

Flooding is an annual risk in Charleston. It’s been a problem throughout Charleston’s 300+ year history. The combination of various elements create a perfect storm for flooding in our area.

Charleston is low, and it’s getting lower. Our relative sea level has risen by almost a foot in the last 70 years, and now we find ourselves faced with an accelerated pace of sea level rise—it’s gone up an inch every two years for more than a decade now.

Charleston residents are well-acquainted with “sunny day floods,” where king tide levels fill the streets with water even when no rain is occurring. The city’s elevation and proximity to the rising ocean combine with the flatness of our landscape to ensure that those occurrences aren’t going away anytime soon, not to mention our increased vulnerability during thunderstorms and hurricanes.

The annual cost of flood damage repair was an average of $17 billion between 2010 and 2018, and that cost is expected to rise by an incredible amount—more than an estimated 60%—over the next three decades.

According to recent research, many homes in South Carolina that find themselves at risk for flooding are not actually accounted for on FEMA’s flood plain maps, which help the federal government determine whether homeowners will be required to purchase flood insurance with a newly acquired home. The number of at-risk properties estimated by FEMA maps may undershoot the actual number by an incredible 70%. This means more houses need to be covered by the National Flood Insurance Program, which means premiums will have to rise.

The predicted promise of both rising tides and rising costs could mean any number of things for Charleston residents, from real estate inflation to increased, mandatory insurance costs.

That part of the future remains to be seen. But what is clear is that signing up to live in Charleston means an inherent risk of flooding that seems to be increasing more rapidly than any time in our record-keeping.

It’s incumbent upon us to do everything we can if we want to protect our homes, families and indeed our city from future devastation from flooding.

If flooding or other water damage should cause a crisis in your home or business, we’re here to help. Contact SERVPRO to see how we can get you back in the dry.

The Common Causes of Fires in Schools | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

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If there are any groups of people who need extra attention when it comes to fire prevention, they would be groups which may need special care in the event of a fire—the elderly, those with developmental healthcare needs and children.

So it goes without saying that leaders of school and educational environments, in which children are gathered daily in large groups, should pay careful attention to fire prevention protocols and be aware of common causes of fires in those facilities, in order that they may work toward education and prevention in the future.

A recently published five-year study by the National Fire Protection Association details, among other things, the top causes of fires in educational facilities. During the study period, there were an average of more than 3,000 fires per year in these facilities, resulting in an average of more than 38 million dollars per year in damages. And while those numbers may be big, the causes of these fires are few, indicating that a select number of fire safety areas need attention.

Let’s start small. The least common occurrence of school fires, at 10%, is from heating equipment. These fires are responsible for less than 10% of injuries and less than 5% of direct damage to property.

These would be fires directly occurring from heaters and other high-temperature devices, as opposed to the next most common fire type—the 19% of fires that start because of heating sources being toyed with. These indirect fires could be caused by students laying paper on or near a radiator, or other accidental mishaps involving heating equipment. The accidental distinction is important as well, as we’ll soon see.

The next most common source of fire is the worldwide top contender for most common fire cause—cooking. Cooking fires are responsible for 31% of fires in educational facilities, though they only result in a small percentage of property damage or injuries.

This leads us to our top cause of school fires. Have you guessed it? It may surprise you to learn that the No. 1 cause of fires in educational facilities, clocking in at an occurrence rate of 43%, is fires being set on purpose. These range in intent, but the damage they cause is undeniable—purposeful fires cause six out of every 10 fire-related injuries, and more than half of all fire-related property damage.

So what have we learned today, class? Our biggest takeaway may be that, while the overall number of annual school fires has decreased over the last two decades, we must continue to educate students about the danger of playing with and starting fires, and the threats they pose to property and, more importantly, human life.

When fires affect educational facilities, SERVPRO is on the scene to rebuild and restore. Contact SERVPRO to get the industry leaders on your side for fire recovery.

The Top 4 Reasons to Choose SERVPRO When You Have a Water Disaster | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

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You’ve got quick decisions to make.

You just got home from a long weekend away from home to find your water heater has burst. The situation is worsened by the fact that your water heater is in your attic—now you have water damage to the ceilings of multiple rooms, your insulation is ruined, mold is already beginning to grow and even the integrity of your attic beams is at stake.

There’s no time to waste. Fortunately for you, you’ve read this blog and you know the call to make. But if your memory needs a jog, here are the top four reasons you should call SERVPRO.

1. We’re “Faster to Any Size Disaster.”

When you have water incident, every moment you have to wait means both further damage and increased cost for repair, restoration or replacement. SERVPRO’s promise is that we’ll be on site fast, so that your situation can be handled promptly to minimize destruction and reduce your overall cost.

2. Our teams are highly trained.

We set the pace all the others follow. SERVPRO is an industry leader in service, technology and innovation, and your local team is no exception. When you call SERVPRO, you’re enlisting the help of a team for whom these kinds of issues are a specialty. We’ve seen it all, done it all and restored it all, and your home is in good hands with our skilled technicians.

3. We can’t be overwhelmed.

Even in the event of an area-wide disaster like a flood, SERVPRO is able to provide fast, effective help. How? When a great need is presented, we call on our nationwide network of SERVPRO franchise teams to swarm in and meet it. With over 1,800 locations to call on, we’ve got enough firepower to take on disasters of any size in your community, without you having to wait it out to be served.

4. Your insurance company loves us.

We’re a preferred vendor for many insurance companies because they know we provide impeccable work, meet deadlines and reduce overall costs. And if your home needs reconstruction after a major event, we can handle that too, which means you (and your insurance agent) only have one point of contact and communication to worry about. A streamlined process means your work gets done more quickly, thoroughly and cost-effectively.

When water damage hits home, we’re in the neighborhood to help. Contact SERVPRO to get back in the dry.


What Is a Sump Pump, and Do You Need One? | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

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a sump pump in a concrete basement showing signs of not working If water damage happens in your home and causes damage, SERVPRO of Downtown Charlestown is here to help.

There are a lot of tools and systems that play their part in keeping your home free of leaks, bursts and water damage. From pipes to hoses, drains and more, there are a bevy of instruments and utilities at work to keep your water situation under control.

An unsung hero in the water damage prevention space is the humble sump pump. Many people don’t really know what it is, or what exact purpose it serves. It kind of has a weird name that’s not great for marketing (but hey, it’s better than cesspool), and it’s in a not-often considered area of the home.

But it can save or preserve your basement or foundation all the same. As many as six out of every 10 homes have an existing underground moisture problem, which can lead to foundation damage, mold issues and basement flooding the same as above-ground flooding or pipe bursts.

What’s a sump pump?

A sump pump is an electric pump that is installed beneath the lowest part of your home, in either the basement or crawl space, which drains excess water that would otherwise damage your foundation.

Some are powered by electricity alone, while others operate with a battery backup for situations in which a flood or weather event might cause a power loss. Some sit completely underground, while others sit partially above-ground.

How does a sump pump work?

A sump pump has a similar shape to a trash can or a popcorn bucket, with a basin in the bottom to hold water. As rain or moisture collect under your foundation due to rainfall or floodwater, the basin collects the water that would threaten your home.

A float switch, similar to what you’d find in a toilet tank, triggers the pump mechanism when enough water accumulates in the basin. The activated pump then pulls the water up and above ground via a tube system, and releases the water above ground level and away from your home.

You can see it happen in a simple video here.

How much does a sump pump cost?

Between the cost of the pump and the labor to have it installed, the national average for a sump pump is about $1,200. But considering the destruction and potential costs involved in repairing a foundation crack, and Charleston’s propensity for flooding,, it’s likely well worth it to have one installed.

If water invades your home and causes damage, you’ve got help a click away. Contact SERVPRO to find out how we can help.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Flooding | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

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a long roadway completely submerged in flood waters When flooding presents an issue, SERVPRO of Downtown Charlestown is here to help.

It’s widely known that Charleston is prone to flooding. Because our city is flat, surrounded by water and barely above sea level, it’s difficult for even modern drainage systems to overcome the natural laws of how rainwater accumulates and flows.

As a business owner in the Lowcountry, it’s crucial for you to understand that being affected by coastal flooding is not only possible, but maybe even likely depending on where your business is located.

So what should you do? Start with these three things:

Check Your Risk Factor

Knowing your flood zone risk is step one, as Charleston floods from both Atlantic waters and area rivers. This information is always a little in flux, and FEMA is regularly updating it—but the flood maps and zones will let you know areas of particular risk.

And knowing your risk will help you know the degree to which you may need to plan and prepare for future flooding.

Develop a Continuity Plan

Up to half of all small businesses don’t recover from disasters like flooding, and part of the reason for that is that many don’t have a continuity plan, which is a strategy for continuing business workflow and enacting recovery measures during a disruption.

Your continuity plan should include instructions for teams about building and city evacuation, shutting off main power to avoid electrical fires and damage, and the backup of important documents. It can also include a blueprint for how your business can use alternate locations and vendors while normal operations are disrupted.

And don’t forget to share and practice this plan with your teams and employees—you may know the plan, but it’s not going to operate effectively unless everyone knows their role and how the plan is supposed to play out.

Do Some Flood-Proofing Now

Things like battery-powered sump pumps, extra drainage valves and raised electrical outlets can all help minimize the impact of future flooding, and while their installation may add cost upfront, they can save you a lot when hurricane season or heavy rains bring flood waters in.

You can also install flood doors and barriers, and employ the use of sandbags and other tools to try to stop flood waters from breaching your exterior.

When flooding presents an issue, we’re here to help you recover from damage and restore property and documents. Click or call today to see how SERVPRO can serve your Charleston business.

Fire Safety for the Colder Months | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

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a burning tree engulfed in flames If a fire issue pops up during the holidays, remember the trusted leader in the recovery industry, SERVPRO of Downtown Charlestown.

Summer is fully in the rear window, Halloween has come and gone, and all eyes are now on the closing weeks of the year—you might even be ready to decorate for the holidays. But keep fire safety at the forefront of whatever you do this fall and upcoming winter.

Let’s run though a few reminders to keep you safe as colder weather sets in.

Campfire and Fire Pit Safety

The weather is still reasonable for some camping adventures, and many homeowners like to build backyard fires this time of year for warmth and recreation.

Your fire needs a 25-foot clearance from any tents or other structures. Ignite your fire only with old-school tools like matches or a lighter—kerosene or lighter fluid may get things going quickly, but they can get out of control just as quickly.

Always ensure that any fire is tended by an adult at all times. Keep a water bucket nearby for any errant embers or flames, and use it to properly douse any and all embers when your fire is finished. You’re not ready to leave the fire for the night until it’s cool to the touch and no embers are left glowing.

Space Heaters

For the crisp mornings while you sip your pumpkin-spice coffee at your home office (or really anytime for the cold-natured among us), portable space heaters are a great solution to save energy but still provide some extra warmth. But they are also one of the most frequent causes of winter fires, so be careful to use them properly and turn them off when they’re not needed.

Keep all heaters at least three feet from anything that could catch fire. Never run space heaters in areas where children play, or they may get tipped over. And space heaters draw a surprisingly high amount of power, so avoid extension cords or only use cords properly rated for their use.

Consider upgrading to a newer model with extended safety features, and never, ever leave your space heater running while you go to sleep.

Decorations and String Lights

When you’re decorating for the holidays, it’s important to be aware of the presence of candles and their proximity to any decorations or wrapping paper. Whether it’s Advent candles, a menorah or something else, keep anything flammable at least three feet away.

When stringing lights or putting up a tree, upgrade to modern LED bulbs that draw less power—older lights can present a strain on your home’s electrical system, causing shorts and sparks, especially if left on for long periods. Turn off any lighting decor when not in use.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Deaths related to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning rise in winter because more heat sources are being used, and the incomplete burning of fuel creates the toxic gas. Always be sure your home and heat sources are well-ventilated, and that you have a CO alarm installed at home.

If you use a generator during power outages, make sure you run it outside, never indoors or in the garage, as it creates an acute CO hazard.

If a fire hazard should threaten to ruin your holiday season, remember the trusted leader in the recovery industry and contact SERVPRO to get your property fully restored.

How SERVPRO Can Help After A House Fire

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Smoke damage to a home's walls after a fire SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is always here to help!

House fires can cause extreme amounts of stress on home owners. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is ready 24/7 to jump to action to help you and your family after fire affects your home or business. Smoke and water damage are likely if your fire is large enough and our team is certified to handle all of these and make your home "Like it never even happened." Smoke's fine particles, from even the smallest of fires, can linger in your home and on your belongings if not mitigated by certified professionals. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is prepared to help remediate smoke, fire, and water as soon as you call. If you have had a fire in your home and would like to get a professional out immediately, please call our office at 843-577-2470.  

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston: Your Number One Choice for Biohazard Remediation

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SERVPRO Technicians in PPE entering building Our SERVPRO team is trained to safely and effectively remove hazardous substances.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston have certified professionals on our team so that we can offer you fast, reliable biohazard, vandalism, an crime scene cleanup and remediation services. 

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston can help with: 

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Methamphetamine Labs
  • Crime Scene Residues
  • Arson
  • Vandalism
  • Sewage Backups
  • Black Water Intrusions
  • Mold Mitigation and Remediation

Our professionals are trained to safely and effectively remove hazardous biological substances and prepare waste for proper disposal according to OSHA, EPA, and state and local health regulations. 

Get to know our professional team a little more by clicking here.

Call SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston today at 843-577-2470.

Who to Call When Heavy Rain Causes Flood Damage

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SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is ready when you need us! Heavy rains in Charleston can cause severe water damage to your business or home. According to The Post and Courier , “Charleston flooded one out of almost every five days in 2019.” When this happens it can be very stress inducing. You may not be prepared for all that follows what happens when disaster strikes, but SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is staffed with fully trained and certified technicians to walk you through the process of mitigation and even assist guide you through your insurance claim process. We can be to your home or business to extract water, dry carpets, hardwood floors, walls, ceilings, and assure mitigation is completed to prevent mold growth. 

When you need help fast call the pro you know at SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston 843-577-2470! 

Have You Prepared Your Charleston Business for Hurricane Season?

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Stop sign blown over from hurricane wind in Downtown Charleston Damage to Downtown Charleston after Hurricane Dorian

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is ready when disaster strikes. As a business owner in Charleston, SC you may not be expecting damage but it always a good idea to be prepared for it. With being so close to the coastline, we are often in the bull's eye for Hurricane winds and flooding. 

Building back after a natural disaster is difficult enough, but who will you call to handle the steps before building back? Who will extract the water, clean up and remove debris, check for and clean microbial growth? SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergency response to your commercial damage needs. 

What SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston Can Do For You: 

Fire, Smoke, and Soot Cleanup and Restoration

Water Removal and Dehumidification 

Crime Scene, Biohazard and Vandalism Cleanup 

Mold Mitigation and Remediation 

Contents Claim Inventory Service 

Air Duct and HVAC Cleaning 

Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning and Care 

Stain Removal

Odor Identification and Deodorization 

Upholstery and Drapes: Wet or Dry Cleaning Methods 

Call us today to see how we can help you prepare! SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston 843-577-2470

When Storms or Floods Hit Charleston, SERVPRO is Ready!

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SERVPRO vehicles in front of historic building with storm damage Our highly trained crews are ready to respond 24/7 to storm or flood damage in Charleston, SC.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston specializes in storm and flood damage restoration.  Our crews are highly trained and we use specialized equipment to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

Faster Response

Since we are locally owned and operated, we are able to respond quicker with the right resources, which is extremely important. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the restoration cost.

Resources to Handle Floods and Storms

When storms hit Charleston, we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of 1,650 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Teams that are strategically located throughout the United States.

Have Storm or Flood Damage? Call Us Today 843-577-2470

Why you can trust SERVPRO

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SERVPRO Technicians discussing a living room fire with a homeowner SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston understands your loss is the job that matters most!

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston understands there's no such thing as a small emergency when it can negatively impact safety, revenue loss and business continuity. Timely mitigation is key to minimizing damage, business interruptions and recovery costs. You and those who depend on you will appreciate the rapid response, expertise and training that enables SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston to help get your facility back to operation quickly! 

You Can Trust SERVPRO!

SERVPRO has been serving America since 1967 and helping business owners and home owners recover from fire and water damages across North America. 

With over 1,700 Franchises in North America we are able to offer faster response times. 

We have earned the trust of the insurance industry by serving thousands of their policy holders and clients with respect and integrity. The more we restore, the less that needs to be replaced. 

Click Here to read about our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston team.

Charleston 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Service

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Air movers directed toward daycare walls to dry after water damage SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston provides 24 hour fire and water damage restoration service in Charleston, SC.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is available 24 hours a day for water emergencies, large or small. When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. A delay of just a few hours can greatly increase the severity of the water damage.

We Answer the Phone Ready to Help
Call Today - 843-577-2470

We understand that when you call us, you may be feeling confused, stressed, and vulnerable. You need an expert to guide you through this crisis. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston has the specific water damage training and experience to help you through this tough time. We specialize in water damage restoration—in fact, it's the cornerstone of our business.

What to Expect

When you call, we will ask several questions regarding your water damage emergency. These questions will help us determine what equipment and resources to bring, including how many trained SERVPRO Professionals may be needed.

Our SERVPRO Representative will ask several questions:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your insurance information (if applicable)
  • The street address of the water-damaged home or business
  • When did the flooding or water damage occur?
  • What caused the water damage (if known)?
  • Is there electricity available (on-site)?

About SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Meet Our Crew:


Certifications at SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston: 

  • AMRT - Applied Microbial Remediation Technician
  • ASD - Applied Structural Drying Technician
  • CCT - Carpet Cleaning Technician
  • ECTP - Employee Certification Training Program
  • FSRT - Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technician
  • HST - Health and safety Technician
  • IICRC Certified Firm
  • OCT - Odor Control Technician
  • OSHA - 10-hour General and/or Construction Industry Training Program
  • OSHA - 30-hour General and/or Construction Industry Training Program
  • OSHA - Other Training
  • RRRP - Lead-Based Paint Activities and Renovation
  • RRT - Carpet Repair & Reinstallation Technician
  • UFT - Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning Technician
  • WRT - Water Damage Restoration Technician

Reduce Charleston Business Interruption by Planning For it

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Fifty percent of businesses may never reopen after suffering a disaster. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston supports your business with 24/7 emergency service. The best way to reduce business interruption after a disaster is to prepare for it by calling SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston to develop a SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile for your business. This will allow you to minimize business interruption by having an immediate plan of action. Pre-planning can serve as an insurance policy aimed at peace of mind. This is a no cost assessment of your facility to create a concise profile document that contains only the critical information needed in the event of an emergency. Preparation is a key component for making it through any size disaster, whether it is a small water leak, a large fire, or an area flooded. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston specializes in cleanup and restoration after fire, water, or storm damage to your business or home. Call today to get started! 

Fireworks are Fire Hazards | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

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Three fireworks in a night sky More fires are reported on July 4th than any other day of the year. Let’s break that tradition!

Okay, quick facts: Fireworks start an average of 18,500 fires a year. This includes 1,300 structure fires300 vehicle fires, and nearly 17,000 other fires.  Yikes! 

It’s the season of summer vacations, camping, family reunions, picnics, bonfires, and the 4th of July and that means FIREWORKS. Even sparklers – as small as they are – can burn at 2,000 degrees. That’s as hot as a blow torch and can melt some metals! Crowds and barbeque grills and the heat and the explosive nature of fireworks don’t mix. This combination makes for a higher chance of fireworks accidents. In fact, more fires are reported on July 4th than any other day of the year. 

If not used properly, fireworks can cause destruction ranging from wildfires to injuries. Children between the ages of 10 and 14 are most likely to go the emergency room for firework injuries. The second most likely group is adults between the ages of 20 and 24. 

Fireworks can also lead to fires that burn down homes, damage entertainment venues, and cause bushfires on property. This accounts for up to $105 million in direct property damage annually. Who’s responsible for covering this damage? That depends. Homeowners insurance typically covers house fires, but damage caused by fireworks is sometimes a gray area. Usually, if the fireworks were legal the damage might be covered, whereas if they were illegal the damage likely will not be covered by your insurance. Reach out to your insurance agent to make sure you’re covered. 

To make sure our property and everyone around us is safe, follow these guidelines when using fireworks: 

  • Make sure fireworks are legal in your area before buying or using them 
  • Only light one firework at a time 
  • Point fireworks away from homes, trees, and shrubbery 
  • After fireworks finish burning, douse them with plenty of water from a bucket or garden hose before discarding them 
  • Do not carry fireworks in your pocket 
  • Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose nearby in case of fire or other mishap 
  • Always have an adult supervise fireworks activities 
  • Do not allow children to play with or light fireworks 

If your property suffers fire damage, you can depend on us. You can contact us at any hour of the day to learn more about our services.

Indicators of Water Damage in Your Basement | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

6/23/2021 (Permalink)

grey basement with water damage SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston is a full restoration company. Our experts are on call and ready to help you determine the best course of action.

A basement is a versatile, utilitarian space for many homes. You can get creative and finish it up for extra living space or a mother-in-law apartment, you can turn it into a man cave or a she-shed or you can use it to store those old trophies from high school you just can’t bear to get rid of.

However basements come with a built-in risk, namely the risk of water damage. This is due to the fact that they are built into the ground and thus surrounded by moisture at all times. Even the healthiest home is prone to intake some of that moisture at some point.

While it’s not a guarantee that you’ll come up against this problem, it’s certainly more likely than not, and you should know what to look for regarding basement water damage. Below, we will look at some of the signs that water damage is present in your basement—should you realize you need further action, we’re right here to assist anytime.

What to Look for to Assess Water Damage

Unpleasant, musky odors. The water that gets into the basement could very well be clean water, but give it a little time to marinate and seep into the carpet, and it will begin to give off the familiar eau de basement. Many people assume this is just how basements smell, but that’s not the case. This smell will only arise when mold and mildew are present in the environment, a sure indicator that your basement is damp. Even if you can’t see mold yet, your nose is trying to tell you to find where water is coming in.

Flaking paint on masonry or walls. Yes, the paint can may say that it’s waterproof, but what that really means is that it will hold off the signs of a water leak longer than regular paint, but it will eventually give way, revealing an even bigger, built-up problem. If you’ve got bubbles and cracks, you’ve got a water issue.

Foundational cracks. Water damage over time can cause a fault line to form in your foundation. Cracks can show up in the floor, the ceiling or in your walls, and they often indicate that uneven pressure is being applied to your home’s structure, possibly due to a cracked foundation. Hairline cracks are no big worry, but if they become larger, they should be examined immediately.

If you notice any of these signs in your basement, let us take a look. Our expert water restoration technicians can help you determine what is causing these issues and how to treat it properly. Contact us today to learn more.

Restoring Your Belongings after Storm Damage | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

A grey storm graphic Storms threaten our peace of mind and our homes. Click here to learn about how SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston can restore your belongings.

For many of us home is everything. However, storms threaten our homes in more ways than one. Not only does a storm threaten your home’s structure, but the quality of your belongings and keepsakes. Our restoration services can help you save money and give you back your peace of mind by preserving your precious belongings.

Nowadays, we hold many of our memories and keepsakes digitally on our computers, phones, family videotape, and more. Please note that water-damaged electronics can present a serious hazard so do not attempt to operate any of them in the wake of water damage. Let us coordinate the restoration of your electronics for you!

First, we will clean the outside of your electronic devices to help stop any further corrosion and damage. From there, a qualified electronics technician will clean and inspect the electronic devices.

More traditionally, valuable documents like wedding certificates and photographs make our house a home. Extreme caution must be taken with items like these because they can be delicate and easy to destroy. Although some documents may not be restored to pre-water damage condition, SERVPRO® of Prattville may be able to save a great deal of them and help minimize further damage. Depending on the type of documents and the level of water damage, we have five options for the restoration process: air-drying, dehumidification, freezer drying, vacuum freeze-drying, and vacuum thermal drying.

If you have storm or water damage anywhere in your home you can count on us to help. You can contact us at any hour of the day to learn more about our services or to report damages.

Building a Solid Evacuation Plan for Your Downtown Charleston Business | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

Emergency graphic Here are some helpful tips we’ve put together to help you build a solid emergency plan. Contact SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston to learn more.

Every business needs an evacuation plan in case of a fire or another disaster. In many cases, OSHA requires it and even publishes their own standards to check your emergency plans against.

Plus, it’s a good way to ensure both your employees and your customers are safe if something unexpected happens. (And, considering everything that happened in 2020 with the pandemic, planning for the unexpected now certainly seems wise.)

We’ve put together some tips to help you build a solid evacuation and emergency plan if your business should need it. We’ve worked in the disaster restoration and recovery business for years, so our team understands how these processes can work.

Things to Consider

We use the term “emergency” or “evacuation” plan, but it should be more than one plan in reality. Here’s why:

Some disasters require you to shelter in place. In the event of a fire, of course, you’ll want to have the routes out of the building posted and employees trained to help with the process. But in other cases, sheltering in place is the right call. That usually is the best option if a severe storm or tornado has been spotted in the area. So, you’ll want to have a plan in mind that covers all types of disaster scenarios.

Your employees’ roles can change. You’ll want to talk with your employees about head counts, evacuation routes and their role in leading people out. You may also want to establish a set meeting place to ensure that everyone you know is in the building has gotten out. Or if they haven’t, how many people first responders should be looking for inside the building.

Some special equipment may be required. Depending on your business and the type of disaster you’re dealing with, respirators and other equipment may be required.

If your business is damaged due to fire, water or any other cause, you can always count on us for restoration assistance. We have crews who are available 247 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about our restoration services.

“Ramping Up Your Spring Storm Safety at Home | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston”

5/27/2021 (Permalink)

Stormy weather If you experience any property damage from spring storms, contact SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston.

This year’s cold, wet winter is quickly coming to an end. Even in South Carolina, where winters are typically mild, it’s easy to get spring fever during these long, dreary pandemic winter days. 

So, if you’re thrilled to turn the page in February and start March with dreams of a warm spring afternoon filling your head, no one can blame you. It’s a great time to start planning new projects. For you, that might mean you want to create a vegetable garden or redo your landscaping. 

Or maybe you like to spend the spring hiking or enjoying the outdoors before summer’s heat sends you back inside. 

Spring is an enjoyable season, but like any season, it also brings some hazards for homeowners to manage. When it comes to this season, healthy and severe thunderstorms are always a concern. 

While we don’t have the ability to make a storm take a different path around our home, we take steps to make our homes as safe and secure as possible, so they’re in good shape if a severe storm hits. 

Projects to Do This Spring 

Add these items to your project list this spring. 

Cut and remove tree branches and limbs that need it. Limbs and branches that hang over your garage or home can be a hazard during storms. You can keep them from falling on your roof by cutting them down. 

Declutter your gutters. We talk about the importance of this project every season. Keep your drains clean so that the water around your home is moving in the right direction instead of backing up and causing water damage

Repair your roof.If you can check your roof to be sure it doesn’t have any missing shingles. Look for signs of a leak, too. 

Make sure your home’s sump pump works. Not every family has one of these (or needs it), but it’s important to be sure it’s working correctly before your house goes through a rainy spring. 

Don’t let items around your home become hazards. Be sure your patio furniture or other similar things don’t become tools for the wind to damage your home. 

If a fire, flood or any other cause damage to your home, you can always count on us for restoration assistance. We are available 247 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about our restoration services and how we can help you.

Fire Damage In Your Charleston Residence Can Necessitate Soot Cleanup Services

5/6/2021 (Permalink)

After a fire, homeowners commonly find soot on ceilings, walls, and other objects or materials in their homes. Most wall surfaces, including painted drywall, brick, or wallpaper, are porous. Soot consists of fine particles that can penetrate deeply into porous surfaces, causing lingering odors and stains.

Most of the time, it's possible to remove soot from ceilings and walls, but in serious cases, it may be necessary to remove, repaint or reinstall affected materials like wallpaper and drywall. To get the best outcome from soot clean-up after fire damage in your Charleston residence, you should hire a professional restoration firm like SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston. Our fire restoration experts are equipped to handle the smoke, ash, and soot cleanup process quickly and effectively. We begin soot cleanup by removing most of the dry soot using a duster, HEPA vacuum or dry cleaning sponge.

When cleaning some surfaces like wallpaper, the appropriate method to use is dry cleaning. Other surfaces can respond well and tolerate wet cleaning procedures. Using a chemical-dry sponge or a dry-cleaning sponge is appropriate when a high oxygen fire has caused soot to build up in a particular area. The soot can smear and leave an unsightly stain if one attempts to use a wet cleaning method. Before we perform any wet cleaning procedures, we test the cleaning solution on an inconspicuous, small area behind a switch plate to see if it causes any staining.

Soot can cause further damage in your home if it is ground and smudged into paint, plaster, wallpaper, walls, upholstery, and carpets. The odor that soot can cause is difficult to eradicate with typical cleaning methods and household products. Normal household vacuums are inefficient in removing soot and ash for they redeposit the particles around a house which can contaminate previously unaffected rooms and areas. Our SERVPRO technicians can use HEPA vacuums to remove soot from the affected areas, including sockets and light switches. If you do not clean these fixtures before use, short-circuiting can occur. HEPA vacuums trap the particles, preventing them from redepositing.

For help in removing soot from your home, contact SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston at 843-577-2470.  We have the tools and expertise to deal with the aftermath of a fire and restore your property to its pre-fire damage condition.

Facebook RSS Trust a Local Team When You Need Hurricane Damage Help | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

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a yellow hurricane sign with dark storm clouds in the background Tropical storms and hurricane season are right around the corner. Reach out to us if you experience any storm damage.

We’re getting close to tropical storm and hurricane season for the Atlantic Coast. That means it’s time to plan for what you’ll do if a storm strikes here in South Carolina.

No homeowner wants to think about the possibility, but when you live so close to the coast, you can’t avoid it. Coastal living has plenty of benefits. Planning for a storm is just one of the downsides.

Since the National Weather Service started keeping storm records, tropical weather events have made landfall around Charleston 41 times. Of these storms, 25 were hurricanes. That number includes the devastating Hurricane Hugo, which did massive damage to the Charleston area in 1989.

In more recent years, Florence, Matthew and Irma have made landfall here. Each of these storms did significant damage to the state.

The SERVPRO location in Downtown Charleston is owned and operated locally. So, you can trust that if a storm hits the area, the team you’ll connect with has the expertise needed to understand what happens when a tropical system hits the area.

Additionally, our connection with SERVPRO gives us access to other teams in the region. In the event that we need more help to set our community back to its usual beauty, we can get it. You can count on us to help you quickly.

And we’re on-call 247. No matter when disaster strikes, you can get in touch with our team when you need us most.

We can’t prevent tropical weather from striking our community. But we can do a lot to be sure the resources we need to recover are locally available.

If your home is damaged due to a fire or any other cause, you can always count on us for restoration assistance. We have teams who are available 247 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about our restoration services and how we can help you.

Why We Can Handle Any Size Fire Damage In The Charleston Area

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Common Issues Restoring Fire Damage to a Charleston Kitchen

When a cooking fire gets out of control, leaving fire damage behind, there are numerous challenges to restore the kitchen to its preloss condition fully. Due to the possibility of spreading soot, fire loss should be professionally restored.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston technicians know any loss to a Charleston home is stressful, and fire damage to a kitchen is especially hard as it is one of the rooms in the house the entire family uses regularly. 


As part of the extensive training the technicians undergo, nothing is more important than making homeowners feel at ease during the restoration process. The techs work hard to save homeowners the cost of replacing damaged items through their cleaning and preservation methods to return the home and contents to their pre-fire condition.

Cleanup of Charred Materials

Items and building materials without the potential for restoration and reuse get removed from the premises quickly. The techs photograph and enter the things on a detailed report, including photos to prove the loss, to assist the homeowner in expediting their insurance claim.

Water Damage 

When the fire gets extinguished, water is often an issue as part of the fire loss mitigation. The techs use portable pumps to extract the water and contain the area during drying to avoid spreading soot throughout the home. 

Restoration of Items

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston techs has access to advanced cleaning solutions as well as methods to ensure damaged items have the best chance for a positive outcome from fire or smoke damage. Immersion cleaning works well on non-porous items, and the use of certain solvents releases the grip smoke residues can have on objects. 

Foodstuffs Probably Have to Go

Soot particles can be smaller than the human eye can see and can travel along the grooves of screwtop containers and contaminate foods. Anything other than canned goods will most likely require disposal for possible contamination.

Odor Control

The final layer of fire damage mitigation involves odor neutralizing. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston has cleaners to get rid of smoke residues and also equipment to eradicate odors at the molecular level, never to return. 

Call SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston at 843-577-2470 to handle any size fire damage to your property and contents and use their advanced restoration techniques to make the loss "Like it never even happened."

Why You Can Rely On Us for Any Large Loss Response

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In the event of a major storm, fire, or flood in your Downtown Charleston commercial property owners may obtain a quicker and more professional response from a local franchise location of a national restoration company. Here are three reasons to choose SERVPRO to handle any catastrophic loss.

  1. Several Franchise Locations

SERVPRO has over 1,700 franchise locations. This means that the closest professionals can arrive on-site in four hours or less, which may be faster than other regional mitigation and restoration services. In the event of widespread damage from fires, flooding, or storm damage, additional experts and equipment may report from nearby locations to assist in the cleanup and repairs.

  1. National Corporate Support

The support of one of the nation's leading mitigation and restoration companies allows the local franchises to be better trained and equipped than most independent companies. Insurance jobs are only offered to locations that satisfy all the requirements of a 21-point Participation Agreement. This oversight and company-wide services such as the Claims Information Center elevate the standard of service and make SERVPRO the perfect choice in the event of catastrophic loss.

  1. Industry-Leading Standards

This national corporation is also a certified training school for the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. Each franchise must employ at least one technician who specializes in a particular area such as storm or fire damage to maintain certification. The IICRC requires technicians to obtain continuing education credits to ensure that professionals keep up with current best practices in the mitigation and restoration field. This means that the work performed by these employees will be up to the highest standards in the industry. Allowing our customers to have the best experience possible. All of these factors enable SERVPRO to respond to catastrophic loss caused by fires, flooding or storms faster and handle them more effectively than independent mitigation or restoration companies. Within one hour of contacting the national corporation, property owners can expect a response from a franchise in Charleston, SC.

Your Landscaping Can Protect Your Home From Water Damage | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

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a person with green garden gloves putting down brown mulch Spring can lead to large storms. Contact SERVPRO of Downtown Charlestown if you encounter any water damage from excess rain.

If you’re like most homeowners, you do a lot to ensure your home is safe and protected. You probably also do a lot to care for your home and ensure it looks as appealing as possible.

With all the home improvement shows airing on television recently and all the extra time we’ve had at home, it’s no wonder that so many of us have turned to DIY projects and gardening to fill our time and beautify our space.

But did you know, with the right landscaping choices, you can both make your home more beautiful and protect it from damage? It’s true!

Properly landscaping your home is just one of the ways you can help avoid water damage, especially during the rainy spring and summer seasons.

Here are some tips from experts that will make it easier to make your home more beautiful and protect it from the watery onslaught of severe storms.

Protective Landscaping Tips

Keep these tips in mind when you start working on your landscaping.

Consider using plants that are native to the Charleston area. Native plants can be beautiful. And they can help you by making your yard less prone to flooding and drainage issues. Local experts are great resources for information about native plants. There are online resources, too. You can check out some plants native to South Carolina here.

Grade and slope your yard appropriately. You don’t want water moving toward your foundation. Do what you can to ensure it moves away instead. This can protect your home’s foundation from possible water issues.

Don’t put your mulch directly against your house. Mulch can hold moisture or water. Leave a small gap so that it doesn’t have the opportunity to damage your home’s siding.

If you need help dealing with damage caused by water, fire, or any other issue, we’re here to help you restore your home. We have crews who are available 247 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about us and how we can help you restore your home to its original state.

When they call you...Call us!

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The first 24 hours following a water incident are the most important in preventing secondary or permanent damage. 

  • SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is nearby and ready to begin water restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • A uniformed SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston professional arrives onsite usually within 4 hours of notification 
  • Our staff undergoes extensive water restoration training and certification at SERVPRO’s in-house IICRC-Approved training school to ensure water-damaged structures are dried to meet industry standards 
  • We utilize a real-time electronic claims information center to provide you with accurate reporting on the progress of the claim 


They look to you to handle the situation. You collect information from them and provide reassurance everything will be returned to normal. 

Research indicates the arrival of a cleanup and restoration company following a water incident signifies to the property owner a resolution to the problem, is beginning. A SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston professionals is often viewed as a hero arriving to save them from distress. As their insurance provider sending this service, you can become the hero for helping them in their time of need. Contact the company with 40 years of experience providing water damage mitigation for insurance companies and their insureds nationwide. 

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston professionals understands your priority is helping restore your insured’s property and peace of mind while minimizing the loss on a claim. 

Franchise technicians are trained to help:

-Limit the extent of the damage

-Reduce the claim cost 

-Provide real-time electronic claims reporting

-Reduce the length of time the claim is open

So before any further water damage occurs to your insured’s property and belongings, contact SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston at 843-709-0145

Duct Cleaning In Charleston

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Sweep away years of dust and dirt to help reduce the potential for damage and health risks. Since the ventilation system is often the biggest culprit in poor indoor air quality, inspecting the ductwork should be a high priority. In most cases, the HVAC system has been operating for some time without much attention. Dirty ducts can circulate odors and contaminants such as mold and irrational dust throughout your building or home. 


Inspecting the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit is a service offered by SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston professionals. Keeping the HVAC system and ductwork clean can potentially extend the life span of the equipment by allowing it to operate at peak condition, which may save you money. 

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston professionals uses a portable ventilation and air duct cleaning system to remove years of dust and grime. 


SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston professionals will inspect your HVAC system and ductwork and make recommendations about the way to address any indoor air quality concerns. This inspection can save you money and provide peace of mind on the health of your HVAC system and ductwork. 

In some circumstances, such as after fire, smoke or suspected mold growth, duct cleaning may become an essential part of the cleanup process. In these cases, SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston can often restore the HVAC system and ductwork to pre-damage condition. 


  • Remediate bacteria, fungi, and mold 
  • Reduce the potential for mold growth
  • Restore peak energy efficiency 
  • Eliminate offensive odors 
  • Provide free written inspections and estimates 

CALL US TODAY AT 843-709-0145

Dryer Vent Fires

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One of the most common causes of fires is also perhaps the most preventable.

Dryer vents connect from your clothes dryer, and can build up lint. If not cleaned out properly, the air cannot flow properly, and a fire can result. This type of fire happens most frequently in homes, posing dangers to adults and children.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year. These fires cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss. The U.S. Fire Administration also reports that the leading cause of home clothes dryer fires is failure to clean them (34 percent).

Apart from cleaning your dryer vent, the U.S. Fire Administration has suggestions to enhance safety when using your clothes dryer:

  • Don’t use a clothes dryer without a lint filter or with a lint filter that is loose, damaged or clogged.
  • Don’t overload the dryer.
  • Don’t use a wire screen or cloth to cover the wall damper. They can collect lint and clog the dryer vent.
  • Don’t dry anything containing foam, rubber or plastic. An example of an item not to place in a dryer is a bathroom rug with a rubber backing.
  • Don’t dry any item for which manufacturers' instructions state “dry away from heat.”
  • Don’t dry glass fiber materials (unless manufacturers' instructions allow).
  • Don’t dry items that have come into contact with anything flammable like alcohol, cooking oils or gasoline. Dry them outdoors or in a well-ventilated room, away from heat.
  • Don’t leave a clothes dryer running if you leave home or when you go to bed.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event; as well as mold remediation. We can handle any size disaster!

Call us today at 843-709-0145

BBQ Fires - TIPS

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Summer is right around the corner and weekend barbeques are just in sight. 

Nearly 9,000 home fires are started by grilling accidents each year. Grills can cause lots of damage, follow these tips this summer to keep your home and family safe.

Here are some BBQ and grill safety tips from NFPA:

  • Propane and charcoal BBQ grills should only be used outdoors
  • Grills and BBQ’s should be placed well away from the home, deck railing and out from under eaves and overhanging branches.
  • Keep children and pets away from the grill area.
  • Keep your grill clean by removing grease or fat buildup from the grills and in trays below the grill.

When fire and water damage strikes, a fast response is critical. We are dedicated to responding 24/7, 365 days a year to your home or business. Our team has the tools and resources to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston today for your fire needs. 


Tips For Dealing with Business Fire

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A hot fire that gains momentum can leave a building in ruins with virtually nothing left to save. In many cases, though, a fire is stopped before it leaps out of control; this often results in many items that can be saved and restored. A partial fire loss leaves the business owner with a lot of decisions about what steps to take to save money, to speed up recovery and to clean up the mess. Contacting a professional fire remediation franchise, like SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is a good start. 

An Inspection Is Critical

A thorough inspection by experienced technicians is the quickest way to know where you stand and to gauge the level of fire loss. The inspection should cover the following areas of your business:

  • The structural integrity of your roof
  • The extent of smoke damage in the building
  • The condition of the walls and flooring
  • The state of electrical and computer systems
  • The functionality of the heating and plumbing systems

For insurance purposes all of the damage should be documented. It's also important to file a timely claim and to understand your policy and your rights. Don't settle for work that is shoddy, that does not match the original and that does not address hidden damages such as soot, water and smoke damage. Do not be afraid to demand timely payment of your claim

A Good Cleanup Is Essential

A stellar fire restoration process will proceed quickly and restore items that can be cleaned of odors and grime. A reputable remediation team will have advanced equipment and a variety of cleaning techniques to get your building back in shape. The company will take the guesswork out of what can be saved and what should be thrown away and bought new. In many cases, clothes and upholstery can be restored to excellent condition again. The fire loss might not be as extensive as originally thought.

Call the professionally trained professionals today at SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston at 843-709-0145. 

Fire Safety Advice for Charleston Restaurant Owners | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

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a large flame coming out of cooking pan at restaurant cooking station If you experience any fire damage to your business, contact SERVPRO of Downtown Charlestown. We are your local fire restoration experts.

Charleston is known for a lot of things. We have beautiful architecture, proximity to idyllic beaches and great food.

Residents and visitors to Charleston benefit from the wide variety of delicious eateries located across our area. Whether you’re cooking up Southern soul food or something a perfect, juicy steak, know the community appreciates everything you do to ensure we’re well-fed.

While fire risks are always present for business owners, our local restaurant owners have to take special considerations.

Our teams are well-versed in restoring businesses after fire damage. But we’re also great resources for other information, too. We’ve put together these tips to help restaurant owners mitigate their fire risks.

Empowering Restaurant Owners

Here are a few ways you can ensure your restaurant is prepared to prevent fires:

Train your staff appropriately. Be sure everyone from the kitchen workers to your hostesses and managers knows what to do in the event of a fire. Practice drills can help make sure everyone remembers what to do if a fire starts.

Ensure that everything works before you need it. It’s smart to check things like your sprinkler system, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers regularly. These are vital in helping keep your restaurant safe from fires.

Follow proper protocols. Be sure everyone who works in the kitchen (it’s a good idea for people who work in other areas as well) know not to put water on a grease fire. Use chemicals the right way and dispose of cooking and cleaning rags correctly.

Even if you take all the precautions you can, things can still happen that are out of your control. If that happens to you at your restaurant, you can call on our team. We’re fire damage experts, and our teams are available 247.

And, as a locally owned company, we want to see you open again quickly so we can enjoy a good meal.

If you need fire damage restoration assistance at your business, we’re here. We have crews who are available 247 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about our cleaning services and how we can help you.


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Timing is Everything 

Water leaks within a business can seep into flooring, carpets, baseboards, and walls while moving throughout the structure, potentially creating mildew and staining walls. Quick action is critical in avoiding costly repairs and expensive downtown. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston professionals understands the water damage event can not only disrupt your facility, but it can also interrupt day-to-day functions - possibly closing the business and ultimately affecting your revenues. 

Experience counts when it’s your business. 

There’s no such thing as a small emergency when it threatens to shut down your business. Turn to the company with the resources and experience to be a national leader in cleaning and restoration. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you with your cleanup and restoration needs. 

Leak Prevention Tips 

Regularly check the following items for leaks:


  • Check roofing for deterioration 
  • Check gutters and downspouts for blockage
  • Check basements and crawl spaces for moisture


  • Check appliances in break rooms and cafeterias
  • Check sinks and toilets in restrooms
  • Check HVAC for leaks and blockage

Charleston Business Owners Should Call a Professional Restoration Service to Detect Water Damage

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Charleston Business Owners Should Call a Professional Restoration Service to Detect Water Damage

Your office is an extension of your brand. When clients arrive, you want them to experience your philosophy and company values and peeling wallpaper, and the smell of mold is not in tune with your business personality. Both moldy surfaces and walls in disrepair can be the consequence of a leak in your business, and you want to take care of it as soon as possible.

In Charleston, water damage cleanup is the specialty of our SERVPRO crew. Our industry-grade equipment and expertise help us detect leaks and restore water damage even when it is not apparent. Spots on the ceiling, peeling paint, and a humid smell can all be telltale signs of water hiding beneath your floors or behind your walls. When you call our 24/7 hotline, you receive expert advice to eliminate the problem and return your workplace to mint condition.

What should I do if I see signs of a water leak in my business?

As you wait for our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston team's arrival, you may want to air out the area as much as possible. Improving air circulation helps water evaporate and accelerate the drying process. We develop a plan specific to your needs when we assess the damage and ensure that the leak is under control. In doing so, we rely on technology available to our industry, such as-

  • Wet-dry vacuums that lift water from surfaces.
  • Drying mats allow us to remove water from underneath flooring materials such as laminates and tiles.
  • Injectidry technology lets us inject warm air within wall cavities to encourage water evaporation.

Along with air circulators and dehumidifiers, moisture meters are also essential to our work. When we work at your office, we consistently assess the humidity in your office and use it to guide our efforts.

Water cleanup is a job for professional technicians. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is your partner when disaster strikes. Give us a call at 843-709-0145 and let us work with you to leave your office, "Like it never even happened."

Steps to Ensure Your Business Is Prepared for Flood Risks l SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

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carpeted stairway with dirty water backed up to where stairs start Flooding is the most common type of natural disaster suffered by Americans. Contact SERVPRO of Downtown Charlestown if you experience any water damage

Flooding is the most common type of natural disaster suffered by Americans—especially those living in a coastal city like Charleston. That risk goes beyond the usual hazards of hurricane season and extends into other problems like severe storms.

While there’s nothing that can be done to prevent the quirks of weather patterns or hurricane paths, business owners can take steps to be certain their business is prepared to weather storms and survive floods in the best shape possible.

Advice for Charleston Business Owners

Experts offer these tips to help business owners before, during and after a severe flooding event:

Before a flood hits

Long before storms are predicted, you’ll want to understand the flood risks that your business faces. You can do research about the area and how likely that spot is to suffer a flood. You can use that knowledge to make improvements to your business to help protect it from the flood. It’s also smart to keep an eye on local weather reports to see if flooding is imminent.

You may also want to consider landscaping, like native plants, that can help you mitigate flood risks.

If flooding is predicted

At this juncture, you’ll want to take steps to protect important information, files and the business itself as best you can. Consider backing up vital information for your business offsite. Depending on the time you have before the flood, you may want to consider taking measures to protect your business.

After a flood

Be ready to work closely with your insurance company and provide important documents as needed.

If your business is damaged due to fire, water or any other cause, you can always count on us for restoration assistance. We have crews who are available 247 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about our restoration services and how we can help you.

Dealing with Storm and Water Damage Here in Charleston l SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

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dark storm clouds and lighting strike in sky If your home is damaged due to high winds or any other cause, you can count on us for restoration assistance. Call SERVPRO of Downtown Charlestown.

We’re still a few months away from spring’s thunderstorms and summer’s hurricane threats, but it’s never too early to start thinking about protecting your home from property damage.

While this area of South Carolina is beautiful, it isn’t immune to the dangers of living near the coast. We get the benefits of beautiful downtown, an ocean coastline, and fresh seafood, but our area is also susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms. In fact, since the National Weather Service started tracking storms (sometime around 1851), the Charleston area has been hit by hurricanes 25 times.

Of course, that doesn’t include tropical storms, thunderstorms, or just heavy rains––all of which can cause significant damage to a home.

When it comes to dealing with damage from storms, water damage, water damage is usually one of the prime concerns that homeowners face. It’s a type of damage that can quickly spread throughout the home and worsen.

A Team In Your Corner

If your home suffers water damage due to a storm or any other cause, you can count on a local team of experts to help you set your home right again. As your local SERVPRO, we’re intimately familiar with Charleston’s unique weather dangers and how they can impact homes. We’re also prepared at any time when a storm hits the area.

You can call our team 247. We’ll be here and can help you get the damage restoration process started.

You can also trust that the technicians working on your home will have the highest level of certifications and that they’ll be using the best equipment on the market to get the job done.

If your home is damaged due to fire, water, or any other cause, you can always count on us for restoration assistance. We have teams who are available 247 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about our restoration services and how we can help your family.

Do You Know the Most Common Way That House Fires Start in Winter? | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

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a person with a blue shirt wearing a apron holding a pan with flames flaring up out of it Make sure your fire risk is low during the colder months. If you experience any damage, SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston will be here to help.

House fires are something that can happen any time of year for a multitude of reasons, but in the winter, they are something we recommend that people be extra cognizant of as they live their lives.

The Red Cross has found that house fires are most likely to occur in the wintertime, but by knowing the reasons why this is, you can better prevent and prepare for fires in your own home.

The Most Common Reasons Why Fires Start During the Winter

#1. Cooking Accidents
Cooking, always the leading cause of house fires, leads to even more fires during the winter than it does during the other times of the year. Cooking fires are a serious matter, and because they are often started when simmering or baking food is left unattended, they can cause serious damage before they are even noticed. Compounding this, there are often hectic kitchen environments surrounding large family meals, which are more common in the winter—this can easily lead to flammable objects being forgotten near the stove, another top cause for fires to start.

#2. Heating Errors
Heating your home is a must for staying comfortable during Charleston’s chilly evenings, but it is something that should be done with safety at the forefront to prevent any issues. Though fireplaces are not as common here, if you do have one, it is always best to treat them with the utmost caution—an open flame can quickly spread to any flammable items that are nearby. If you employ the use of an artificial fireplace or a space heater, make sure that they will automatically turn off if they are knocked over or become overheated.

#3. Candle Mishaps
Candles, a popular way to increase the coziness of the home as well as decorate for holidays, can lead to hazards in the home as well. Around a third of household decoration fires are from candles, which tends to be more common in the winter as this is when people decorate. It is important to remember that candles are still open flames, and should be treated as such.

If you have damage to your home due to a fire, we are here to help. You can get in touch with us at any hour to learn more about our restoration services or to report damages.


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If you’ve never experienced the disasters frozen pipes can cause, such as bursting and flooding, you probably don’t pay much mind to take care of your water pipes. But ask anyone who has ever dealt with frozen pipes, and they’ll tell you the preventative maintenance is definitely worth it. In a modern age where almost everything is climate controlled, it’s easy to forget that pipes run through spaces that can get chilly enough for them to freeze.

Frozen pipes can cause costly water damage.

The last thing you want is costly water damage caused by burst pipes. So make sure you take the following steps in order to prevent frozen pipes this winter.

Preventing Frozen Pipes and Water Damage

Be well-versed in these steps, and you won’t have to worry about a pipe catastrophe when the temperatures drop.

Insulate: Insulating the spaces your pipes run through, such as attics, crawl spaces and basements will prevent those spaces from dropping below freezing. If you can’t insulate the spaces, consider insulating your pipes. Insulation is the easiest step of preventative maintenance against frozen pipes.

Climate Control: If you leave your home for an extended period of time, you might think to turn off the heat if no one will be there. However, if temperatures drop low enough, your home can become cool enough for frozen pipes. So if you do leave, keep the thermostat on at least 55°F so that you don’t come back to unsightly water damage.

Faucets: When you know temperatures are below freezing outside, open your facets just a bit to allow them to drip. Running water through the pipes will help prevent them from freezing.

Seal: Make sure your doors, windows, and foundation are sealed against air leaks. Besides driving your energy bill up, letting the warm air out can let the temperature drop low enough (in some areas) for pipes to freeze.

Remodeling Misstep Means Water Damage Issues

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Sometimes even experienced plumbers make mistakes that result in water damage in unexpected places. A bathroom update that results in leaking or poor drainage requires another look at the plumbing renovation and restoration of damage done to your home’s structures. SERVPRO technicians receive training to detect where the water intrudes as well as how to return your home to pre loss condition.

Water damage after a remodeling of your Charleston bathroom is a frustrating outcome. A decision to use a diverter spout to add a handheld shower in your classic tiled bath area causes a blowback issue resulting in water spraying inside your wall as well as through the shower head. Even a small amount of blowback results in significant harm over time. Our technicians help pinpoint the problem and develop a plan to restore the damage.

A desire to retain the character of the original bathroom drives the decision to add to existing plumbing rather than tear out and replace. Unfortunately, the older pipes need help to connect with modern fixtures. If the connections added, fail to seal and balance water pressure correctly, leakage occurs. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston locates the problem and takes steps to dry out the saturated areas. Often an older bathroom has a large access panel in an adjacent room, closet or hallway we open to find the leak and then keep open to direct airflow that removes the moisture.

We work with plumbing contractors to resolve the blowback problem as we dry out the area behind the bathtub and shower. We also follow the path of the water to discover any migrating moisture causing damage to the walls or ceilings below. Older homes often have plaster construction which sheds water more easily than drywall. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston water damage technicians still develop drying goals to ensure any lathes behind the plaster avoid secondary damage like mold growth or disintegration.

Air movers, augmented with dehumidifiers, do a thorough job of removing the moisture once the spout is re-installed with proper taping, caulking or other safeguards preventing further water damage. Bubbled paint or staining restore to the pre-leak condition when touched-up after drying is complete.

Do not despair if a remodeling project takes an unexpected turn. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston has the staff, experience, and equipment to get things back on track. Call for an appointment at (843) 577-2470.

Key Considerations for Your Business’ Disaster Recovery Plan | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

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file drawer with different names on file tabs Disasters are something that no one wants to experience. Contact SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston if you experience any damage.

Having a disaster impact your business is more than just a minor inconvenience—it is a significant event that can impact your livelihood and even permanently close your business if you are not prepared. Fortunately, through key disaster preparations, you can ensure your recovery is a much smoother process.

While planning for disaster recovery may feel overwhelming, by knowing a few key considerations, you can be more prepared for anything that occurs. It is impossible to predict what type of disaster will occur, but with careful planning, you can be ready for anything at your business.

What to Consider When Preparing for a Disaster

Do you have safety efforts in place? The most important thing to consider when it comes to disaster planning is the safety of you and your staff in the moments before and during a disaster. This means it is smart to plan for key things such as evacuation procedures, emergency supplies and communication plans so you can be certain you are keeping everyone as safe as possible if they are at your business when disaster strikes.

Do you have a restoration team picked out? Starting restoration as quickly as possible after a disaster is key to preventing any secondary damages from occurring due to untreated disaster issues. The faster you can call a restoration company, the better, so it is wise to plan ahead in regard to which company you will trust to get your business back on track. Look for companies that can provide a response at any hour, as well, so you do not have a delay in service.

Do you have a plan for financial recovery? If a disaster is declared in your area, there will be many financial resources available to business owners such as the Small Business Administration’s disaster loan program. It is wise to be aware of the financial options available to you so you can apply immediately in the aftermath of a disaster. These funds can be used for all sorts of expenses and are offered at low-interest rates, so they can be of major assistance.

If your business is damaged in a disaster, we are here to help. Contact us at any hour to get a quick response from our team to handle your damages.

What a Restoration-First Mindset Means to Us | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

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two people setting up cleaning equipment Have you sustained property damage but are not sure what do to next? We are here to help, contact SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston.

For many people, sustaining major household damage is a first. After there is a fire, water incident or some other type of damaging event, it can be difficult to know what comes next and how to begin the recovery process—especially when you consider the emotional impacts of sustaining damage in addition to the physical ones.

Fortunately, we have helped so many area residents through this type of scenario, and we are here to help you, too. While many types of damage are covered by a standard insurance policy, for expensive scenarios like water damage, saving where you can is key. That is why we approach the restoration process with a time and money saving mindset to help you recover quickly and efficiently.

How We Approach the Restoration Process

We will save all your items when possible. We understand that liquidating your items is not always an ideal option. Not only can this get expensive, but it also fails to account for the sentimental and emotional value that many things often carry. When we approach household damages, we make sure to restore all the items we are able to, made possible by the high-tech restoration equipment we have invested in over the years. We have restored documents, art, photos, electronics and other objects to their pre-damaged state, so you do not have to worry about replacement.

We will make your home safe again. Compounding damage is a serious problem after any type of fire or water event. After a fire, there will be smoke and soot odors to deal with, and after water, there is always the threat of microbial growth on anything the water has touched. For this reason, it is not enough to simply clean the items—which is why we have the equipment and expertise required to sanitize and deodorize a variety of objects to make sure it not only appears clean but that it is safe for your family to use as well.

If you sustain damage to your home from a fire, water or another source, we are here to help you recover. You can contact us as soon as you discover the damage to have us assemble a restoration team and get to you quickly. Get in touch to learn more.

What Should I Do if I Discover Water Damage? | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

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water dripping through a gray wall Do you have any water damage in your home? Contact SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston, we are your local water restoration company.

Water damage is not something any homeowner or business owner wants to deal with. Not only is it something that can cause damage to your building, but it can also require an insurance claim, leading quickly to a rise in your premium.

In addition to the financial considerations, the way water damage can impact a building is serious, and the longer it is left to fester, the more complicated it can become. It is wise to check common problem areas often for damage and be sure you know what to do if you discover a leak in your own home.

What to Do if You Discover Water Damage

1. Make sure things are safe. While water damage will not typically require you to evacuate your home, if you are worried about the structural implications of the damage, it may be best to leave until officials determine it is safe.

2. Get an overview of its extent. While you should leave any serious exploration to the professionals, it is a good idea to see if you can determine where your leak is originating and how extensive the damage is first and foremost. When you call for restoration, any information you have will help your water damage restoration company determine what equipment and size of the team need to be sent out.

3. Contact a water restoration company. The longer water damage is able to sit, the worse it can become, which is why calling a restoration company should be done as quickly as possible. This way you can get a team dispatched to you quickly to begin drying out your home, addressing the moisture, and getting everything restored right away.

4. Contact your insurance company. Depending on the type of water damage, you may be able to claim it on your homeowner's insurance. While your restoration company should be able to work directly with them to handle the details, it is smart to go ahead and get in touch with them to keep them aware of the situation.

If you have water damage in your home or business, we are here to help. Contact us at any hour to report your damage and get a restoration team dispatched to you quickly.

Always Ready For You

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SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any-sized disaster in Downtown Charleston, West Ashley, Daniel Island. We can respond immediately to your emergency and have the expertise to handle your restoration or cleaning needs.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Faster to Any-Sized Disaster
  • Highly Trained Restoration Technicians
  • A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Advanced Restoration and Cleaning Equipment 

Have Questions? Call Us 24/7 – 843-577-2470

Residential Services

Whether your Charleston home needs emergency flood damage or your upholstery cleaned, you can depend on us.  Our technicians have extensive cleaning and restoration training and can make your property look its best. Learn more about our residential services:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Storm Damage Restoration
  • Cleaning Services
  • Building/Reconstruction Services

We will make it "Like it never even happened."

Call us today at 843-577-2470

Commercial Services for Your Charleston Business

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Whether you need cleaning for a commercial office or require industrial cleaning services, SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston can help. Along with deep cleaning flooring and carpets, did you know you can rely on us for commercial duct cleaning as well? That's why SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston  is your one-stop shop for restoration and cleaning services.

Ventilation systems are often the biggest culprit in poor indoor air quality. Make it a priority to inspect the ductwork of your commercial business.

If your HVAC has been operating for some time without attention, it could be circulating odors, dust and other contaminants.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston can routinely inspect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit (HVAC).  Keeping them clean can extend the life of the equipment. This can in turn save you money and give you cleaner air to breathe.

Duct cleaning is not always necessary, however. Our professional team will make recommendations about the best way to address any indoor air quality concerns. This can save you money and provide peace of mind on the health of your system.

The benefits of servicing your HVAC unit include:

  • Helps to restore peak energy efficiency.
  • May help to eliminate offensive odors.
  • Helps reduce the potential for mold growth.

Additionally, make sure to keep the HVAC drip pans clean and unobstructed. And, don’t forget to replace your filters as needed.

Call SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston at 843-577-2470 if you need assistance with mold, water, fire, or storm damage to your residential home or commercial business.

What to do in the Event of Commercial Water Damage on Daniel Island

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Water may be essential to living, however it can spell death for your business. Commercial water damage can cause all kinds of headaches for business owners, both right away and also in the long run. Therefore, you need to be prepared ahead of time in the event that you experience water damage in your commercial building.

When you experience water damage, whether it is from a burst pipe for instance, you will want to immediately stop the flow of water. Shutting of the main line of water for your business is the first thing you should do. After you have done this, shut off all gas and electricity from the primary source. Don’t handle any appliances if they are not properly insulated and if you have to stand in water to shut off the electricity, you should wait for a professional to help you.

Next, you will want to assess the damage to your building. Make sure to take plenty of pictures, so you have them for the insurance company, and any other documentation you’ll need. These will be helpful later on after you deal with your Daniel Island commercial water damage, and you need to make your insurance claims.

Let the professionals get rid of all the standing water. The longer water remains, the more damage will occur. They wear protective gear such as gloves, rubber boots, and a respirator or mask. Experts use equipment that is specialized for water removal. Powerful vacuums and pumps are used to eliminate standing water. Industrial dehumidifiers and air movers are utilized to dry out your building.

As much as you can do yourself, it is also important to hire a professional water restoration company as soon as possible after the damage occurs. This is because the moisture will promote the growth of mold and even other organisms, which increase the risk of health problems which are serious. The professionals will also be able to speed up the drying time with special equipment to prevent any further damage, and can find areas with moisture that are hidden behind tile or drywall.

The greatest thing you can do for water damage and water removal is to get in contact with SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston. Reach out to them at 843-577-2470 so that they can come and assess the damage and what the best methods of removal will be.

Safe Options When You Must Seek Shelter From a Storm | SERVPRO® of Downtown Charleston

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lighting striking during a storm at night Have you been affected by a storm event? SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is available 24/7, we are ready to assist you with any repairs.

Thunderstorms are a common occurrence during the heat of summer, but that does not make them any less frightening. Experiencing a violent storm can always feel overwhelming, and if one catches you while you are out and about, deciding where to take shelter can add on extra stress.

Because storms often pop up suddenly during the warmer months, at this time of year, a refresher of the proper safety protocols can always come in handy.

While the safest place to be is in your own home when a storm is on the way, things do not always work out that well. If a sudden summer thunderstorm catches you when you are on the go, here are some tips for deciding where to seek shelter.

Alternative Solutions for Sheltering From a Thunderstorm

In a store or mall. If you can’t be in your own home to wait out the storm, going into a building where you can safely stay put until it is over is the next best thing. A mall, warehouse store or other sturdy commercial structure will generally be a safe place to be when the weather turns sour.

In your car. Contrary to popular belief, sheltering from a storm in your car is quite safe according to experts, provided you can take proper precautions. Pull over somewhere that is safe, turn off your engine, switch on your hazards and avoid touching anything metal in the vehicle for the duration of the storm. Even your steering wheel, gear shifter and radio knobs may contain metal, so keep your hands off just in case.

On low ground, away from trees. If you happen to be caught by a thunderstorm away from cars and buildings, you may not have many options for where to go next. Experts recommend avoiding hilltops and other wide-open places, as lightning typically seeks out a place to strike on high ground. Instead, they advise crouching in an unexposed area away from tall structures. Avoid trees, flagpoles, fences and telephone poles as much as possible.

If you have storm damage to your home or office building, we are here to help. You can get in touch with us 24 hours a day to report your damage. Contact us to learn more.

Winter Weather Problems? We Have You Covered?

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Winter weather can bring about more issues than just slippery roads and a sidewalk to shovel. If you live where temperatures sink below freezing, you are also at risk for frozen pipes, which can create a major disaster to your home or property. Frozen pipes occur when exposed to cold weather, such as those outside your house, or in areas such as basements, attics, garages, or kitchen cabinets. A frozen pipe can burst at the point where the ice blockage inside the pipe is located, but typically the rupture is caused by the backflow of pressure between the water source and the blockage. If winter weather causes water damage to your home or property, SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston professionals are only a call away!

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is just a call away, 843-577-2570. 

We can handle any size damage and your residence or business “Like it never even happened.”

Need Smoke or Fire Damage Cleanup Services?

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In order to protect yourself from a home fire, it’s essential to understand how a fire acts. When a fire occurs in your home, you only have a few minutes to escape. There is no time to collect valuables once you hear the smoke alarm, especially at night. Here are some fundamental facts about home fires that show how dangerous they are and why you have precious little time to get away:

  • Fires can get out of control very quickly - usually in less than 30 seconds from the event that caused them. In homes and properties with synthetic furniture and furnishings, fires can spread even faster due to the flammable nature of the materials.
  • After about a minute, smoke begins to fill the room. At first, it rises to the ceiling, then it descends, until the room is entirely filled with smoke. Fire produces black smoke that makes it very difficult to see anything, not to mention that it contains toxic chemicals that cause drowsiness and asphyxiation.
  • The temperature in the room increases steadily. In fact, heat and smoke cause more deaths than the actual flames. After about 3 minutes, the temperature can reach 600 degrees at eye level, and breathing this hot air will severely burn your lungs. This is also the point where fire spreads to other rooms.
  • After about 4 to 5 minutes, the heat in the room of origin increases so much that it causes everything to ignite. This is called a flashover. Flames and smoke can be visible from the outside, through windows or other openings. Rescuing victims may not be possible at this point.
  • Fire reaches its fully developed stage when it has spread over all available fuel (furniture, walls, etc.) and the temperature has reached its peak. 

To be prepared for a fire, install smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and a fire sprinkler system in your home. Making a fire escape plan is also extremely important.  In addition to fire, smoke, and soot damage, your Redding home may also suffer from water damage as a result of the firefighting efforts. This type of damage can be especially upsetting and destructive for your family to process. You may feel stressed, confused, and vulnerable, so you’ll need a caring expert to guide you through this crisis. We’ll treat you with respect and empathy, and we’ll always treat your home and belongings with care.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston specializes in fire and water damage restoration. We have the specific damage restoration training, personnel, and equipment and can quickly restore your home to pre-fire conditions.

Need Smoke or Fire Damage Cleanup Services? Call Us Today – 843-577-2470

Got Flood Damage? We Can Help!

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Water damage from a flood or busted pipe in your home can be devastating. The damage can linger for months or years in different forms. Something that can make the disaster even more devastating is finding out your insurance doesn’t cover the damage. 

A good rule of thumb when thinking about water damage to your home is that it comes from inside or above, you are generally covered. If it comes from above, you are generally covered. If it comes from the ground or below ground, you generally aren’t. 

Homeowner’s insurance policies do not generally cover flood damage, including a flash flood. Back up of the sewer system is another damage generally not covered. It is best to add a separate flood policy to make sure you have coverage for damages. 

If a pipe bursts in your home and floods the house, insurance should cover it. If your washing machine or a toilet overflows and floods a room, insurance should cover it. If you have rain water that comes into your home from storm damage, insurance should cover it. If rain leaked into your home because your roof is old and needed to be replaced, insurance may not cover it. 

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston will assist you with any type of water damage. We are here to make a stressful situation easier for you. We will work with you and your insurance company. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always ready to restore damage to your residential or commercial structure. 

Call us today at 843-577-2470

Our Highly Trained Restoration Specialists can restore your Downtown Charleston Home

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SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is an IICRC firm. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) creates the standards for the restoration industry and provides training and certification to restoration companies. IICRC Certified Firms have the right to display the IICRC Certified Logo.

IICRC Certified Firms must

  • Present accurate information to consumers and conduct business with honesty and integrity.
  • Require a technician on all jobs who has been formally trained and passed all required tests.
  • Require a continuing education program to keep technicians up-to-date on the latest changes in the industry.
  • Maintain liability insurance to protect all parties in the event of an accident.
  • Maintain a written complaint policy and agree to Better Business Bureau or similar arbitration to resolve disputes, and accept the conclusions and recommendations of arbitration.

The IICRC Develops The Standards For The Restoration Industry

The IICRC has been the driving force in establishing the main industry standards and reference guides for professional carpet cleaning, water damage restoration and mold remediation. These IICRC standards take years to develop and require the coordination of experts in the field: manufacturers, industry organizations, insurance professionals, training schools, contractors, and public health professionals.

Every five years, the standards are reviewed and updated. The water damage restoration field changes rapidly with advancements in technology and science, and therefore the standards must evolve to keep pace.

About SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration and we are an IICRC Certified Firm. We believe in continuous training: from initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Apartment Fires in Charleston

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Accidents can happen to the most careful tenants in Charleston, and fire damage is no exception. When a small blaze happens in your kitchen, SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston can solve this problem. Doing so can help save your reputation as a responsible renter, and help you receive your deposit when it is time to relocate.

Carefully removing the charred wood and drywall can help reduce the amount of smokey smell remaining in your kitchen. However, we need to go deeper than this and also treat your furniture and carpeting with special odor-blocking agents. These neutralize the soot particles that continually produce the noxious odor.

Clearing away the soot clinging to the walls and ceiling in your kitchen also reduces the odor you smell. The longer we wait to remove this, though, the less efficient it is at removing the soot and restoring the paint or wallpaper. Waiting can result in the need to repaint or rehang wallpaper.

If a grease fire was the reason for your kitchen mishap, cleaning this without special cleansers can prove extremely difficult. At SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston, we have the correct cleaning agents and tools to remove all traces of the fire and the damage it leaves behind. Certified by the IICRC, we know the latest in accepted procedures and can provide the attention you need to make things “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston helps homeowners, landlords, and tenants in restoring their dwellings to pre-disaster condition. When fire damage happens to your home or apartment, call us for 24-hour services.

SERVPRO's Water Damage Restoration Service for Your Downtown Charleston Property

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No one wants to experience a flood or rapid amount of unwanted water cascading into their home in Downtown Charleston resulting in water damage to furnishings, flooring, and building materials. Whether the water intrusion results from Mother Nature (hurricane) or a leaky faucet, the water damage can be profound and unsettling. Nevertheless, individuals who respond to the water damage immediately by calling SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston, effectively can limit damages, reduce repair costs, and breathe a bit easier. Learn more about water damage and why it is expedient and effective to hire a restoration service by reviewing this short guide:

Water Damage. It can arise as a result of household or construction issues with the property. Here are some examples.

  • Poor ventilation: overheated attic air or poor air circulation in the attic or crawl space resulting in moisture and condensation.
  • Leaking pipes: older homes have problems with copper fittings or poor installation of PVC plumbing.
  • Exterior damage to siding or trim caused by improperly placed sprinkler heads.
  • Slab foundations: large settlement cracks allow water wicking into carpeting, or laminated or pine flooring, baseboards, and walls.
  • Roof leakages: poor shingle or roof tile installation, old and time to replace.

Water Damage And Mold Growth. It's important to note that excessive water on your property results in high levels of ambient air moisture unless corrected by mechanical means. Run A/C and small dehumidifiers to maintain an interior moisture level of about 45%.  Fungi thrive in the moist, wet environment created by standing water. The mold spores can rapidly develop into colonies of mold which may emit mycotoxins.  

How To Handle Water Damage. Very Simple. Call SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston, a premier water damage restoration franchise that is always close-by. In some cases, homeowners seek to clean up the water damages on their own. Mopping up some pooling water from a small leak is fine. But, if damage has ensued to furniture, flooring, or walls, it is time for corrective measures by trained professionals. The HVAC, wall voids, attics, and crawlspaces must all be inspected for hidden pockets of water and moisture. Why expose yourself to health and safety risks? OSHA approved clothing, goggles, and safety gear are standard fare for this line of remediation. There is a wide range of health and safety risks that you could expose yourself to if you seek to complete the restoration process without professional help. Our water damage experts possess the extensive training, experience, equipment, and cleaning products necessary to remove the standing water quickly and correctly, along with mold and musty odors.

Call The Professionals Of SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston today to fix the water damage to your property. Our goal is to make your home safe again from damage and possible mold infestations. With you in mind, we work politely and professionally to keep you safe while saving you money.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston Can Assist You With Any Size Loss

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Disaster recovery can be a difficult process, especially for small areas that have experienced major storm damage. Frequently, the local restoration services do not have enough technicians and equipment to handle the workload. Fortunately, larger companies, such as SERVPRO, do have the means to help regardless of the size of the affected area.

SERVPRO's Commercial Large Loss Division assists smaller Franchises with storm response after large disasters. This division employs some of the most talented professionals in the industry. They have the skills and equipment to deal with many types of catastrophes, including the following:

  • Hurricanes
  • Floods
  • Wildfires
  • Tornadoes
  • Winter storms

SERVPRO's training school has been approved by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration. This means that SERVPRO technicians are equipped with the proper knowledge of effective, evidence-based techniques to handle any size disaster. Additionally, technicians have access to continuing education so that they are always informed of the industry’s current best practices.

Strategic Organization

Disaster recovery is a complex process, and for larger losses the process becomes even more intricate. There are many people involved, from the local government to individual residents and other restoration services. Therefore, the organization of the Large Loss Division is integral to the overall effectiveness of the teams. A highly-skilled operations manager oversees the process to ensure everything is done correctly and to facilitate communication between all parties. Additionally, the divisions are carefully located throughout the United States to ensure a team is available no matter where disaster strikes. The Large Loss Division frequently works with local Franchises, and the fact that both are part of the larger SERVPRO team ensures smooth interactions.

If a major catastrophe strikes Downtown Charleston, a specialized large loss service may be needed to assist with the disaster recovery process. A large company with adequate personnel and resources is often the best approach to large-scale restoration projects

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston can assist you with any size damage. Call us today at 843.577.2470

Why Choose Us

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    1. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston professionals strive to exceed customer expectations and can help lower claim loss expenses with professional and proper restoration.
    2. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston Professionals uses pre-testing to carefully identify what can be restored to a pre loss condition versus replacement, which can reduce claims loss expenses.
    3. Electronic job file documentation offers immediate quality information including detailed estimates and online access to all files and pending jobs.  
    4. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is committed to continued industry training of our service technicians, maintaining a high level of competency of industry standards.
    5. Franchise required insurance qualification compliance and professionalism help insure quality insurance.
    6. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston professionals understand the importance of communication, serving both the insurance adjuster and the customer.

If you experience a residential or commercial property loss in the Downtown Charleston area call 843.577.2470, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year we answer your call to help.

Different Types of Storm Damage

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Flooding and ice damming is one of the problems that are associated with storms. No one can estimate the amount of storm damage until it is over. Storm damage comes in different forms. Some of the effects of storm damage include roof leaks, hail damage, ice damming, hurricane damage, and river flooding and wind damage. The storm restoration process follows several certain steps which are listed below.

Flooding can be quite devastating. Places with large creeks are mostly affected by river flooding. Additionally, flood water can also lead to a roof leak.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston will have to use a flood pump to remove the flood water. Using the right type of flood pump will help the water restoration firm to remove the flood water quickly. Furthermore, the company will do a check to find out that the hail damage is not severe. Roof repair will involve repairing the roof leak to ensure that the homeowner will be able to settle in the house within a short period. The first step in home restoration is to remove the flood water. It will not be possible to begin the storm remediation if the room is filled up with ground water damage.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston will use the necessary equipment to remove the items that are blocking the way or which entered the house. Hail damage can cause roof leaks which can easily be handled by a home restoration company. The house will turn into an ice dam if the roof repair is not done on time.

Ice damage can wreak havoc on a home after the flooding. Ice damage can lead to frozen pipes, ice damming, and even roof damage. The only way to get rid of roof damage is to get the help of a restoration company. The ice damming can make the house not suitable for living. Therefore the company has to make the house ideal for living. Furthermore, the storm restoration company has the right equipment like a flood pump that will help in removing the river flooding caused by the storm damage. A homeowner can rest easy knowing that their home will go back to its initial status because of the help of the storm restoration firm through storm remediation.

For more information or help to restore your home after a storm, call us at 843.577.2470

We Can Handle Your Commercial Building Damage

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At SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston, our team of highly trained technicians works proactively and accurately restore any damages and protect families from potentially dangerous mold growth.  Using our updated methods, SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston’s technicians first identify the extent of the problem and then work with care and sensitivity to rescue and restore the area to normal conditions. Our technicians are trained and ready to mitigate loss and meet every challenge with professionalism, reliability, compassion, and respect.

Commercial Building Water Loss

Any kind of commercial damage presents unique and different challenges than residential restoration. But Downtown Charleston residents are in luck! Your local SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is qualified as a Large Loss Franchise. What’s that mean?

Well, it means that there is no job too big for us! Regardless of how big the property may be or how large the scope of work is, we are the guys that can handle it properly and professionally.

Our Promise to Downtown Charleston

Our commitment to excellence includes you, which means that you can expect effective, ongoing communication and a report from us.  SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is open 24/7 to help the residents of Charleston, Pineville, Jamestown, Bonneau, West Ashley, South Carolina. Our certified technicians have handled jobs big and small, and we can handle your job no matter what.  Just give SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston a ring at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 843-577-2470 is HERE TO HELP!

We Never Stop Training

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SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston has advanced technology and techniques to restore your property back to pre loss condition. 

Our training program includes the following:

  • IICRC Training
    • The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certifies and sets the standards for the cleaning and restoration industries. Our Professionals study IICRC standards and best practices in water restoration, fire restoration, mold remediation, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and other cleaning and restoration courses.
  • Employee Certification Training
    • The Employee Certification Training is a voluntary, self-paced program designed for SERVPRO Franchise employees. Certification is awarded after successful completion of course materials and an examination. Modules include:
  • Crew Training
  • Fire Restoration
  • Water Restoration
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Initial Franchise Training
    • A 15-day hands-on course at the SERVPRO Corporate Training Facility is the foundation of the SERVPRO training program. This course is primarily for new Franchise owners and covers many restoration topics:
  • Fire Restoration
  • Water Restoration
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Mold Mitigation
  • e-Learnings
    • All of our staff have access to web-based training. This voluntary program is designed to be an ongoing, self-paced coaching series for a Franchise's employees. Video presentations and support materials are followed by a knowledge test at the end of each module. This keeps our technicians and office staff up to speed on industry standards and the professional quality you expect.
  • Continuing Education Classes
    • SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston offers both credit and noncredit courses for insurance agents, insurance adjusters, real estate professionals, and Franchise staff. These programs are designed to improve knowledge of emergency mitigation. Courses include:
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Understanding Mold in the Restoration Industry
  • Restorative Drying for Loss Control
  • Mitigation Awareness Response Seminar (non-credit course)

Your Home, Our Home

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Downtown Charleston also known as the Peninsula officially includes areas like West Ashley, James Island, Johns Island and Daniel Island as well as the Cainhoy Peninsula. But what everyone wants to see is the breathtaking view of seeing buildings rise just feet above sea level from the Peninsula. This is easily accessed from Mt. Pleasant the Ravenel Bridge, from North Charleston and beyond via Interstate 26 and from West of the Ashley by Route 17.

Downtown Charleston is much more than just a beach town. Some would even call it an oasis of history and adventure from going to Fort Sumter to boat tours and beautiful landscapes. You also can’t forget to check out The Battery,which is a public walkway that is covered with many old antebellum’s.

Downtown Charleston is beautiful and is definitely a great place to check out. There is always something to do. Though it is a variety of adventure and joy we only have one word for it. And that is home.

Everyone at SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston loves calling this home. We love being part of the community and we are proud to serve you. 

Call us for your water, fire, mold, storm and cleaning needs. 

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston 843.577.2470

We are Cleaning Experts

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SERVPRO is Here to Help during this time of need

During this unprecedented time caused by the global pandemic of coronavirus, this is a reminder to our customers that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards.

Specialized Training

We are prepared to clean and disinfect your home or business, according to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis.

The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include:

  • Kitchen/Food Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Schools/Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Retail Spaces
  • Water Fountains
  • Shelving/Racks
  • Sales Counters
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Stair Handrails
  • Elevator Cars
  • Playground Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment

Specialized Products

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities.

Call Today for a Proactive Cleaning

If your home or business needs deep cleaning services, call the experts today – SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston 843.577.2470




Restoring Your Downtown Charleston Commercial Property After A Water Damage Event

3/26/2020 (Permalink)

Flooding and water damage events at Downtown Charleston commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

About SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Workplace Emergencies

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The time to prepare for a workplace emergency is before it occurs. We never expect an emergency or disaster to happen in our home, workplace or community. The truth is an emergency or disaster could happen anywhere at any time. Having a well thought out emergency action plan is the best way you can protect yourself, your family, your business and your employees. These unforeseen emergency situations can be natural or man-made and they threaten us by causing physical harm or environment damages.

Unexpected emergencies can include the following categories.

Weather emergencies:





Environmental emergencies:


Toxic Gas releases


Accidental or deliberate release of hazardous biological agents, or toxic chemicals

Pandemic disease

Man-made emergencies:

Civil Disturbances

Workplace violence

Deliberate release of hazardous biological agents, or toxic chemicals

Active shooter

Most people cannot think clearly and logically in a crisis. The first step in being prepared is to brainstorm all the potential emergencies that could disrupt your workplace. Once you establish your vulnerability you will want to address these objectives.

Steps to create an Emergency Preparedness Plan:

  • The most important objective will be to prevent injuries or fatalities.
  1. Who is responsible to alert employees?
  2. How will they be alerted?
  3. Is evacuation required? What is the evacuation plan?
  4. How to determine a safe meeting space?
  • Call for help, fire department, police, medics etc.
  1. What emergency phone numbers do we need?
  2. Who will have access to this list?
  3. Who is responsible to make the phone calls?
  • When possible act to reduce the damage to your building and contents.
  1. Where are the main shut off valves?
  2. SERVPRO offers an ERP (Emergency Ready Profile) at no cost. We will send a SERVPRO representative to help you assess your facility.

After all emergency situations are analyzed, create your Emergency Preparedness Plan and put it in writing. It will then be important to set-up training for all employees. It is also a good idea to have practice drills to prepare employees and this also helps to evaluate your Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Don't Forget to Clean Those Dryer Vents

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Most of us don’t think about maintenance on our clothes dryers, but we should! The U.S. Fire Administration reports that every year there are thousands of home fires started by clothes dryers. Lint and debris can build up in your dryer vent, reducing air flow to the dryer, backing up dryer exhaust gases, which can result in a fire hazard. It is recommended you have your dryer exhaust system cleaned at least twice a year.

How to tell if you dryer vent is clogged

  • Normal drying cycle is not drying clothes
  • If it takes more than 40 minutes to dry a load of clothes
  • Clothes smell musty after normal cycle
  • Clothes are hotter at the end of the cycle
  • Large amount of lint accumulates in the lint trap
  • Your laundry area is more humid
  • Burnt smell in your laundry room
  • Outside dryer vent cover is not lifting

What you can do to reduce the risk

  • Clean your lint filter after each load of clothes
  • Use dryer sheet and fabric softener sparingly
  • Remove the back of the dryer to vacuum out lint that is trapped
  • Keep area around dryer free of dust and debris
  • The duct line that vents outside should be as short as possible

There are tips online on how to clean you dryer vent system, but it is recommended you hire a professional. The cost is $100 - $150 depending on the length and location of the vent. In addition to the reduced threat of fire, a cleaning can pay for itself in less than a year through the improved efficiency with less drying time required.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is here for you should you do have a loss from a dryer vent fire. Please call 843-577-2470 for help

How SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston Can Help You After A Fire

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We never think it can happen to us, the trauma of having all our personal contents and our security threatened is too hard to even imagine. If you do experience a fire in your home, call for help immediately because time is important in minimizing your loss. Once the fire department has addressed the immediate threat, the fire marshal will determine the cause of the fire loss and will authorize the safe re-entry into your home.

The next phone calls you will want to make is to your insurance company and a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston. Our trained office staff will ask you important questions regarding your loss and will schedule a professional Production Manager to your home to evaluate your loss.

The Production Manager will inspect your home and to determine the extent of the fire damage. This will include your structure’s interior and exterior and all your possessions. They are trained in determining what can be cleaned and what will need replaced.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston has a full-service construction division that can remove fire damaged structures and replace them with new.

When the fire damage is severe enough that your home is not livable, it is often necessary to move your salvageable contents into our warehouse. Your contents will be inventoried, cleaned and returned once your home’s construction is complete.

Your Production Manager and Construction Project manager will work closely with you to restore your home to pre loss condition.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is trained and prepared to handle any size fire loss. Call us at 843-577-2470.

Some "Don'ts" After a Water Damage

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  • Enter rooms with standing water where electrical shock hazards may exist
  • Enter affected areas if electrical outlets, switches, circuit breakers or electrical equipment are exposed to water. Always avoid electrical shock hazards 
  • Leave books, newspapers, magazines or other colored items on newt carpets or floors to avoid staining 
  • Leave Oriental rugs or other colored rugs on wet wall to wall carpets 
  • Use your household vacuum cleaner to remove water, possibly causing electrical shock or damage to the vacuum cleaner 
  • Use TVs or other electrical appliances while standing on wet carpets or floors, especially not on wet concrete floors
  • Turn on ceiling fixtures if the ceiling is wet or enter rooms where ceilings are sagging from retained water. 

If you experience a water damage, call SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston to help get your home back in order. We have the proper training and equipment to get it done correctly. 

Call us at 843-577-2470

Emergency READY Profile

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When disaster strikes, you can be ruined or you can be ready. 

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston can help you prepare with our Emergency READY Profile. 

Preparation is key for making it through any size disaster, whether it’s a small water leak, a large fire or an area flood. The best time for planning for such events is not when the event happens, but well before. No one ever plans a disaster, but you can plan for it. The SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile is the approach that provides the critical information needed to begin mitigation and recovery services. It is designed to serve as a quick reference of important building and contact information. There is no cost from SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston to come out and do this assessment on your facility. It will only take a little time to complete and will not take you away from current projects. In the end, it will save you a lot of time if ever needed. 

Call us today to get started on you Emergency READY Profile at 843-577-2470

What To Do Until Help Arrives After A Fire

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  • Limit movement in the home to prevent soot particles from being embedded into upholstery and carpet. 
  • Keep hands clean. Soot on hands can further soil upholstery, walls, and woodwork. 
  • Place dry, colorfast towels or old linens on rugs, upholstery, and carpet traffic areas. 
  • If electricity is off, empty freezer and refrigerator completely and prop doors open to help prevent odor. 
  • Wipe soot from chrome on kitchen and bathroom faucets, trim and appliances, then protect these surfaces with a light coating of lubricant. 
  • If heat is off during winter, pour RV antifreeze in sinks, toilet bowls, holding tanks and to tubs to avoid freezing pipes and fixtures. 
  • Wash both sides of leaves on house plants. 
  • Change the HVAC filter, but leave the system off until a trained professional can check the system. 
  • Tape double layers of cheesecloth over air registers to stop particles of soot from getting in or out of the HVAC system.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is a team of specialists, trained to professionally clean your home and personal belongings. If you experience a fire in your Downtown Charleston home or business, give us a call at (843) 577-2470

Preventing Water Damage

11/8/2019 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston, we are water damage specialists, and we compiled a small list on how to prevent water damage from happening often in your home: 

  1. Clean Gutters and Downspouts - Clean your gutters at least twice a year to avoid blockage. Standing water can cause damage to your gutters and roof. Don’t forget to clean downspouts to ensure water can flow through, and secure downspouts so that they point away from the home.
  2. Know your Water Main - Know the location of your water main and shut it off if you leave for an extended amount of time.
  3. Check Appliances Regularly - Check and maintain your appliances regularly for leaks according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  4. Investigate Leaks Right Away and Fix Promptly - If you choose to ignore any water damage, or postpone making the necessary repairs, be prepared to experience mold, mildew, dry rot, or even structural damage to your home.
  5. Upgrade Washing Machine Hoses - Old, brittle or leaky washing machine hoses are among the most frequent causes of water loss for homeowners. Replace yours often throughout the year to avoid expensive damage.
  6. Check Your Water Pressure - If the water pressure to your home is too high, then your pipes and hoses may fail under the high pressure. Buy a water pressure gauge at a local hardware store, attach it to an outside faucet, and turn the faucet to full force. The gauge will give you a reading of the home’s water pressure. Typical homes water systems are designed for a pressure of 40 – 70 psi. Anything above 70 psi will put your plumbing at risk.
  7. Monitor Your Water Bill - Sometimes, the only way you know that water is leaking is taking a closer look at your water bill. If your usage jumps significantly from one month to the next, then there is probably a leak somewhere in the home.

If you do unfortunately experience water damage, we are here to help. Call us at (843) 577-2470.

It Doesn't Take A Lot Of Water To Cause Damage

11/6/2019 (Permalink)

It doesn’t take a lot of water to cause tremendous damage. Just an inch or two can destroy carpets and drywall, warp wood floors, damaged building components.

Water damage can be caused by many things:

  • Sump pumps
  • Water heater failures
  • Broken pipes
  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher leaks
  • Ice maker problems
  • Flooding due to heavy rain
  • Groundwater seeping into the basement
  • Natural disasters

Even after the water seems to disappear, excess moisture can hide in your floor coverings, foundation, wood structures, and walls—causing major damage to your property and creating the perfect environment for mold and other fungi growth.

That's where the SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston comes in. If you catch it in time, you can ward off a lot of the damage and save money and headaches down the road. It’s important that water is quickly removed and the property dried, ventilated and disinfected to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, mildew and other microorganisms that are harmful. If you need us, we will be there. Call us at (843) 577-2470.

Mold Questions

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A Few Important Mold Questions and Their Answers

Mold is a common problem in many buildings. If you have noticed a fungus growth in your North Lilburn home, you may be wondering what you should do about it. Will your insurance cover the costs of removal? The answer to this can vary depending on your circumstances. Here are a few important mold questions and their answers.

  1. When Does Insurance Cover Mold?

In many cases, your insurance policy will not include mold, but there are some exceptions. In situations where it is clear that the growth of mold was caused by a covered peril, then the costs to remove the damage will likely be covered. This can include instances when mold is the result of leaks caused by ice buildup, damage from a broken pipe and accidents involving broken appliances. Some companies also offer added mold insurance policies for an additional price.

  1. When Is Mold Not Covered?

Unfortunately, your standard homeowner's insurance will more than likely exclude most mold coverage. Unless it was caused by a covered peril, you will be required to pay the costs of a mold remediation service on your own. Disasters such as floods are often not included in standard policies, so mold that is the result of a flood will not be covered. It can sometimes be difficult to receive coverage for mold if your home has a history of fungal growth.

  1. How Can You Prevent Mold?

Because getting rid of a fungus growth can be costly, it is better to prevent one from occurring. You can do this by limiting the moisture in your home. Make sure to keep appliances and plumbing fixtures dry. You can lower the humidity by using exhaust fans and opening windows in kitchens and bathrooms. Always fix leaks as soon as possible and clean your home regularly.

While it is unlikely that your insurance will cover a fungus growth, this is not always the case. Be sure to read over your policy carefully so you know exactly what is included. Creating an unsuitable environment for mold in your home will help prevent the need for professional cleanup.

If you suspect you have mold, give SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston a call at (843) 577-2470!

Disaster Recovery Team

10/10/2019 (Permalink)

Did you know that SERVPRO has a specialized storm team and large loss response network to provide the resources to your property when others can’t? In the event of a disaster, SERVPRO professionals have the resources to relocate crews with equipment to take care of all of our customer’s needs. SERVPRO strategically places mobilization teams across the country to travel when needed to support recovery after large storm events such as hurricanes. Our job as water damage restoration professionals is to limit the amount of business interruption. We understand that fast mitigation is key to getting your business back up and running. SERVPRO provides the resources in the event of a large storm event to make sure that the right equipment, procedures, and training are in place to ensure that the structure is dry the first time and saves you time and money.

Do you have questions about how SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston can help you prepare for a disaster? Contact us today at (843) 577-2470!

What Can You Do To Prevent Mold

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Mold thrives in a warm, humid and damp environment. Mold or mildew is not harmful in small quantities; it only becomes harmful when its growth spirals out of control and increases in quantity. Your home is likely to have mold if there are leaking pipes, leaks in the roof, poor ventilation, condensation, flooding, and wet clothes. Dealing with these problems early enough can prevent mold from setting in and causing havoc on the property.There are ways in which you can prevent this menace from happening. Always ensure that you clean up the water as soon as it spills in large amounts because this will reduce the chances of mold growing there. Also, ensure there is ample ventilation in the house after you finish cooking showering or washing utensils. Insulate your house to quell condensation. Also, keep the basement dry always. If all these fail, you should seek the help of professionals to remove mold from your home. These are the telltale signs that you should look out for if you want to know whether you need mold services;

  • If your home has experienced flooding recently due to excessive rain, broken appliance or pipe there is the likelihood that mold will grow. This can happen especially if you did not enlist the services of professionals to clean it.
  • When you see mold growth, it is also a red flag that you should do something about it.
  • The presence of an unpleasant and wet odor can be emanating from the mold.
  • If you or anyone else living in the house start experiencing allergies that you did not have before
  • The presence of moisture should also alert you to the imminent growth of mold and hence the need to call in professionals.

If you reside in the Downtown Charleston area and you have noticed some of these signs, you should give us a call at (843) 577-2470.

Is Your Business Ready For An Emergency?

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If you own a business and suddenly have a water or fire damage, would you and your employees be prepared?

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston offers the ERP: Emergency Ready Profile, a useful tool that can help prepare your business for anything that may happen. The SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile serves as a quick reference document, detailing important building and contact information. It can be an ideal supplement to any existing emergency preparedness plan. Rather than simply reacting to a disaster, businesses can be proactive by establishing a relationship with a restoration company. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is a leader in fire and water damage response and can help you get your property back in working order.

The SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile offers the following:

A free assessment of your facility's emergency preparedness.

Secure information in one location that will help you get back into your building following a disaster.

Facility details such as shut off valve locations, priority contact information and identification of the line of command to authorize emergency work to begin.

Call us today for your ERP at (843) 577-2470!

Happy Fall! Fire Pit Safety!

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

It's finally that time for outdoor BBQs, parties, and camp-outs and it's important to always keep safety at the forefront. Whatever type of fire pit you have in mind, make sure you follow all the rules for proper ignition. This will keep not only your family and friends safe but also those around you, like your neighbors.

Getting Started

Before you start digging to build your summer fire pit, think through the process. Where are you going to build your pit? How deep should you dig? What should you use to create the above-ground wall? When selecting your spot, take care not to dig too near other items that would easily flame up. So place your pit at least ten feet from other structures and avoid overhanging branches. It's important that if you are installing a prefabricated pit, you need to ensure your ground is level. Using pavers is a great way to ensure that any burning embers that may escape won't spread to other structures or brush.

When digging your own summer pit, ensure you remove at least one foot of earth. Place large stones or landscaping bricks around the outside edge of your site and cover-up at least one foot. Using concrete to secure your bricks will provide a safer, stronger pit. Once you have your pit completed, create a ten-foot circumference around it by clearing any brush, leaving only bare earth, or by using pavers to secure the area and help prevent drifting embers.

Enjoying Your Pit

Light your pit before the light is too dim. Twilight is a bit late, but with some skill, you should be able to get it lit. Make sure you have enough water stored near your pit to quickly douse flames. Finally, keep your wood well away from the pit. And it goes without saying; no horseplay should ever happen near the pit. While we would rather you enjoy your summer safely; the professionals at SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston can help you with any fire disaster--large or small. You can reach us 24/7 at (843) 577-2470.

Fast Action Is Crucial After a Flood in Your Charleston Property

8/5/2019 (Permalink)

Flood damage can accumulate quickly. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

How SERVPRO Handles Carpeting for Flood Damaged Charleston Homes

Some of our most involved work when handling the effects of flood damage in a local home happens when we start to restore or replace the carpeting inside the building. Depending on the situation, the carpeting may need no replacements whatsoever, a partial "patched" replacement job, or full replacement across one or more affected rooms. We take care not to replace any material that can still be saved, but regardless of what treatments we can use for the project, we always have our work cut out for us. 

Does the Carpet Need to Be Replaced? 

One of the first evaluations conducted by our inspectors after flood damage hits a Charleston home is the state of the flooring. Flood damage that involves black or grey water (including all flooding that happens during a storm) forces us to replace any affected carpeting as quickly as possible. Many floodwater sources are contaminated with bacteria and fungal spores and can lead to mold growth and potential health hazards inside carpeting that is not thrown out. Even with clean-water flooding, we may need to remove carpeting that has warped and shrunk too far to be saved. Not all situations require full replacements, however - sometimes we can cut out a fraction of the room's carpeting and replace it with material that matches the clean side. 

How We Save Clean Carpet 

The first step in saving carpet is to dry it as rapidly as possible. For this part of the process, we bring in our air movers, powerful devices that create air currents above and below the carpeting to whisk away water. During this process, we keep an eye on the materials to prevent them from shrinking as they dry. Sometimes, we may need to replace tack strips that have absorbed too much water. This is one of our top priorities since fresh tack strips can help to keep the shape in drying carpets. 

Putting Down New Carpeting 

If we need to replace carpeting for any reason, we compare the styling of your floors to our internal database to find matching materials. We install fresh tack strips and carpet rolls after deodorizing the area to make the room looking "Like it never even happened." 

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston stays ready 24/7 to respond to local calls for help with flood damage from any source. Contact us at (843) 577-2470 for our emergency damage mitigation and restoration services. 

Click here to see more about Charleston. 

Our Experts Can Handle Any Size Disaster In Charleston!

7/26/2019 (Permalink)

Contact us anytime by dialing (843) 577-2470.

Why Charleston Residents Choose SERVPRO For Large And Small Scale Restoration Services

Charleston is home to historic churches and landmarks as well as bustling commercial centers and modern residential districts. We provide restoration services across South Carolina with an industry-leading team of technicians, crew chiefs, and customer-facing staff. At some point in almost every homeowner's lifetime, a property emergency occurs. We operate our call lines twenty-four hours every day to ensure that these issues are mild inconveniences rather than full-scale disasters. You can contact us to arrange services for mold, water, fire, or storm-related issues and trust us to use our experience, training, and equipment to bring your home back to its preloss condition.

The appearance of mold damage in your Charleston home does not necessarily mean a perpetual battle against microbial growth. However, it does mean you need to consider bringing in an Applied Microbial Remediation (AMR) technician to assess and control the contamination. Prolonged exposure to mold can rot wooden structure in your home, resulting in a much more considerable expense than it needs to be. Our restoration services for mold infestation revolves around containing, cleaning, and decontaminating the affected area to protect your home against future recurrence.

To effectively contain a microbial issue, we need to understand how fungi's spread and reproduce. Mold spores are microscopic organisms that are spread through the natural air flows of an indoor environment. SERVPRO control the spread of mold spores by using air-scrubbers with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. Practices that may make spores air-borne, such as demolition of contaminated porous materials, are completed by a SERVPRO restorer with a negative air pressure machine to prevent spores released during the procedure escaping into unaffected areas of the home.

The standard procedure for removing mold colonies from your Charleston home is through agitative cleaning methods. They are scrubbing surfaces, sometimes with corrosive chemical agents for stubborn soilings, before thoroughly disinfecting the affected area. In the right conditions, mold colonies can grow in as little as 48 hours. SERVPRO technicians thoroughly, However, and dry the source of your mold issue to make sure colonies do not recur after the service finishes.

When water is absorbed by a porous material, it can often distort the shape, which expands as water enters, and damages structural integrity. When we deal with water damage in Charleston, one of our first actions is to find and shut off the source to prevent further damages. SERVPRO restorers are experts at mitigating against losses and work with a restore over replace mentality.
We have specialist equipment for drying procedures as well as restoration services for wood flooring should you find it buckling and warping due to water problems in your Charleston home. Hardwoods naturally buckle cup or warp when they absorb moisture. SERVPRO technicians can take action to ensure that these distortions do not become permanent after the water is removed. Hardwoods need to be kept at a moisture content level of below 12% to avoid permanent deformation.

SERVPRO technicians can take regular readings of moisture content in materials by using the sharp probe of a moisture meter. The moisture content of flooring can be preserved at a natural level as the surrounding room is dried using dehumidification or rapid air movement. Returning hardwoods to a natural equilibrium below 12% can take months, but it is worth the effort. Buckling, warping, or cupping can successfully be sanded out in the most scenarios, then refinished to a pre-damage condition, “Like it never even happened.”

The aftermath of a customer-facing is a challenging experience for any homeowner. The priority for most people suffering fire damage in their Charleston home is saving possessions that have been collected over a lifetime. We operate an emergency line twenty-four hours a day for residents and commercial businesses who need restoration services for their home.

SERVPRO offers the restoration of damages to contents, structure, and valuables that you may have thought were irretrievable. Our specialty cleaning equipment includes ultrasonic immersion tanks for dense possessions like precious metals or ornaments as well as Esporta washing machines for fabrics. We can often carry out restoration services on site. In some cases, we may need to send items to an external storage facility in Charleston for specialist cleaning.

The structure of your home can often have a lasting, unpleasant odor caused by smoke damages. SERVPRO restoration services use a multi-faceted approach to odors that can get your back to its preloss condition. Thermal fogging equipment uses pairing agents to bond with odor particles and neutralize them completely. This equipment can be used in a controlled zone or through the entire house. During cleaning, SERVPRO technicians can direct spray surfaces and fabrics to control odor.

Emergencies need rapid responses and quick solutions. Our large loss recovery team is available to assist you with storm damage in your Charleston home. Over the years, our skilled professionals have gained a stellar reputation for hard-work, reliability, and expertise in recovering properties and possessions during extreme weather events. Restorers play a vital role in these events by performing mitigation tasks that can limit the chances of permanent losses being sustained.

In large loss scenarios, you may be temporarily relocated while work to restore your home is ongoing. SERVPRO technicians can digitally log and inventory your possessions and take them to an external storage facility while restoration work is carried out on your Charleston home. We take note of the items, the rooms the items were in, and their condition. Fragile items and valuables can be specially packed to avoid further damages. Once remodeling work is complete, our digital inventories mean we can return contents to their original places for when you return.

Reconstruction services are not uncommon after severe storms. As a homeowner, you want the procedure to begin as quickly as possible. However, contractors must be provided with a safe, secure, and powered property to carry out tasks. SERVPRO can restore power to the property or bring in portable generators, remove hazards, or perform vital drying and deodorizing of the property. Not only do these restorations services allow contractors to start work, but they also mitigate against permanent losses from water and mold damages.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston has a proven track record of restoration services that bring homes and businesses back to their preloss condition as quickly as possible. Contact us anytime by dialing (843) 577-2470.


How Our Professionals Dry Your Water Damaged Home In Charleston

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Our SERVPRO technicians rely heavily on the power and precision of our air mover units to make water loss incidents “Like it never even happened.”

The Right Air Mover For Drying Your Charleston Home

Just being committed to offering effective and efficient water recovery services for Charleston homeowners is never enough for the work that must get done when these disasters strike. Our work focuses on the training and expertise of our water damage technicians. We also focus on the investment our branch has made in the leading equipment, products, and tools that help to complete restoration and recovery projects.

With a considerable span of severity in Charleston water damage incidents, the same approach is not ideal for every job that requires our professional SERVPRO technicians. Even with our extensive training through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in both Water Restoration (WRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD), much of the earliest stages of water loss recovery involve the placement of mitigation equipment like our air movers.

These high-powered fans are an integral part of water restoration and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the needs that our SERVPRO professionals have on a recovery project. Each of these machines forces heated air into the environment – and sometimes into saturated materials and structural elements themselves – to vaporize it for collection by strategically placed dehumidification units. This combination can play the most prominent role in reducing the relative humidity in a house.

Most often, we have two types that get used in the mitigation of water-damaged houses in the Greater Charleston area. Our most popular unit sits upright and is ideal for open spaces and many saturated construction materials. We also have a low profile model that is ideal for use underneath specific fixtures and furniture, but that can also get placed more easily in spaces where flood cuts have been made to dry out wall cavities.

Many specific tools make up the collective whole of efficient and effective water recovery. Our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston technicians rely heavily on the power and precision of our air mover units to make water loss incidents “Like it never even happened.” Give our specialists a call today at (843) 577-2470.

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How A Suppression System Can Save Your Charleston Night Club

7/8/2019 (Permalink)

Give our specialists a call anytime you need us at (843) 577-2470.

Sprinkler Suppression For Fire Damage In Charleston Night Club

Overcoming the effects of a fire loss in your Charleston night club requires a fast reaction to the emergency. Often, with suppression systems installed, fires do not have a chance to become devastating and destructive forces to the building, though there are still direct consequences of this disaster to address. As much as you might want to take care of these problems on your own, professional recovery can help you to get your doors open again as quickly as possible.

Soot, smoke, and odors become widespread fire damage in Charleston clubs, though concerns also exist for overcoming the damage that the sprinkler system that had been running in the building has caused as well. These systems continue to shower affected rooms with water until the embers have been extinguished, which can lead to pooling and saturation of construction materials and electronics.

The DJ stand and set up on the stage of your nightclub is one of the most expensive areas of your establishment, as people come to dance to the music provided by this equipment. When it becomes involved in suppression, a damage assessment can determine the presence of fire damage, but our SERVPRO team must work to quickly mitigate loss by getting drying efforts started to protect electronic components and circuitry in units like amps, speakers, soundboards, and lights.

Our content management team can help to remove items affected by a fire or its extinguishment efforts to a safe spot nearby. We do have on-site recovery methods, though transporting to our nearby SERVPRO facility for concentrated cleaning, drying, and deodorization might benefit our customer if recovery efforts require your facility to shut down for a short time.

Multiple steps play a role in the full recovery of your damaged nightclub, but it is the business of our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston team to get you back in business right away. You can count on our expertise and industry-leading equipment to make fire losses “Like it never even happened.” Give our specialists a call anytime you need us at (843) 577-2470.

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Charleston Structures Rely on SERVPRO for Water Extraction after Extreme Flooding

6/27/2019 (Permalink)

A Few Vehicles from the SERVPRO Green Fleet--Ready for Flood Damage Restoration in Charleston

Flood Water Removal Actions to Preserve Charleston Homes

With Cooper River and Wappoo Creek to the west and the Harbor everywhere else, Charleston is undoubtedly in what can be called a flood-prone area. Fortunately, those same flood threats also provide some of the finest water recreations on the Southeastern Coast for residents and hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.
Charleston flood water removal needs to begin as soon as it is safe to enter the neighborhood. SERVPRO restoration teams train extensively on the latest extraction equipment to preserve as much of each home as possible.
They start with commercial grade pumps to remove the majority of the flood water. The inlet hoses are submersible, so technicians can drop them into ankle-deep or higher water to immediately begin operation. Depending on the size of the residence and the number of pumps needed, removal can take anywhere from one to several days.
For lower levels of flooding and in smaller rooms, SERVPRO technicians use more compact devices. These extraction wands can be adjusted for vacuum speed and also have a heating element to help begin drying out carpets and floors while removing the water trapped inside the carpet layers and between floorboards.
After drying the surfaces, team members then look for more water. In many homes, flood water collects in the sub-floor where it can rot the support structure, weakening and rendering it unsafe for walking. Technicians remove it by lifting a floorboard over the affected area or drilling a hole underneath a section of floor trim where it is normally unseen. Next, they insert a hose attached to a wand or another extraction device.
Removing the excess moisture trapped in the wood is important also. Team members complete this task by inserting a hose attached to an air mover and then forcing warm, dry air into the sub-floor. It pushes moisture out of the floor framing, speeding up evaporation. Our technicians can also rig "tents," of plastic sheeting and secured to treated floor area with tape to concentrate the drying stream of the devices. By reducing affected air and materials, we can increase the evaporation rate, thereby also the drying time.
Restoring every local home to a dry, safe condition after a flood is always the goal for SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston. If your home, or any area of it, is underwater, call us at (843) 577-2470 today to begin the removal process.


Why Professionals are Needed for Fire Debris Removal in Charleston

6/18/2019 (Permalink)

Fire debris removal is dangerous. Let SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston use their expertise to restore your home.

SERVPRO Eliminates the Risk to Homeowners with Removal of Fire Debris from Burned Charleston Homes

The shock and confusion that affects a family in Charleston after a fire breaks out in their home can last until the condition of their residence gets restored to its normal, safe condition. We at SERVPRO realize the complications that any size fire can impose on a family. Our understanding of the situation makes a difference in how well your family copes with the stress and inconvenience until you can move back home and get things back to normal for everyone.

As soon as possible after a house in Charleston burns, removal of the fire debris needs to take place. Even in a property where the family can avoid the temporary moving out that many people must do, getting all of the rubble gathered together, bagged up, and carried out of the home needs to happen to eliminate the associated risks.

As we bag ruined carpets, rugs, draperies, blankets, and other charred remnants from the fire, we also use shovels and buckets to scrape floors clear of anything left behind. We also remove damaged belongings and dispose of these, also.

Should you want to go through such belongings to make sure that anything that holds particular value to you gets moved to the restoration pile, instead, and tagged as requiring priority attention. Just as we wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when removing and handling damaged materials, you should do the same when handling soot-covered items. Not only will gloves keep your hands clean, but once-safe items might now have splintered parts, jagged edges, or sharp points.

When we uncover things with a thick layer of soot but that otherwise do not show any signs of physical damage, we often take these things outside. Although they may not have sustained any burning, charring, or melting, they can still have damage at the molecular level. Some structural elements release gases that can cause health effects. We discuss these items and how industry standards prefer we handle them.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston can help make your home safer, faster by removing the debris created by a fire. Reducing your expenses related to disasters like this enables you to recover more quickly. We are always here for you, only a phone call away, at (843) 577-2470, day or night, 365 days a year.

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Our Professionals Can Save Your Water Damaged Charleston Home

6/14/2019 (Permalink)

Reach out to us as at (843) 577-2470 as soon as you realize there is an issue, so no time is wasted in restoring your home.

Water Damage Restoration For Your Charleston Home

There are four appliances in your Charleston home that are the most common culprits when it comes to water leaks. These include your refrigerator, washing machine, sump pump, and dishwasher. These appliances should be inspected several times each year, as doing so could save you time and money you might lose cleaning up after a water damage emergency.

If you’ve already had a failed appliance in your home, the quicker you clean up the mess, the better. To help you do this, a professional water damage remediation company in Charleston is your best option. At SERVPRO, we have the experience and the tools needed to get the job done in a timely fashion, and we make it look as if nothing ever happened when we are finished.

In regards to your washing machine, the supply line that connects to the machine should be routinely checked. All materials only last so long, and several factors can affect the life expectancy such as water pressure, the type of water, how often you use the machine and installation techniques. Look for signs of water deposits or corrosion. It is a good idea to replace rubber hoses with braided metal supply lines.

If your refrigerator has an ice maker, it can spring a leak if the water line gets clogged or damaged. Check it to ensure it is attached securely as well. If you need to replace the line at some point, it is relatively inexpensive.

In most water damage emergencies, SERVPRO techs use a closed drying system, which closes off the affected area from the outside air and the rest of your home. Dehumidification equipment is used for the inside air, and we have to control the indoor environment using dehumidifiers and air movers. Smaller areas are easier to dry, and we can create a drying chamber by hanging plastic sheeting around the affected area, or we can close windows and doors.

Your dishwasher can leak around its base or under your sink. Look for discoloration of the floor or dishwasher, water damage to cabinets nearby, or soft or warped floor materials.

If you have a sump pump, having a backup power source installed such as a generator or battery backup is wise. Test it yearly, preferably before the wettest season.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is always available to help you dry your home in Charleston or the surrounding areas back out after a failed appliance has created water damage. Reach out to us as at (843) 577-2470 as soon as you realize there is an issue, so no time is wasted in restoring your home.

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What is the Best Way to Dry Water Damaged Concrete in Charleston?

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SERVPRO of Downtown Charlotte is ready to tackle your water damage restoration needs.

Commercial Water Removal Experts In Charleston Talk About Removing Moisture From Concrete

Any building in Charleston that has running water can suffer from plumbing failure. When a pipe breaks inside your food storage warehouse, it is wise to call in a professional commercial water removal company such as SERVPRO. Our water damage restoration technicians (WRT) can utilized advanced equipment and techniques to dry out your contents and structural components quickly. When dealing with food storage facilities, we know that excessive moisture can ruin your food items. If your products get wet, it can become costly to replace several of your products, so conducting commercial prompt water removal is vital.

Even a small crack in one of your water pipes can spray hundreds of gallons into your company's building quickly. During any commercial water removal project in Charleston, we start by extracting the moisture while it is in its liquid form. Removing liquid H2O is much easier than removing it once it soaks into your contents and building materials and evaporates into the air. If there is a large amount of standing water, we first use a submersible pump to pull out the water and put it into a sewage drain. Next, we utilize heavy-duty extractors and specialized tools to remove moisture from wet surfaces, including your flooring materials.

Once all of the liquid water gets extracted by our SERVPRO team of WRTs, we then begin the applied structural drying (ASD) process. When implementing ASD, we use a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers. The air movers move moist air away from affected surfaces while the dehumidifiers pull moisture out of the air.

When drying out your food warehouse, removing moisture from your wet concrete floors is vital. Moisture that soaked into your concrete floors can raise the relative humidity levels inside your warehouse. When the humidity levels rise, the water vapor in the air can ruin your food products or cause problems with any wooden shelving units.

When drying out concrete, our water damage restoration technicians at SERVPRO can implement desiccant dehumidifiers. Desiccant dehumidifiers use a silica gel to attract moisture particles. The machine then heats of the gel to release the moisture. Desiccant systems work better with hard non-porous materials like concrete than refrigerant dehumidifiers. If you ever need concrete inside your warehouse dried out, call SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston at (843) 577-2470 24 hours a day.

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Our Experts Explain How We Stop The Slow-Moving Effects Of Flood Damage In Your Charleston Home

5/22/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston has helped local homeowners for years to recover from the devastating effects of water and flood damage.

SERVPRO Stops These Slow-Moving Effects Of Flood Damage In Charleston

Flood damage can impact your home in many ways. While it might be clear and evident that waters can scar your carpeting, walls, furniture, and other visible parts of the home, some types of damage can reach much deeper if you do not take care of them quickly. SERVPRO technicians remain on standby 24/7 to respond to local disasters since only a few hours can make the difference between a smooth, simple water cleanup and a large-scale flood damage restoration project for victims of a disaster. Here are some of the ways that more significant damages can creep into your home if you are not careful.

Foundational Damage
One of the most essential reasons to hire a fast and certified mitigation company like SERVPRO for flood damage in Charleston is to prevent damage from happening to the foundation of your home. With extended exposure to floodwaters, your home's foundation may start to crack and break, potentially leading to a separate repair project that costs thousands of dollars. These damages can almost always be avoided through fast and comprehensive drying solutions like those planned out by our work crews.

Breakdown of Materials
The longer moisture remains in your property, the more liable materials around the house are to begin breaking down and wearing thin as a result of the water soaked into them. We prioritize removing standing water and excess moisture in your home as one of the first things to work towards when we arrive at your home hours after the disaster.

Mold Growth
Without fast drying and special preventative measures, the risk of mold growth in your home can be high after a flood. SERVPRO technicians are always certified to prevent and treat mold damage before and when it starts to appear in your home.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston has helped local homeowners for years to recover from the devastating effects of water and flood damage. Call us 24/7 at (843) 577-2470.

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Charleston Properties Rely on SERVPRO for Effective Smoke Odor Removal

5/9/2019 (Permalink)

Charleston Home Has Smoke Odors? Fire Damage? Call the Green Fleet for Improved Indoor Air Quality and Cleanup

Our Smoke and Fire Odor Removal Team Gets Your Charleston Home Smelling Lovely Again

There are many reasons why a home in Charleston might smell like smoke. Wood-burning stoves can back smoke into the home, stove-top fires can spread smoke into other areas of the house, and small fires that you managed to put out before it became necessary to call the fire department can leave smoky odors in your home.
We want homeowners to know that SERVPRO can help make their Charleston home smell healthy again after fire-related odors take hold and make things uncomfortable. We know how to make it “Like it never even happened." When we arrive at your home, we come prepared with the different tools and devices that can rid your property of the substances that create the odors. We do more than just adding a scent to cover the odors – we perform the work that makes them unable to bother you again.
We physically remove as many as possible items coated with soot or charred from a fire. Our first step in controlling odors is the removal of the soot and smoke residue that produces such odors. Cleanup can be the most crucial step to restoring good indoor air quality (IAQ.)
Sometimes smoke gets into the cavities inside your walls and ceilings. If possible, we remove the smoke deposits from those areas. Many times, we seal these areas so smoke particles cannot get back into your living space as they disintegrate into smaller pieces.
Thermal fogging works to remove leftover particles that cause odor. However, first, we discuss with you this and other result-producing options. Fogging forces chemical neutralizers into the same areas that the fire's heat pushed the smoke into, which is a good option for homes with numerous enclosed areas. Our hydroxyl generators and ozone machines can help deodorize the contents in your home if they seem to be producing offensive odors.
Ozone's benefits include working more quickly than hydroxyl generators can, while we can continue working in the area if hydroxyl generators suit your needs better. Hydroxyl generators can keep running even while the area remains occupied, and does not cause harm to damp carpets like ozone often does.
If your home has developed an odor from a past fire or other issues, call us, SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston at (843) 577-2470. We can make things pleasant again for you and your family.

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Our Professionals Have The Tools And Expertise To Restore Your Charleston Home

4/30/2019 (Permalink)

two green trucks on street We are always available and ready to go! You can call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we will respond quickly to restore your home.

Moisture Detection and Wicking in Drywall of Your Charleston Home

Drywall is one of the most common construction materials seen when walking through Charleston homes. With its heavy use as walling components, these elements are relatively cheap and porous materials that can get quickly installed during initial construction. When faced with disasters like water loss incidents, the porous nature of sheetrock can often be highly damaging to the material, leading to substantial degradation and decomposition over a day or more of exposure.

Determining the severity of water damage to your Charleston home is critical, and our SERVPRO professionals have multiple devices and tools that can determine the extent of moisture damage and saturation of affected materials. We have moisture detection tools that can both emit electromagnetic waves and pulses to monitor resistance, giving a general idea of the moisture content to the sampled material. We can also use these same devices with their probe attachments for a more accurate and immediate determination of the moisture content and saturation level of affected materials and elements.

Wicking is a common problem with sheetrock material. With the bulk of water damage naturally finding its way to the floor, most of the pooling and standing water happens around the baseboards of an affected area in your home. From this point, moisture can begin to wick up the drywall towards the ceiling, moving farther along this path as time progresses. The distance that this wicking occurs from the flooring is the point where flood cuts occur.

Flood cuts are a way for our SERVPRO team to remove irreparably damaged drywall without the need to remove full sheets and reinstall them. With controlled demolition techniques, we can save a customer money on the material needed to reconstruct these removed portions and reduce the time it takes to complete this phase.

While water loss recovery can happen in many steps, some materials used to construct your home are more prone to substantial water damage than others. Our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston rapid response team can arrive quickly to begin mitigation techniques that can save as much of these damaged materials as possible. Give us a call 24/7 at (843) 577-2470.

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SERVPRO Will Restore Your Charleston Business After Water Damage

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SERVPRO can store and dry contents off-site to preserve their appearance and functionality after water damage. We are here for you 24/7, call today.

Commercial Water Damage Mitigation in Charleston Orthodontics Office by SERVPRO

Commercial water damage can be disruptive to a business, especially one based in the service sector such as an orthodontics office. It can be chaotic to cancel and reschedule much-needed appointments, not to mention patient unhappiness at having their schedules disrupted. Fast action for cleanup is the key to making both the business owner and their clients happy.

SERVPRO was called to mitigate commercial water damage in a Charleston orthodontics office when a water supply line to a dental unit ruptured overnight. The water ran into several treatment rooms in a single section of the office. Our technicians arrived on site within hours of the initial call and immediately got to work extracting the water so the practice would have as little downtime as possible during cleanup.

Multiple technicians used portable pumps to remove the water damage in the patient rooms so the drying process could begin as quickly as possible. Once extracted, technicians used moisture detection equipment to verify there was no residual moisture under the tile floor. The baseboard under the supply line was removed to allow for airflow behind the wall cavity. The chairs and stools in the patient rooms were placed up on blocks to dry in place.

Drying goals are set by measuring the moisture levels at unaffected areas of the property. Air movers and humidifiers were set up to quickly dry the rooms and lower the air quality to meet the predetermined levels for dryness.
After drying, the final stage of restoration began so the orthodontics office could reopen for business. Our technicians clean the rooms affected by water and ensure they were disinfected and deodorized to meet sanitary standards for seeing patients as soon as they reopened for the day.
Commercial water damage should be addressed professionally to avoid disruption to your business. Our services are available 24/7 when you contact SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston at (843) 577-2470.

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How Our Trained Professionals Remove Contamination From Your Charleston Home

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Let our IICRC technicians address contamination in your home through our experience, training and specialized equipment. We are available to you 24/7.

Essential Steps that Help Ease Flood Removal in Charleston

When floods affect your property, there is a need to take immediate mitigation steps that help stop further damage and restore preloss conditions. Flood removal is a complex process but following the right procedures improves the results and shortens the period it takes. We offer professional mitigation services in Charleston.

One of the main issues to address during flood removal in Charleston properties is contamination. As floodwater flows over open spaces, it collects different contaminants including biohazards such as raw sewage and dead animals. It also dissolves insecticides, and other chemicals then deposit them in the affected homes. Our SERVPRO technicians take several measures to address contamination. We spray EPA-registered disinfectants directly into affected areas to deal with pathogens. We also create containment zones where the need arises restricting the spread of contaminants to unaffected areas.

Floodwaters leave different types of debris in the affected areas including silt from outside and the materials it damages inside the house. Removing all the debris is crucial because it also makes it simpler to carry out other restoration steps. Removing debris is mostly a manual process, but it requires caution because some of the materials can be hazardous. Our SERVPRO technicians wear PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, like full body suits, rubber gloves, and boots before shoveling out debris. Having the necessary safety equipment helps them work faster.

Removing pools of standing floodwaters from the house is essential, but it can take time. Proper disposal of such contaminated water is also essential to ensure compliance with regulations from local or federal authorities. Our SERVPRO technicians use truck-mounted water extractors, and submersible pumps to remove standing water fast. Our water extractors also have storage tanks that can hold the water to ensure it is disposed of properly.

When flood damage affects your property, call SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston to help with removal restoring it to its preloss state. You can reach us at (843) 577-2470 any time. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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If Mold Plagues Your Charleston Home, You Need To Call A Professional Restoration Company!

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If a leak causes mold damage inside of your kitchen, always get help immediately.

Why You Should Consider SERVPRO For Remediating The Mold Damage In Your Charleston Home

The constantly leaking dishwasher inside of your kitchen can eventually cause mold damage underneath the cabinetry around the device. At times, it may be tempting to push off a problem until a little later, whether it is because you forgot about it or finances are tight. No matter your reasoning, it is never wise to continually expose your kitchen floor and cabinetry to excess moisture. While you may mop it up every time the dishwasher leaks, or even place a towel down in anticipation, those measures cannot protect your kitchen from water damage. As the omnipresent mold spores begin to feed off of the excess moisture, a colony can begin to take root and grow.

Finding mold damage inside of your Charleston kitchen may seem like another problem that you can set aside for the time being. However, the opposite could not be more accurate. Mold damage can cause health effects and impact every individual who lives inside of your home negatively. Furthermore, mold can cause decay in organic materials over time, such as the wooden cabinetry inside of your kitchen. Because of the various damages mold can cause, it is imperative for you to call for help as soon as possible after finding it.

SERVPRO has an excellent reputation for being swift, skilled, and friendly, which we uphold with dignity. It's always our goal to leave our customer feeling happy. Our team is filled with IICRC-certified technicians, and SERVPRO always uses advanced equipment to solve your mold damage problems.

When SERVPRO arrives at your property and investigates the mold damage, we can swiftly make a plan to remediate. To reach all of the mold damage, we can uninstall your cabinetry and clean it thoroughly with a disinfectant. Now that your dishwasher has been fixed, and is no longer needed, water damage should no longer be a concern, but to prevent regrowth, we can use an antifungal agent on the floors and cupboards to ensure that regrowth cannot occur. To remove the musty smell from your kitchen, SERVPRO can use an air scrubber to remove active mold spores from the air, as well as the very particles that cause the malodor.

If a leak causes mold damage inside of your kitchen, always get help immediately. Speak with a representative of SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston by phoning (843) 577-2470. Night or day, our techs are always ready to rush to your aid.

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Saving Your Charleston Office Building From Water Damage

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Helps Commercial Buildings with Water Damage Restoration in Charleston

SERVPRO Provides Water Removal and Cleanup for Charleston Businesses

Office buildings can easily be seen all throughout Charleston. With so much valuable and sensitive information contained in every one of these facilities, it is no wonder that many of them have state-of-the-art security systems and even guards to monitor nighttime activities. One thing that your security system cannot protect these files and valuable equipment from is water damage from an unexpected break, however. 
Water damage to your Charleston office building does not have to be an overwhelming and traumatic event, so long as you already know whom to call and whom you trust to get the place back in order quickly. Our SERVPRO team has a long-standing history of restoring water damage in commercial properties, and we have the tools and experience to do the job efficiently and to do it right. 
From the moment that our crew arrives on the scene, our assessment process begins. The objective here is to determine the source of the water damage and to keep this situation from getting worse. Once the source of the water has been repaired by us if minor,  or stopped, restoration of the affected area can officially begin. Depending on the severity of the situation, water extraction efforts might be the first step in the plan. Typically for water that is not pooling heavily, portable pumps and wet-vacs suffice for water extraction. 
Drying the area is the next step, as this completely removes all of the moisture and allows for a more thorough look at potential structural damages and areas in need of repair. Drying is typically done using a combination of air movers and dehumidification equipment. To ensure that all of the water has been dried out, thermal imagery might get employed to survey inside of walls and under flooring for wet spots. These are areas that cannot get seen with the naked eye, but leaving the moisture could later result in mold growth. 
Our SERVPRO team commits itself to working quickly and thoroughly to mitigate your losses. From your out-of-pocket expenses or the time that your doors have to remain closed to the clients you serve for our restoration process to occur, our IICRC certified technicians work to make it as easy as possible for you. 
If your office building has a water emergency, give SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston a call. Our rapid response team of certified restoration specialists can be reached anytime by calling (843) 577-2470.

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Water Removal Services Using Advanced Equipment for All Charleston Area Residents

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO uses various types of extraction equipment to remove water in your home during the restoration process.

Rely on Industry Trained SERVPRO Technicians for Thorough and Efficient Water Removal

One of the most important things to remember when dealing with water issues on your Charleston property is to take quick, decisive action. Every minute that you spend deliberating can lead to additional damages that make the possibility of successfully restoring your home, harder. 

Contacting a qualified water removal company in Charleston gives you access to professionals who understand how to extract water from your home correctly. With the proper personnel, resources, and equipment, your water removal company can make multiple passes to ensure proper water removal and quick drying of the structural components of your home. 

SERVPRO professionals take water removal seriously, using various types of extraction equipment to remove water from flooring, furniture, and other contents found in your home as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is a part of our job to make IICRC-industry certified technicians available who understand the water removal process and work hard to put training and experience to work for you.

SERVPRO technicians use both portable and truck mounted extractors that make removing water found on your property quicker. The entire extraction process involves putting the three major components, the heater, pump, and vacuum system, to work for you. Our technicians choose the right extraction tools for your circumstances while maintaining the delicacy necessary to protect your property.

Your local SERVPRO is an independently owned and operated company, offering a variety of water removal, cleaning, and restoration services throughout the area. We use infrared moisture detectors, hygrometers, dehumidifiers, air-moving equipment, and advanced drying and cleaning techniques to restore your property, personal belongings, and living environment to a quality pre-water damage condition that you and your family can enjoy. 

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston has emergency response teams available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. We are always nearby and ready to help residents throughout surrounding areas with any size problem you may face. Call our offices today for access to qualified professionals, advanced equipment, and resources that enable you to recover, quicker. (843) 577-2470

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How to Remove Smoke Odors From Your Charleston Home

3/11/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is ready to handle all of your fire damage restoration needs.

Odor Removal After a Fire in Your Charleston House

Since Charleston homeowners do not expect or predict when disaster might strike, there are often common functions of the house that can exasperate the spread of the damage from an incident like a fire. With conditioned or heated air being a staple to nearly every home in the area, circulating air throughout your home is something that happens almost continually. Whenever situations like fires take place, a running HVAC system can become adversely affected and become instrumental in spreading damages like soot and smoke residue to otherwise unaffected areas of your property.

One of the hardest obstacles to overcome after a disaster like this in your Charleston home is your need for fire odor control. Smoke damage can seep into materials, fabrics, furniture, and much more. We have many pieces of equipment that can help to eliminate these harsh odors permanently from your home, and we also have specialized areas and tools at our facility to deodorize contents of your home removed during the mitigation phase and pack-out process.

Our SERVPRO professionals work to respond immediately to your emergency with the necessary mitigation to help protect the contents, furniture, and affected items within your home. These often get taken to our nearby facility for focused cleaning and deodorization efforts. The most effective approach for many of these items is time in an ozone chamber. This special compartment of our facility adds air with added oxygen to neutralize odor molecules in the items we have placed inside. This practice, even in portable units, is not safe for use around pets and your family, however.

To remove noxious fire odors in open areas and permanent fixtures throughout your damaged property, our SERVPRO professionals can combine the use of hydroxyl generators and thermal foggers. If there are no people or pets present in the home, ozone generators can also be a practical solution for deodorization in your home.

Restoring your home after a fire requires addressing lingering odor concerns throughout the house. Our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston fire restoration specialists have the tools and expertise to help. Give us a call anytime at (843) 577-2470.

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Why Our Professionals Are The Most Qualified In Charleston

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Our team arrives quickly and has the right equipment to handle your water damage restoration process. Call us anytime we are available 24/7.

Factors that Influence the Outcome of Water Removal in Charleston

Leaking or burst pipes can leave you with a massive restoration bill if you do not take the right steps. Part of taking the right steps is a swift response because leaving standing water in your property for long leads to further deterioration. As an IICRC certified restorer we are conversant with ASD, Applied Structural Drying, so we use the most suitable approaches to remove water from your Charleston Property.

The amount of water damage into your Charleston property may determine what steps to take for efficient water removal. Water that covers most of the rooms can take days to remove, and dry all affected areas thus requiring the occupants to move out. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on high capacity resources such as truck-mounted water extractors to quicken the restoration process reducing the time people spend away from their properties.

Water spills can soil your property necessitating through cleanup. Some likely sources of such soiling include food remains and detergents if the leak originates from an appliance such as a dishwasher, and dyes from non-colorfast fabrics. Failure to clean the properly can lead to serious problems in future including stains and bad odor. Our SERVPRO technicians combine the use of tools and professional cleaning agents to clean affected areas to sanitary levels. For example, the heating capability in our water extractors helps ease the cleanup process.

After removing all standing water, there is a need to dry any excess moisture left in materials. Drying can take a long time because it works through evaporation. Our SERVPRO team takes different approaches to expedite evaporation. One option is to run air movers in the wet areas increasing the evaporation rate. We also use plastic sheets to create smaller sections in large rooms which help reduce the volume of air that runs through dehumidifiers for moisture extraction.

Working with a professional restorer helps you control the outcome of water damage. Call SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston at (843) 577-2470 to help restore your property. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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SERVPRO Acts Fast To Restore Mold Damage in Charleston

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If you even suspect that you have mold in your business please call our experts immediately. We are available 24/7 and have the right equipment.

Mold Remediation to Reopen Your Charleston Deli Quickly

Your Charleston delicatessen is one place that is always getting foot traffic at all hours of the day. While you offer premier cuts of meat and prepare sandwiches to tailor to the lunch crowd on the go, you might not always stay aware of areas of your business that might not be in the best shape. Structural compromises can lead to moisture and water penetration, and persistent dampness can allow for mold growth to occur in as little as a few days.

While you might find that there would be time for you to identify a potential problem in your Charleston deli before mold damage occurs, it is more challenging to spot than you might think. Many problems that result from penetration in exterior walls begin within the wall cavities, so mold colonization could occur without you even knowing you have moisture concerns. The best solution is to reach out to our SERVPRO mold remediation specialists to get efficient and effective help right away.

From the time that our professionals arrive at your deli, we can identify all of the present moisture in the walls of your building to begin isolating the damaged areas and working to dry out the affected regions. Containment of the mold can help to prevent the spread to new areas while our technicians work to remove the active colonization that we find.

Our SERVPRO team appreciates the knowledge that you have to shut down to your customers for the time that this remediation gets underway and until you can pass certain health code tests to reopen again. We work efficiently and quickly to ensure that we can remove the threat and restore indoor air quality to limit the time that your doors stay closed to the community you serve.

The discovery of mold might put the brakes on your business, but with the right professional help, you can remove this threat and return to serving your customers quickly. You can count on our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston mold remediation specialists to remove the colonies and restore the damage that has occurred promptly. Give us a call anytime at (843) 577-2470.

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Don't Wait To Repair Your Flood Damaged Home In Charleston, Call The Professionals At SERVPRO!

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Give our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston contractors and restoration specialists a call today!

Unrepaired Storm Damages Can Flood Charleston Homes

Charleston residents have grown accustomed to the rapidly changing temperament of the weather, including its persistent threat of becoming violent. Even though many homes have suffered damages at the hands of some of the more powerful systems that have come through the area recently, many resolved to repair these damages on their own and in doing so, left their property vulnerable to further damages. With vulnerabilities in your exterior defenses, homes become susceptible to flooding and water damages.

Roof and siding damage are among the most common lingering concerns that can allow flood damage to affect your Charleston property. While repairs like this can be costly, especially when many homes throughout the area require similar assistance, avoiding it allows the problem to worsen continually. Once torrential rainfall occurs again, this weather along with the subsequent runoff your roof can expect allows a steady flow of water into your house. Our SERVPRO team can arrive quickly to provide emergency board up services to prevent further penetration, but even with our rapid response, the effects are often already widespread.

Board up services and tarping like our emergency team can provide are only a temporary solution designed to allow our mitigation team to get to work on protecting your property as best as we can. Repair of the damage must occur for the restoration to complete, as much of the work that our SERVPRO team performs to return your house to original condition relies on the source of the damage getting repaired fully to prevent recurrences.

Extraction plays a critical role when flooding occurs, as this allows our technicians on site to see the full scope of the damage while we set up drying equipment. With a Category 1 loss like this, many of the affected materials can often get preserved and protected if our team gets contacted quickly at the initial signs of flooding.

While you might be in the group of homeowners that can appreciate saving money and taking repairs and restoration into your own hands, the longer that your home sits storm-damaged, the more likely situations like flooding become. Give our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston contractors and restoration specialists a call today at (843) 577-2470.

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How Water Loss Incidents Can Cause Future Mold Growth Issues in Your Charleston Home

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Moisture is a breeding ground for mold. Inspect your home for sins of water leakage.

Ways to Get Longer-Term Results from Mold Remediation in Charleston

Mold colonies quickly form whenever there is excess moisture or even humidity in a home. The spores that cause mold growth are microscopic and natural occurring, and apart from moisture, they require an organic food source, oxygen and the right temperature to thrive. Because of the environment, a mold problem can keep recurring even after remediation, which is not only costly but also inconveniencing so finding ways to get long-term results from a remediation exercise is essential. 

Most exercises of mold remediation in Charleston happen after incidents of water loss because such events supply the necessary moisture for growth. Leaks that go unnoticed, especially in hidden sections of the property, can also lead to infestations. Such leaks are common in plumbing lines within wall cavities and beneath sinks or bathtubs. Addressing the source of the water helps prevent recurrence. Our SERVPRO Franchise professionals take measures to quickly bring down relative humidity levels below 60 percent after a water loss incident to prevent growth. Fixing small leaks and drying wet materials using dehumidifiers and air movers helps deal with the issue "Like it never even happened." 

Moisture retention is likely in sections of your home such as crawl spaces and wall cavities where airflow is constrained. Moisture is also likely to find a way in through ground seepage or absorption from surrounding areas. Our SERVPRO Franchise professionals use different approaches including using injecti-dry systems and pumps to extract the water from the affected areas. To prevent future problems we recommend long-term measures such as crawlspace encapsulation to lock out moisture. 

In cases of heavy infestation, the remediation exercise might cause other problems. For example, tearing down a section of heavily infested drywall can spread debris and spores to other unaffected sections of the property. Some methods of mold removal such as wire brushing can also cause other problems such as damaging the infested material. To help minimize these additional problems, our SERVPRO Franchise professionals create exclusion zones with plastic sheets to prevent the spread of debris. To clean heavily infested materials without damaging them, we use special techniques such as soda blasting and dry ice blasting. 

If you are facing a lingering mold problem, call SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston at (843) 577-2470 any time. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Choosing Professional Restoration For Water Damages In Your Charleston Home

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We respond quickly and have the best equipment to deal with water extraction, don't wait call our experts today.

Fast Extraction for Damaged Charleston Properties

Water loss incidents require immediate action to protect what can get salvaged of your Charleston home. From flooding to interior plumbing and appliance failure, there are more reasons than most homeowners might believe to find your property contending with high volumes of water. Whenever you find this situation, reaching out to our professionals can be a wise decision to make.

While you might consider damage like this to require little more than water removal efforts for your Charleston home, water affects much more than what you can see on the surface. There is a finite timeline to correct these issues before they begin to warp and distort construction materials for your home, and so reacting quickly to the situation is vital to protect these elements. Our SERVPRO professionals are available 24/7 to respond to all manner of damaging emergencies that occur in local homes.

Part of our fast response lies in our ability to remain prepared for all manner of disaster that could affect our customers throughout the area. Our Green Fleet stays stocked with a wide array of advanced equipment designed to make short work of situations like interior flooding and water loss incidents. Our extraction equipment is efficient as well, from our truck-mounted pumps to portable sump pump options. We can remove the excess water quickly from the area, but that is only the beginning of the work that must get done.

When materials get exposed to pooling water, they immediately begin to absorb the liquid, and it can begin to change their composition, size, and look. Drywall can become irreparably damaged in less than a day when exposed to water or excessive moisture. Hardwood flooring and carpets can take as little as two days longer to become unsalvageable. You have to act fast and get our highly-trained SERVPRO professionals working on restoring your property with water removal as promptly as possible.

Water loss incidents pose a significant threat to the wellbeing of your home. Give our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston rapid response team a call 24/7 at (843) 577-2470.

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SERVPRO Will Put The Flame Of Worry Out In Your Charleston Home After A Fire

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Only the experts offer restoration after smoke from a fire has invaded your home.

Fire and Smoke Restoration Methods for Charleston Homes

Smoke can be a devastating effect from a fire that occurs in your Charleston residence. While many different areas could ultimately become affected by the spread of this damage throughout the property, homeowners often lack the specialized equipment or training to sufficiently clean up and restore the exposed elements. Our professionals can arrive quickly to begin the steps necessary to return your home to its original condition.

Fire damage can create a challenging restoration process for your Charleston home. While many homeowners tend to fixate on the structural damages that could have occurred throughout the disaster, these often get resolved with controlled demolition and reconstruction. Overcoming smoke and other fire effects on the contents of the property and the base elements of the house, such as studs and supports, requires the advanced technology and extensively trained technicians that arrive with our SERVPRO rapid response team.

Smoke effects can vary in your home based on the materials that combusted, the heat of the blaze, and how long it burned before it got extinguished. Our professionals can do an accurate and thorough assessment of the full reach of the fire damage to determine what equipment is necessary to overcome the effects. Often smoke damage lingers as a residue on surfaces and contents or a noxious odor that spreads throughout the property.

Cleanup for these effects often falls to high-powered vacuums, wet and dry sponges, and SERVPRO approved industrial cleaning detergents designed to break apart residues and their stains to recover the full vibrancy of the original material. To remove harsh odors from the premises, materials, contents, and even fabrics, our technicians have equipment like our thermal foggers. These machines release an odorless chemical compound that breaks smoke molecules apart to leave no discernable scent behind.

While there are many steps to overcoming smoke and fire damages in your home, our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston team has the equipment and expertise to help. Give our rapid response team a call anytime disaster strikes at (843) 577-2470.

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Check Out What A Typical Water Cleanup in Charleston is Like When SERVPRO is Involved

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We have the technology and equipment to cleanup and sanitize your home from dirty water.

Charleston Homes - Water Cleanup & Restoration

When there is a water spill, it is essential to clean the affected area thoroughly, a process which involves various steps. Clean is a relative state, so the steps involved depend on the level of cleanliness that you need to achieve. The three levels of cleanliness are sterile, disinfected and sanitary. For a residential property in Charleston, reaching sanitary condition is usually sufficient because it eliminates any health risks. We have IICRC certified technicians that can clean your property after water loss to achieve the sanitary level of cleanliness. 

Removing any water left standing after the spill is a crucial step during water cleanup in Charleston. If the water originates from a dirty source such as a faulty appliance, it might contain wastes that might soil, or even stain the contents in the house, if left unaddressed for long. Our SERVPRO technicians handle this by extracting the water within the shortest time possible. We have different types of equipment to match the type of extraction needed. We can use submersible pumps if the pool is over two feet deep or truck-mounted water extractors for lower levels.

After removing the standing water, various soils and debris might be left necessitating various cleaning actions including the use of chemical agents and mechanical processes such as agitating the surfaces. Our SERVPRO technicians use pressure washers or brushes where mechanical action is needed. We also have various professional cleaning agents to remove dyes and other stain-causing materials. We evaluate the material involved to ensure we use the right agent. For instance, we do not use chlorine bleach on wool and silk or when removing stains from rust.

Bad smells are likely to develop after a water spill incident. The causes vary depending on the specifics of the incident. If the water spilled contains debris, such debris might reach concealed spaces causing the bad smells. Even clean water might dissolve or push ordinary debris such as pet wastes into hidden crevices resulting in smells that do not go away even after cleaning is done. Our SERVPRO technicians combat this by deodorizing the affected property. If there is a carpet, we treat both sides with an EPA-registered disinfectant then use a fogger to apply a deodorizing agent. On hard surfaces, we use mop application.

Water spills can happen at any time leaving you to handle the tedious cleanup process. Call SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston at (843) 577-2470 to help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Timing Is Crucial When Your Charleston Home Suffers Flood Damage

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Call us at (843) 577-2470, so we can help you get your family back home and everything back to how it once was, “Like it never even happened.”

Why Homes With Flood Damage Need Fast Mitigation From SERVPRO In Charleston

Charleston's lower-lying neighborhoods experience sporadic minor flooding throughout the year. During the winter, this can happen because of freezing rains that melt on contact with the ground. Once melted, any water that becomes diverted from drains in the street can end up flowing over yards, streets, and into homes. Yard waste can also clog drains and force water into homes. Many times, the flooding remains low to the ground.

SERVPRO responds quickly to flood damage in Charleston and provides our clients with top-notch service. Damage of any kind eventually worsens, but beginning proper mitigation can minimize overall costs related to the labor, cleaning, and restoration needs of a flooded house.

Having highly effective equipment and tools helps us perform the tasks involved in making minor repairs, cleaning personal belongings, removing damaged structures, and drying the interior becomes more effective when we respond faster. Working as quickly as possible to remove carpeting and saturated drywall sections mean our drying equipment works more efficiently.

We test areas of your home that may hold condensed moisture from evaporated floodwater and ensure that these areas also become dry again. Working quickly means many of these areas never sustain damage from excessive humidity. Other areas that became contaminated but undamaged require cleaning to ensure they do not become breeding grounds for bacteria and other pathogens.

When your home becomes unlivable because of flood damage, finding suitable lodging for your family can place an extreme amount of stress on you. We understand that continuing to live away from home places additional hardship on you and the members of your family. Rapidly finishing the work involved in clearing away the water and debris, cleaning surfaces, and achieving a dry environment means your family can get back to their normal routines and move forward with their lives.

We work as rapidly as possible on homes containing flood damage, regardless of the water level reached during the event. To move your family back home after such a disaster requires substantial teamwork, and SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston trains our employees in the most effective methods. Call us at (843) 577-2470, so we can help you get your family back home and everything back to how it once was, “Like it never even happened.”

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Got Water Damage In Your Charleston Business? Our Team Is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

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During water emergencies, we are just a phone call away.

Commercial Water Cleanup In Charleston Can Save Your Business

The pipe leaking under the sink in the bathroom of your music shop may force you to shut down for a time while professionals clean up the mess. We know that your business needs to be open for you to make a profit, so you can expect us to work quickly. Plus, we understand that you do not wish to disappoint your customers who like to come in daily to browse and shop.

SERVPRO water cleanup in Charleston can help you get back in business as soon as possible. Our teams are well trained and can stop the leak and remove water from the premises fast. Excess water can ruin your floor tiles and walls and can also damage the structure of the building. Plus, moisture can ruin various contents inside the store such as musical instruments and display cases, which can be costly. Dampness can also lead to mold growth, which can cause health effects. Calling us right away may help reduce damages and lower restoration costs.

The water removal process may involve the utilization of portable extractors, wet vacs and pumps to remove water quickly. If there is a large amount of water, we may need to employ truck-mounted extractors. Next, we can start drying the affected areas. Typically, our crews use air movers, heaters and axial fans to dry structures fast. If necessary, the team may use dehumidifiers to reduce moisture and to speed up drying.

Our techs may also need to pack-out some of the items inside the store such as sheet music, musical books and various instruments like guitars, organs, horns, and drums. If we remove any contents from the structure, our team can wrap, label and categorize every item. Plus, they can bar-code, photograph and tag all items. This step helps keep accurate records that can be helpful for your insurance claim.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston provides dependable commercial water cleanup restoration that can make it look “Like it never even happened.” During water emergencies, we are just a phone call away. Contact us at (843) 577-2470. When possible, we can return your shop to its preloss condition.

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How Our Experts Will Restore Your Home In Charleston After A Fire

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With a wide array of resources and highly-trained technicians available 24/7, SERVPRO is a wise choice for anyone contending with fire damage.

Tools For Smoke Recovery At Your Fire-Damaged Charleston Home

Smoke can often be one of the most troublesome effects to overcome after disaster impacts your Charleston residence. From small localized events to widespread structural damages, smoke can penetrate far beyond the source of the flames to affect many areas and items within the property. One of the focuses of the rigorous training our technicians undergo to obtain their IICRC certifications for Fire and Smoke Restoration is identifying the type of smoke that has impacted the property and the appropriate measures to take to remove the harmful and noxious effects.

Overcoming the fire damages in your Charleston home might be more complicated and intricate than many homeowners realize. Our SERVPRO professionals get equipped with the latest equipment to provide efficient and effective service in removing harsh odors and residues from the premises following widespread smoke damages. This leading equipment can make our franchise a wise choice for those looking to reduce restoration costs without jeopardizing the quality of the completed product.

One of the tools at our disposal to help contend with the harsh environment that our technicians often get exposed to when entering a fire-damaged home for the first time is our hydroxyl generators. These machines can help clean an environment from not only harsh odors, but also germs, pollutants, lingering smoke, and other needs for sanitation. Best of all, these small machines can safely get used around pets and humans.

Thermal foggers are another piece of equipment vital to odor removal when our SERVPRO technicians are on site. These machines release a dense chemical compound safe for use on soft materials and open areas that neutralizes odor molecules on contact to eliminate the noxious scent permanently from your home.

Cleaning and air quality are primary concerns for professional restorers like ours when it comes to setting your home back to its original condition following a fire incident. With a wide array of resources and highly-trained technicians available 24/7, SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is a wise choice for anyone contending with fire damages to their property. Give us a call anytime you need us at (843) 577-2470.

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How SERVPRO Technicians Train to Remediate Water Damage in Your Charleston Home

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SERVPRO has the equipment, expertise and training to meet all of your water damage needs,

The Partnership Of Trained Technicians And Advanced Equipment Is Why SERVPRO Is The Water Damage Solution In Charleston

The water loss remediation industry continuously devises new equipment that takes a Charleston property from soaked and deteriorating to dry and clean faster and more efficiently. As amazing as innovative tools are, it takes a crew of seasoned and highly-qualified technicians to use them to the best effect. Professional water remediation companies deliver their best outcomes when the workers pledge to train and recertify on a regular basis.

When you face water damage in your Charleston home, you benefit from cutting-edge equipment and crews who know how to operate them according to industry standards. Even diehard do-it-yourselfers recognize that managing water incursions is a tricky business, requiring not only hard work but also a solid understanding of the science behind water removal and structural drying.

Developing professional expertise to mitigate water damage is why SERVPRO sends our crew members to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) classes. The IICRC is a standards developing and establishing organization worldwide. Skills taught to the employees we sent to remediate and restore your home base their effectiveness on research.

An example of a task that might seem straightforward enough to be within the grasp of every homeowner is carpet water extraction. The equipment resembles a shop vac, and a homeowner typically feels comfortable operating a vacuum. Why SERVPRO requires crew members to complete a comprehensive IICRC course in carpet cleaning relates to the problems that can occur if standards are unknown or ignored.

The art and science of extracting water from carpeting or other floor coverings are not intuitive. An effective way to pull moisture out of a carpet is with a weighted wand extractor. SERVPRO IICRC-trained technicians learned and practiced the techniques that extract moisture without putting stress on the textile floor covering. Inexperienced individuals can stretch the carpet fabric by exerting too much pressure or moving too quickly across a surface. Inappropriate force might cause delamination of the carpet backing from the carpet face. 

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston delivers high-quality water mitigation results by arranging for professional training of all our technicians. Schedule an appointment with our top-notch workforce by calling (843) 577-2470.

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Fire Damage In Charleston Is No Match For Our Skilled Technicians

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With the professional restoration services that we offer, it is possible to safeguard the structure and its occupants.

Professional Help Is Necessary When Restoring Fire Damage In Charleston

When flames engulf a property, the danger is obvious. However, the threat does not end after putting out the fire. The combustion process introduces gases and aerosols in the affected environment, and if not cleared, they might lead to health problems when inhaled. In addition to affecting the occupants, the structure also continues to deteriorate in different ways after the fire goes out. Debris and residues, some of which are acidic, can cause such deterioration. The water used to put out the fire from your Charleston property might also lead to deterioration. With the professional restoration services that we offer, it is possible to safeguard the structure and its occupants.

Some level of preparation is necessary before starting the restoration of fire damage in Charleston. It might include the separation of items based on the level of damage. Our SERVPRO technicians separate items into salvageable, unsalvageable and questionable categories which helps reduce the chances of throwing out salvageable items. With our electronic CCIS, content claim inventory service, we can even group items room by room. We also board-up the structure, which helps prevent further damages by intruders or weather elements.

The smoke produced as a fire burns causes some of the damage, so cleanup is necessary. While it is possible to wipe off some of the soot, most of the residues require further steps for proper cleaning. Our SERVPRO crew uses various approaches to clean your property. Mechanical agitation helps dislodge debris from affected areas. We also use some professional cleaning products, which work through chemical action that either dissolves or suspends the soils effectively removing them from the affected material. From our experiences handling clean up after fires, we understand the easiest ways to deal with different kinds of soiling. For example, we know that like dissolves like, so we evaluate the type of soiling before choosing a cleaning solution.

Some aspects of fires like smoke damage and bad odors spread easily even to parts of the property not reached by the flames. By working as a team, our SERVPRO crew cleans and deodorizes all affected areas.

Restoring damages after a fire should not overwhelm you. Call SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston at (843) 577-2470 to assist. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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When Water Threatens To Damage Your Wood Floors In Your Charleston Home Contact The Crew At SERVPRO

11/7/2018 (Permalink)

Within just a couple of days after a water incident in your home, the saturation and moisture can warp and bloat wood flooring.

Protecting Wood Floors From Water Damage In Your Charleston Home

Every type of disaster that can affect your Charleston home can adversely and substantially threaten the construction materials and structural elements of the property. When it comes to water loss incidents, all these same components remain at risk for as long as the situation is poorly maintained and not professionally cleaned up. Our 24-hour rapid response team can help you.

From leaking and faulty appliances to leaks and breaks through indoor plumbing, your Charleston home has numerous potential sources for water damage throughout its life. Whenever your property gets threatened by this kind of damage, you need to protect the structural components of your house by employing professional restorers like our SERVPRO technicians to extract and dry the damage.

Within just a couple of days after a water incident in your home, the saturation and moisture can warp and bloat wood flooring. Once this process has started, it is nearly impossible to salvage. For this reason, it is recommended to procure trained professionals like our team to mitigate the situation immediately after it happens. With our rapid response team, we can arrive quickly to begin extraction work and get drying efforts started to prevent this irreparable damage.

In addition to the distortion of the wood flooring, this same material could become a seat for mold growth. A few days past the water loss incident without professional restoration and your home is likely affected by microbial and mold growth throughout the impacted area. Our SERVPRO water restoration specialists and remediation experts can work in conjunction to eliminate the dampness and to prevent mold growth through the application of our antimicrobial spray solutions.

Whenever a water damage incident occurs in your home, many homeowners become misled into believing they have taken care of the cleanup sufficiently while moisture and dampness persist out of sight. Elements like wood flooring and other susceptible materials can become irreparably damaged and require removal without the appropriate professional intervention. Give our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston rapid response team a call whenever you need us at (843) 577-2470.

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Our 4 Step Process To Make Sure Your Charleston Home Is Mold Free

10/30/2018 (Permalink)

Proper planning is necessary when dealing with mold.

Four Important Steps In Remediation Of Mold Damage In Charleston

Apart from being unsightly, mold infestations can create the impressions of a rundown property. You have probably seen a higher percentage of old, dilapidated buildings infested with mold compared to new ones. Mold is also associated with health problems so once detected, taking the necessary remediation steps is essential. We offer remedial services that can help you deal with the problem should it develop in your Charleston property.

The first step when dealing with mold damage in Charleston is documenting the condition of the structure and the extent to which the problem has developed. Our SERVPRO technicians are well equipped to handle this step. We check the level of moisture saturation in the building and the areas to which the infestation has spread. We also review the types of surfaces where the colonies develop including whether there are porous materials affected.

Controlling the spread of mold contaminants at source is essential. Although mold spores are omnipresent, letting the debris from the affected area to spread freely increases the areas that require clean up. Various approaches can help prevent such spread. When demolishing affected drywall, our SERVPRO technicians can set up negative air machines. We also isolate affected areas using plastic sheets.

Removing the mold colonies in the affected areas is another important step. The actual method used depends on the level of infestation or the material involved. For light outbreaks, approaches such as HEPA vacuuming or damp wiping the affected surfaces can help. In cases of severe growth affecting porous materials, the best option is to remove such materials entirely.

Since mold is moisture fueled, correcting the moisture problems identified during the initial inspection is essential. No matter how effective the other remediation steps taken are, any moisture left can fuel future growth. Correcting moisture problems involves sealing any leaks identified. In case the growth occurred after a flooding incident, drying all the affected materials to normal levels is enough. Using moisture meters and sensors, our SERVPRO technicians evaluate all affected areas to ensure they dry to normal levels.

Proper planning is necessary when dealing with mold. Contact SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston to assist. You can reach us 24/7 at (843) 577-2470.

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How Our Team Can Help You Recover From Flood Damage After Hurricane Florence Destroyed Your Charleston Home

10/10/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding was one of the worst conditions that homes in the area faced, and our technicians continue to be available to help.

Hurricane Florence And Recovering Flood Damages In Your Charleston Home

You might not need a reminder about the effects of hurricanes and severe weather systems on your Charleston home. With the devastation that Hurricane Florence brought to the Carolinas this past month, it is more prevalent than ever the damage that these storms can do with the right conditions. Flooding was one of the worst conditions that homes in the area faced, and our technicians continue to be available to help throughout recovery efforts.

Some Charleston homeowners are getting their first look at flood damages and the kind of condition that a house gets left in, even if it did not get structurally compromised by the gale force winds of the storm. Overcoming these effects might seem nearly impossible at first, but with the right professional assistance such as our experienced SERVPRO technicians, you can start to see the possibility of restoring your damaged home entirely.

While the pooled water throughout your home persists as the most immediate threat, our technicians can get to work quickly on removing this effect through the use of truck-mounted pumps and wet-vacs with extraction wands for more inaccessible areas. The remaining moisture requires a combined effort of air movers to force water out of challenging areas and dehumidification equipment to pull moisture out of materials in the affected areas.

Unfortunately, that is not all that our SERVPRO professionals have to overcome when it comes to widespread flooding like this. Debris, mud, and contaminants all pose risks to your house in their own regard, which require advanced cleaning techniques and equipment to remove the dirt and to disinfect the environment as well. Assessments begin into the structural integrity of affected materials to determine if they still possess the ability to function as they should or require replacement.

Flooding is not something that homeowners can easily overcome, but something that no person has to face on their own. With the industry-leading equipment and expertise of our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston technicians, you always have the help you need to set things right. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (843) 577-2470.

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How to Get Charleston Area Charities Up and Running After Flooding

10/1/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Downtown Charlotte Removes Water From a Commercial Building

Water Removal For Charleston Charities And Businesses 

Charleston businesses are dealing with flooding now. Getting the water out quickly and drying the facility helps each business reopen its doors. In a situation as we face now, this is not about making a profit, it is about providing the goods and services our community and state needs to recover. Reopening for business also puts residents back to work and paychecks in their pockets so they can keep moving forward.

When it comes to charities, commercial water removal in the Charleston area is primarily about helping people rebuild. SERVPRO restoration teams can clear a building of water, provide the means to wash and dry donated clothing, and return food kitchens to active status so they can cook meals for neighbors who do not have power or are still unable to return to their homes.

We start with anti-bacterial agents and commercial water pumps. Floodwater contains soil and other contaminants, so technicians treat the water as a potential health threat. They spray the water surface and any property that was under the water before it began receding to kill bacteria before wading in.

Next, technicians engage the pumps to remove the water. Since it is still considered contaminated, they have to pump the water into the nearest sewer opening. If the system is not available, they pump the water into a tank truck for delivery to a water treatment plant.

If the shop has donated clothing for sale or to give away, we can help with that. Our equipment inventory has extra-large, commercial washers and dryers that we can bring on-site. If the power is still out, SERVPRO teams have access to a variety of generators that can operate for up to and over 24 hours of continuous operation.

Once we finish removing the water, our team members move in to dry kitchen equipment so that volunteers and employees can begin preparing meals. While some of the cleaning and drying we accomplish by hand, technicians also use a combination of air movers and fans to force warm air across and under appliances to speed up the drying process and draw the damp air out of the facility.

Getting our community back up and thriving is our only goal right now at SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston. If you need us to help others, call today at (843) 577-2470 to get started. We are here for you.

Charleston is home to Boone Hall Plantation. Click here for more information.  

Don't Stress About Mold Damage - Leave It Up To The Pros At SERVPRO

9/27/2018 (Permalink)

Our SERVPRO fleet is always on stand by and ready to respond to your mold damage emergency!

Addressing Mold Damage Growing in Your Charleston Home During Hurricane Cleanup

After a hurricane hits our area, Charleston residents want to rebuild as quickly as possible. During this time, efforts focus on removing damaged belongings, removing waterlogged drywall and other building materials, and drying everything out.

When your home in Charleston is being restored, you should also keep the prevention of mold damage in mind. Areas in your Charleston home can still suffer from mold and mildew because of the enormous amount of humidity in the air. When your home's affected areas receive the majority of the attention, overlooking undamaged sections can occur.

SERVPRO technicians continue monitoring the air in your home for the amount of water vapor remaining. Because a hurricane dumps water all over and not just near your home, the air outside can stay saturated, also. To reduce the ability of microbes to infest your house, we use multiple air scrubbers to remove airborne spores before they can land and colonize on surfaces. SERVPRO knows it is essential to focus on your house as a whole, and not just on the areas where damage from the hurricane occurred.

Removing damaged materials can open your home's walls up, leaving interior wall cavities exposed so they can dry more rapidly. Where warping seems to occur, we allow time for this to dry. Some warping diminishes with drying. Other areas in your home with wood can also warp and crack. Mold can grow in these areas quite quickly, but removing any damaged floor coverings can help prevent mold damage from ruining the flooring underneath.

Mold damage can also grow in crawl spaces and attics because of the elevated humidity. We can monitor these areas for you to help prevent infestations before they can harm your home. When mold damage begins in full force, the cost of remediation also increases. Preventing such damage during cleanup can help save you money and time. Mold damage is one of the many aspects of a hurricane that can cause health effects.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston wants to help restore your home entirely after a hurricane and making sure mold damage never becomes an issue for our customers is one way we serve our community. Call us at our 24-hour emergency service line, (843) 577-2470, to receive more information on how we can make everything at home “Like it never even happened.”

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Choosing Professional Restoration For Fire Damages In Your Charleston Home

9/17/2018 (Permalink)

Disasters never strike your home at convenient times, and widespread damages can be difficult to see firsthand when you make it back to your house.

Fire Damage In Your Home

Disasters never strike your Charleston home at convenient times, and widespread damages can be difficult to see firsthand when you make it back to your house. Among the most challenging of these circumstances can be dealing with a fire in your residence, as there are so many potential effects that could spread out through the entire property. Your insurance provider likely suggests the use of professional restoration services, and there are many reasons why this is a wise decision.

Many Charleston homeowners seek to take care of the problems and maintenance needs of their home on their own as best as they are able, but fire damages pose a threat to inexperienced individuals. Our SERVPRO professionals get uniquely trained to handle all facets of fire restoration, including the extensive use of safety and precautionary equipment to keep our technicians safe.

The risks to both providing the photographic evidence and catalog of the damages for your insurance claim and working to clean up the mess are severe following a fire. Once the first responders have completed the extinguishment, there can still be airborne toxins and the overall weakening of multiple areas of your home that could collapse or break loose without warning. Leave the necessary cataloging and assessment to our trained estimator.

Another thing that you should consider as you debate the need for a professional company like our SERVPRO professionals to help overcome the fire damages is the efficient manner in which we approach restoration work. From the moment that we arrive at your home, we begin the process of limiting the damage that you experience, as well as put a plan in place to begin restoration work as quickly as possible.

Your insurance provider might not demand that you use a restoration company to bring your home back to preloss conditions, but it is a wise decision for you to make. Our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston can work efficiently to restore all of the damages to your home, making it quickly “Like it never even happened.” Our rapid response team is ready 24/7 at (843) 577-2470.

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Preparing Your Charleston Home for the Destructive Force of Hurricane Florence

9/11/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Advices Charleston Residents to Evacuate from the Path of Hurricane Florence

SERVPRO Says Heed Emergency Instructions Concerning Hurricane Florence for Your Charleston Area

While it might seem appropriate that September is Preparedness Month for disasters, the looming threat from Hurricane Florence to the Charleston area provides a severe situation for residents and business owners. Without the ability to slow or deter the course of this severe system, many residents in the area wonder what they can do to help their properties avoid catastrophic disaster as this hurricane continues to strengthen as it approaches landfall.

There are some things that you can do while there is still time to help to protect your Charleston property for the storm that is coming. Customarily, residents and business owners work to board up their windows and reinforce areas of their home they feel might take the brunt of the high winds and flying debris. You can also take these precautions, as it might help to reduce the impact that the storm has from shattering the windows of your home and allowing rain and airborne debris from entering your home.

Seek refuge well outside of the path of the storm, giving you space in between Hurricane Florence and where you choose accommodations until the worst of the conditions have occurred. While you cannot take everything that you have in your home, this might be an excellent opportunity for you to grab some smaller irreplaceable items and things that you have such as photo albums. You have insurance that can cover material possessions along with your home damages, but some things you own do not carry a monetary value.

It is important to heed the warnings and evacuation notices for the area as they come in. While you might have weathered harsh tropic storms before, experts in their respective fields have experience in what this storm could produce. South Carolina is already mandating mandatory evacuations for eight coastal counties and directing traffic away from the coastline, be sure to take these warnings seriously.

Once the storm has passed, and you can return to your home, the inevitable damage has likely occurred. Our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston emergency response team can help you to mitigate these damages from getting worse while we develop a solid restoration plan for your property to return it to preloss conditions. Give us a call whenever you need us at (843) 577-2470.

Charleston Gov't News Flash here

How Professional Equipment Help To Make Water Cleanup In Charleston Easier

9/5/2018 (Permalink)

Water cleanup demands the use of appropriate products and equipment to make the job easier and things cleaner.

How Professional Equipment Help To Make Water Cleanup Easier

Water cleanup demands the use of appropriate products and equipment to make the job easier and things cleaner. Since we are talking about specialized equipment, it is the role of the technicians to operate the equipment correctly. There are also specific directions that we follow when applying the cleaning products when attending to such situation in Charleston. All incidents are not the same, so, we select the equipment to use depending on the situation we are facing.

To determine if the structure is dry or not during water cleanup in your Charleston home, we use detection devices. In this step, we use moisture sensors, moisture meters, and thermo-hygrometers. Thermo-hygrometers help us to measure the temperature and the relative humidity of the site. The role of moisture sensors is to determine whether there is moisture in materials during the initial stages of the inspection. On the other hand, moisture meters are helpful when we need to determine the exact moisture content in materials.

When our SERVPRO technicians are drying your property using space heaters, fans, and air movers, moisture escapes from wet materials and surfaces into the air. As the air absorbs the moisture, it reaches a saturation point where it cannot absorb any additional water vapor. If condensation takes place, then some additional damage is likely to occur. We perform dehumidification to remove the water vapor from the air using dehumidifiers and in the process speed up drying.

We also have appropriate tools to disengage the pad and carpet, separate seams and reinstall the carpet, seams, and pad. The use of safety equipment is equally important since it helps our SERVPRO technicians to avoid injury. For instance, we use gloves, boots, eye protection, and overalls. Our work usually follows the state and local regulations.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston provides 24-hour commercial and residential restoration services. Call us at (843) 577-2470 to work with an experienced service provider with proven services in the restoration industry.

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Removing And Remediating Commercial Water Damage In Charleston

8/27/2018 (Permalink)

Our goal at SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is to help our fellow business owners reopen for service as quickly as possible.

Commercial Water Damage

Charleston businesses can be affected by storms, just like homes. Most of the flooding and other damage comes from more common threats like a split hose or some other plumbing failure. In a few cases, sprinkler systems fail and cause even more problems when they soak clothing and other items on shelves or hanging on walls.

T-shirt shops are popular with tourists and Charleston residents. Commercial water damage to these small businesses has to be removed and remediated as fast as a restoration team can be called in. SERVPRO restoration teams are on-call seven days a week to help business owners reopen their doors to customers and make certain they have product available for sale.

In smaller shops like these, water removal happens quickly. Technicians use extraction wands to draw water out of carpets and off of the surface of concrete and wood floors. They can accomplish this in about a day, two for shops with a larger floor area. The advantage is that with commercial carpets, there is no pad underneath, so our teams do not need to lift them to remove one.

If clothing was affected, the next step for our teams is dry it. For damp items, the quickest method is to increase air circulation and carefully raise the surrounding temperature. SERVPRO Technicians use every surface available to hang items and then open doors and windows (weather permitting) and augment natural circulation by setting up fans at entrances and exits. They can also bring in hanging racks if needed. To speed up the drying process, technicians install space heaters and carefully monitor everything to prevent over-drying items.

In cases with a water-soaked property, our teams can bring commercial-grade dryers to the business, and dry it on-site. If the store power was affected by the water damage, teams could also bring in a portable generator from their equipment inventory.

While technicians dry the store’s inventory, one of our inspectors examines the building for damage. Usually, damage to drywall and other building material is minor. Our teams attempt to dry everything in place using fans to draw out damp air, and air movers to force warm, dry air across surfaces.

Our goal at SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is to help our fellow business owners reopen for service as quickly as possible. If you are dealing with flooding or another water issue, call us today at (843) 577-2470 to set up a visit.

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Remediating Flood Damage In Charleston

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

Extreme weather in our area can often lead to flooding in Charleston homes.

Remediating Flood Damage

Extreme weather in our area can often lead to flooding in Charleston homes. When a disaster like this strikes, the restoration service you hire needs to respond quickly and with the right equipment to not only remove water but to also begin returning your home to pre-damage condition as quickly as possible.

Remediating Charleston flood damage often starts with a source of power. If needed, SERVPRO work crews bring in a generator to provide electricity to our equipment and to also restore lights inside the home so they can work despite any further inclement weather.

Now, our technicians remove flood water from inside the home using pumps and extraction wands. If the sewer system is available, they pump the water directly into the nearest drain. If not, restoration teams can pump the water into the street to eventually drain and evaporate. If the water is contaminated and the sewer is still overwhelmed by the flood, team members pump the water into a tank truck for removal to the nearest water treatment plant.

Next, a SERVPRO inspector examines the home to determine what can be restored or requires disposal. Since carpets can absorb an incredible amount of water and remain restorable, he starts with those. Even a short time exposed to water can ruin a carpet pad, however; so the inspector has the team lift the carpet and throw out the pad. It is cheaper to replace one than spend the labor hours needed to attempt to dry and clean it. When the carpet is flooded from an outside source like a storm, however, it is also contaminated past the point of safely restoring it, and the inspector recommends throwing it out as well.

Before replacing the pad and laying the carpet back in place, teams use air movers to push warm, dry air over the surface of the floor to dry it and exhaust fans to pull any damp air out of the room and off the floor. These same devices also help dry the carpet before the teams tack it back to the floor.

After carpets, drywall paneling is probably more affected by flooding than anything else. The inspector examines each panel carefully for damage, removing the floor trim and drilling holes into the section behind them to check and allow water to drain if needed. If the panels have not absorbed too much water, technicians use air movers to force warm air across the surface gently and can attach a hose to direct the air into the wall space to carefully dry both sides.

The goal for SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is to return every home to what it was before the flood. If you are still dealing with the effects from the last storm, call us today at (843) 577-2470 to set up an inspection and receive a free estimate. We are here for you.

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Remediating Mold Damage In Charleston

8/8/2018 (Permalink)

The humidity makes the summers feel hotter, but it also can cause damage to homes when it helps provide a positive environment for mold growth.

Remediating Mold Damage

With so much of it surrounded by water, Charleston is a popular destination for locals and out-of-state tourists for canoeing, kayaking, and more. The humidity makes the summers feel hotter, but it also can cause damage to homes when it helps provide a positive environment for mold growth.

Since mold needs moisture, a food source, and the right temperature range to grow, the simplest way to stop Charleston mold damage means removing water sources, which includes lowering the humidity. Once completed, SERVPRO specialists can clean and remove mold spores from each home.

They begin with finding the source of the water. In most cases, this is also the source of the mold. If the source is minor damage to a roof, wall, or plumbing, our restoration team can repair it. For major damage, SERVPRO recommends homeowners bring in a licensed contractor to make repairs. With the leak stopped, they move on to removal.

Regardless if the water is from damaged plumbing or a flood, specialists remove it using a commercial grade pump for amounts more than a few inches deep, or an extraction wand for amounts that only cover the surface and slightly higher than that.

As team members remove water, other install dehumidifiers in rooms with the highest humidity levels. Depending on the moisture level in the air, each machine can remove up to 25 gallons from the air every day.

Once they return the home to a dry condition, SERVPRO teams begin removal. Mold spores quickly return to an inert state with no moisture, so technicians can often wipe down affected surfaces with a sponge or cleaning cloth. If the mold layer is still slightly damp or sticky, they use a mild cleaner to break it up for removal.

If the mold spores had time to grow into and feed on building material like wood or drywall. Technicians can remove mold from wood with stronger cleaning agents and scrub brushes or even power sanders. Drywall, however, is fragile once mold compromises its integrity and it is cheaper to replace affected panels than to attempt to clean or repair them.

The goal of SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is to assist every homeowner in returning their residence to a clean, dry, pre-mold condition. If you have or only suspect a mold problem, call us at (843) 577-2470 today to schedule a visit.

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What Smoke Damage Affects in Your Charleston Home After a Fire

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Drapes in your home can harbor odor even though they weren't physically damaged by the fire. Contact SERVPRO for remediation and odor removal.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Fire Damage Including Any Foul Smells Left Behind

One of the biggest problems that homeowners face after a fire in their Charleston home (regardless of size and severity) is a lingering odor that is challenging to remove. Professional restoration techniques are usually very effective in breaking apart this noxious odor and leaving no scent behind, but better understanding the nature of this effect from the fire is important.

Regardless of how fire damages occurred in your Charleston residence, you work quickly to hire the right professional restoration team to take care of the problem and get your home back to the way it used to be. Our SERVPRO team of technicians can help you to overcome all of the obstacles in bringing your home back to preloss conditions, including the deodorization of affected areas and items.

Open areas can often harbor much of this persistent smoke damage and harsh odor following a fire in your home. SERVPRO technicians work to break apart these odor molecules using various pieces of equipment, ultimately leaving no odor behind at all.

Another problem area for the smoke damage to seep into is the carpeting of your home. Since the carpets act as a natural magnet for dirt and debris, this same magnetism helps them to store these odors inside the fibers and into the base of the material. Premier carpet cleaning and deep cleansing approaches by our technicians help to remove the soot and smoke damages.

Another problem area to trap smoke odors is furniture and fabrics in the affected areas. Upholstery and drapes can hold on to this harsh odor long after the fire has gotten extinguished and require specific deodorization techniques to relinquish it.

Understanding the effects of a fire in your home can help you to understand better the processes required to remove them and restore the area they have affected. Choosing the right professional restoration company can help you to overcome these obstacles and get left with high-quality restorative work. Rely on our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston experienced technicians to respond quickly and clean up the mess and restore the damages your home has experienced. Give us a call today at (843) 577-2470.

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Lead Pipes In Your Charleston Home Pose More Than Just Water Damage Threats

7/19/2018 (Permalink)

If you have lead pipes in your house, it might be time to consider upgrading to the durable and high-pressure resistant PVC options.

Lead Pipes Can Pose More Than Just Water Damage Threats

If you have an older Charleston home, your plumbing might not be up to the code regulations set in place for residential contracting. Only a couple of decades ago, the standard in indoor plumbing was the use of lead pipes, which differ greatly from the standard plastic / PVC options that get used in a modern building. A better understanding of the potential threats that this older material poses to your home can prepare you for what could happen, or help you appreciate a recommendation to upgrade.

Lead pipes in a Charleston home might not be as few and far between as you might believe. The truth is, many homeowners do not fully know what their indoor plumbing gets comprised of until they have an issue and get forced to expose this network with restoration work like our SERVPRO team offers. Apart from potential water damage that could result from these materials in your Charleston home, there is more that you should understand about this material and why it is getting phased out.

Lead is something that water treatment facilities work hard to keep at acceptable levels, and in many cases, cannot eliminate from the public water supply. The EPA has put strict limitations on the presence of lead in water with the Safe Drinking Water Act, due to its connection with health risks. These same regulations require municipalities to periodically test residential indoor plumbing for elevated levels of lead in older homes.

Apart from health risks, lead is a metal that erodes and degrades over time. This inevitability not only allows for more of this contamination of the drinking water but also leads to leaks and pipe ruptures which require professional restoration like our SERVPRO technicians provide.

If you have lead pipes in your house, it might be time to consider upgrading to the durable and high-pressure resistant PVC options. Not only does the quality of your drinking water improve, but you limit the possibility of line breaks and ruptures. If damage has already occurred, reach out to our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston restoration specialists 24/7 at (843) 577-2470.

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Water Removal And Damage Mitigation For Your Charleston Business

7/11/2018 (Permalink)

Mitigation lessens the damage that occurs to your property during water loss incidents or any kind of disaster that you might face.

Water Removal And Damage Mitigation

When your business contends with a significant water loss incident, you want to start working on a solution as expediently as possible. With so much riding on your availability to your customers during your normal operating hours, your Charleston business might take a substantial profit drop to be out of commission for weeks and weeks to get restored. This is where fast action on your part can actually do a lot to keep you from working around a lengtheir restoration schedule when you select a professional and accredited company to accomplish the work.

With our team of professionals, mitigation plays a substantial role in the work that we do. This process is something separate from the actual restoration work that your business later requires. Beginning with the water removal at your Charleston property, our SERVPRO team of technicians works quickly and expertly to remove all the dampness and moisture, effectively limiting the damage that this pooled water can do to the structure itself and the contents of your business.

In many ways, business owners assume that mitigation and restoration are in the same category, but this is not entirely true. While these processes complement one another, mitigation keeps the restoration work as efficient and limited as possible. Ultimately, a successful mitigation can shorten the potential time it takes to restore your building following a water loss incident.

The success of this process is based on your ability to react quickly and to get our SERVPRO professionals out to your property and starting the work. The faster that you respond to a disaster in your business, the faster that our experienced technicians can arrive and get to work.

Mitigation lessens the damage that occurs to your property during water loss incidents or any kind of disaster that you might face. When you have to contend with effects from an incident like this in your store or business, trust in the rapid response and experience of our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston water damage restoration specialists. You can reach our team at SERVPRO at any time by calling (843) 577-2470.

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Sewer Line Blockages Could Allow Hazardous Flooding In Your Charleston Residence

6/28/2018 (Permalink)

The SERVPRO Green Fleet Arrives Prepared for Stormwater Extraction and Restoration in the Charleston Area

Stormwater and Sewage Can Bring Double-Trouble--Call SERVPRO for a Safe Solution

While natural disasters like flooding are not at all uncommon to Charleston residents, sometimes it is the situations that we do not plan for and work to prevent that can end up taking you by surprise. Take for example the reality that every home and business in the area has a service line tapped into a sewer system networking through the city.

The bulk of these main lines are no wider than twelve inches, and can quickly become clogged or blocked by inappropriate things flushed or through external threats like invasive tree roots. When the main sewer line backs up, it can start to feed wastewater back through service lines. Without the appropriate measures to clear this line, wastewater flows back through your Charleston service line and into your home, causing flood damage and often a hazardous situation for your family.

Fortunately, our SERVPRO team of dedicated restoration specialists can help. With our hazmat training and extensive education regarding flood damage removal, we can work quickly to address all of the effects from this traumatic situation. In situations like this, cleanouts and emergency cleanouts (where applicable) get used to remove the wastewater working back through your system and into your house until the owner of the sewer line has the line jetted and clears the obstructions.

Extraction inside of your home is often one of the first steps taken by our SERVPRO professionals. Once the water has gotten pulled from the affected area, cleaning and disinfection follow suit while the area gets dried thoroughly with air movers and dehumidifiers.

One of the final approaches that must get taken is deodorization, as wastewater often comes with a harsh, pungent odor that lingers long after the cleaning has occurred. This process gets accomplished with the use of thermal foggers, hand sprays, and SERVPRO know-how.

While your home might be protected from traditional flooding as much as it can be, there are situations that are impossible to ward off entirely. For emergencies that require immediate attention, trust our SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston rapid response team to help you clean up the mess. Give us a call today at (843) 577-2470.

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Cleaning Mold Damage From Charleston Homes

6/22/2018 (Permalink)

If unnoticed, mold can spread quickly through Charleston homes.

Cleaning Mold Damage

If unnoticed, mold can spread quickly through Charleston homes. In the spring and summer months, people are outside more often and simply do not notice it until they see it in the corner of the bathroom ceiling or perhaps smell that telltale, musty odor under their kitchen sink.

If you have or suspect mold damage in your home, you need to contact SERVPRO to both remove and prevent it from growing again. We follow the guidelines put out by the EPA to ensure we accomplish this correctly in your home and on each job.

First, we must clean and dry moldy materials and property. We begin with an inspection to find the extent and source of the growth. That requires going into every room, crawlspaces, and even behind walls if necessary. Our experts also need to use air content meters to find the highest concentration of mold in the home. Once we determine the location of the mold, our team members must move all non-infested items into a clean area of the home or to a secondary storage area to prevent accidental contamination.

Now, our crew isolates the contaminated area from the rest of the home and begins the remediation process. Our team members are familiar with both dry and wet methods of cleaning to remove even very thick levels of mold from surfaces. We also understand how to use HEPA filters. These special filters are designed for use in commercial vacuums and can trap even a single mold spore off a surface.

Second, as the cleaning begins, we need to dispose of non-cleanable, moldy items. That includes building material and personal property that is cheaper to replace rather than attempt to clean and restore.

Our mold remediation technicians need to dry all material and property without mold in less than 48 hours after arriving on-site. Quickly removing water and drawing out excess moisture stops mold growth and prevents new spores from expanding and starting the process all over again.

If you have mold in your home, even just the garage, you need an expert to remove it as quickly as possible. Contact SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston to make sure the job is done right the first time, so you do not have to call back a second. Call us today at (843) 577-2470.

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SERVPRO - Cleaning and Removing Fire Damage in Charleston Homes

6/10/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is here for you every step of the way when it comes to your home and your precious belongings.

SERVPRO Has The Tools and Technology to Restore Fire Damage From Your Charleston Property

A Charleston house fire can result in a massive loss of structure with damaged interiors and loss of personal property. More often, smoke and soot cover the home and property in layers of residues.

That is why SERVPRO places fire damage to Charleston and other homes into minor, medium, and major categories of cleaning, restoration, and repair. The intensity of the heat and how long the fire burns results in how our specialists decide which cleaning agents, tools, and methods to use after arriving at the home.

Minor Cleaning and Restoration – Here, the fire burned out quickly and the smoke and soot did not reach the entire home. The primary service our technicians perform is dry and wet cleaning to remove the residues from walls, ceilings, and personal property. Paper products like documents and books may need replacing.

Medium Cleaning, Repair, and Restoration – In these situations, the fire burned hotter and longer, leaving thicker residue layers throughout more of the house. It usually eliminates dry cleaning as an option, although our specialists can still clean and restore most of the structural and personal property at the location.

The increased heat also causes splintering and cracking of wood products like furniture and cabinets. SERVPRO restoration teams engage in minor repair work to these items, to include sanding surfaces and using sealants to repair the splintering. Odors left by the smoke and soot require intense cleaning at this level of damage and small, personal property items often require disposal.

Major Repair, Restoration, and Removal – Here, the fire burned very hotly and open flames caused physical damage to the structure and personal property. Smoke residues are on every surface in every part of the home, and the odors are very strong. Team members first actions are to remove and dispose of all burned property. It clears the home for restoration and removes many sources of the odors. If doors and windows were damaged, other specialists board them up to prevent secondary damage from the weather and to prevent animal intrusions into the home.

Technicians can still clean most items at the residence, but property with thick layers of residues such as curtains and upholstered furniture need the larger cleaning devices, such as an immersion tank, at our offices to completely remove the contamination.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Restoring a home from fire damage is not a short or inexpensive process. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is here to help every homeowner through it and even help coordinate with all major insurance companies. If you need us, call (843) 577-2470. We are here for you.

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Cleaning Up What Others Leave Behind in Charleston Water Removal

6/4/2018 (Permalink)

Tools and equipment were used to find and remove the water damage under this hardwood floor.

For thorough water removal call SERVPRO

Hiring a professional Charleston water removal company like SERVPRO helps to ensure that the problem is addressed to the fullest extent of your expectations. Many water restoration and removal companies fail to deliver adequate solutions to common problems, either due to a failure to adequately train and prepare their workforce or out of negligence and willingness to do shoddy work. We are held to a nationwide standard in our work and can help to avoid all of these problems and more that can be left behind by a less trustworthy company.

Excessive Humidity

One of the most typical reasons to call in SERVPRO for water removal in Charleston after another company finishes its services is the presence of humidity in the home. Many types of water damage can create conditions of high relative humidity in your home, especially with the warm and wet environment typical of the Charleston area. Many companies either do not know or do not care to track humidity during and after their treatments, leaving behind a potential source of long-term damage for someone else to deal with. Our rigorous dehumidifying regimen ensures that all interior environments of your home remain at normal, sustainable levels of water content after a disaster.

Soaked Materials

Some homeowners may call in water removal and restoration services for their home and see all their problems disappear in a professional and timely fashion, only to have problems return weeks after payment has gone through. Other companies lack the industrial-strength drying technology used by SERVPRO that can create powerful air currents to dry out materials deep under the surface level. If you notice moisture in your home's structural materials after water has supposedly been removed, call us immediately so that we can take care of the problem before it results in an entirely new calamity.

Additional Damage to the Home

All of our techniques are carefully designed to avoid causing additional damage to the home, but many of our competitors do not take such considerations into mind when planning out a water removal strategy. If your home incurs damage in other ways from a water removal job, we should be able to send a team of technicians to repair the damage quickly.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston helps with water removal and restoration services for homeowners in the area. Call us 24/7 at (843) 577-2470 for our services or more information.

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Charleston's Commercial Mold Damage Experts Discuss Air Quality

5/14/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Can Close the Doors to Your Retail Shop in Charleston--Call SERVPRO for Remediation

Mold Remediation in Retail Stores Is Essential for Successful Commerce

If a slow water leak ever develops at your Charleston thrift store, microbial growth can take place. A fungus grows inside any building that is exposed to excessive moisture in places that were not designed to handle getting wet. When water leaks from a pipe or appliance slowly it can go unnoticed for a long time.
Fungi need elevated moisture levels, an organic food source such as wood, and temperatures between 68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit to form. When working on a commercial mold damage project in Charleston, controlling your store's indoor environment helps control microbial growth. Once a fungus develops it produces microscopic spores that can circulate to other sectors of the building, creating more problems.
Most structures have microbes in places like attics and air ducts. If the relative humidity inside is higher than 60%, these inactive microbes can start to grow structures called hyphae. If spores inside air ducts have the ideal conditions, they can grow hyphae that spread across surfaces and lets off more microbes throughout the ventilation system.
The spores can spread all over your shop or large commercial building finding other moist areas to create more issues. Since mold can cause health effects with some people, if it grows inside the ventilation system, air quality becomes a serious concern. Any time a mold is found at a property, our SERVPRO technicians take measures to prevent microbes from spreading throughout the structure jeopardizing the quality of air your employees and customers breathe.
When microbes get activated inside air ducts, there are a few ways the problem can be mitigated. If the affected portion of the ducting can be accessed, then the contamination gets removed by scrubbing or using a vacuum with a HEPA filter. If the contaminated portion is not easy to get to or cannot be found, then antimicrobial chemicals get sprayed into the ducts with a sprayer or ULV fogging machine.
If the ventilation system is contaminated, it can spread pungent odors through your thrift shop. Clothes are porous materials that can store malodor particles. If products and contents inside your shop produce mildew-like odors, then we can deodorize them with ULV foggers or ozone systems.
We know that keeping your store smelling clean is essential for your business. We take special care when working to restore your company's assets. If you need help after damage occurs at your business, call SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston at (843) 577-2470 any day of the week.

Click here to contact the local city government.

Charleston's Flood Damage Specialists Explain Drying Procedures

5/11/2018 (Permalink)

When your neighborhood floods, it is likely water finds its way into your home ruining materials and contents.

SERVPRO is Here to Help Dry Out and Restore Your Home after Flood Damage

Severe thunderstorms are known to come into Charleston and cause damage to homes and other buildings. When excessive amounts of rain pour down in short periods of time, water can get into a house and ruin materials and contents. If your neighborhood floods it is likely that water gets inside a structure.

In other scenarios, high-speed winds blow objects into the exterior of the building creating a hole for rainwater to leak inside. When mitigating flood damage in Charleston, it is vital to remove all moisture present promptly. If water stays inside your home for long periods of time, it can saturate building materials causing them to lose their structural integrity. If organic materials stay wet for over 48 hours, then mold can develop.

Whenever our SERVPRO technicians attempt to remove moisture, they know that the two main steps are extraction and drying. The extraction process takes place first so that standing flood water and drenched materials no longer exist. After as much water gets extracted as possible, the drying process begins.

When drying out a structure, the goal is to return moisture levels to preloss conditions as quickly as possible. There are four factors that affect how effectively materials get dried. The amount of water to be evaporated, temperature, humidity, and air movement all play roles in the structural drying procedure.

The amount of water present dictates which types of drying equipment gets utilized. The temperature inside the affected area must be between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit for best drying results. If there is no heat in the building, then portable heaters get brought in to heat up the building to desired temperatures.

Water evaporation causes moisture to be present in the air. If the relative humidity is too high, evaporation slows down. Often dehumidifiers get placed to pull moisture out of the air keeping the relative humidity between 30% and 50%. Air movers then get set up to circulate warm air around the affected region, increasing the natural evaporation rate.

Drying equipment stays set up until moisture levels return to what they were before water entered the home. For help with moisture after a storm, call SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston at (843) 577-2470 any time.

Click here for more information regarding the city of Charleston.

Mold Damage Remediation in Your Charleston Home

4/26/2018 (Permalink)

If a hidden pipe leaks, mold will begin to grow requiring professional mold remediation services from SERVPRO.

Rely on SERVPRO to Remediate Mold Damage and Restore Your Home

No matter how frequently and how well your bathroom in your Charleston home is cleaned, mildew or mold can start growing if you have a hidden water leak. Mold needs dark, moist areas to thrive, and a pipe, which is usually hidden under flooring or a wall, gives the best starting point for mold if it springs a leak. Staining on your walls, ceiling, or damaged flooring are signs you may have a hidden leak.

When you discover a leaky pipe and mold growth in your Charleston home, you want to act fast so that the mold damage can be cleaned up. The source of the moisture has to be taken care of first, but the mold keeps growing if you do not have it handled. Our technicians at SERVPRO are specially trained to clean up mold colonies and make your home safe again, so do not hesitate to contact us once you find mold in your home.

One of the first significant steps we need to perform in mold remediation is containing the contamination, so it does not spread to areas of your home which are clean. Building an area like this can include installing plastic sheeting for barriers, establishing negative air pressure in the area, and sealing HVAC vents to prevent mold from getting into your duct system. We may also need to create clean rooms for leaving, entering and decontaminating materials and equipment.

When SERVPRO techs prepare to remove the mold, the method we use depends on the kind of surface the mold is on. Nonporous materials can usually be cleaned. However, porous materials with visible mold growth often have to be removed and discarded. In most cases, settled spores can be removed by HEPA vacuuming and wiping with a damp cloth.

Drying your structure is of high importance as well so we can stop further growth of mold. Some of the drying procedures have to be delayed until containment and mold removal are completed, so the mold spores do not get spread throughout the home. By removing damaged materials which have absorbed moisture, we speed up the drying process. Dehumidifiers without much airflow can be used during containment and removal procedures.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston understands the importance of cleaning mold damage from your home in Charleston or the surrounding areas. Contact us at (843) 577-2470 if you suspect you have a mold issue so we can take care of it for you.

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Overloaded Outlets Could Cause Fire Damage to Your Charleston Home

4/10/2018 (Permalink)

A fire from an overloaded outlet does not always leave structural damage, but can leave behind strong odors that need to be removed.

Call on SERVPRO for Any Size Fire Damage 

Even small electrical fires can still do substantial damage to your Charleston home. While you might not have as much in the line of significant structural damages and reconstruction costs, there are still lingering effects that threaten your ability to live comfortably at home. To combat these conditions and restore your home back to the way that it used to be, professional restoration services might be what you require.

While the culprit for the fire damage in your Charleston residence might be an overloaded outlet that sparked, the surrounding area would also inevitably experience the damaging effects of this modest blaze. In these situations, some of the biggest threats that you face to live comfortably in your house again are the lingering scent and aesthetic damages to flooring, ceilings, walls, drapery, and contents in the affected area.

Deodorization is often one of the biggest concerns that homeowners have because the lingering smell from a fire can prove noxious to those even passing through the affected areas. Resolving this requires several pieces of equipment that our SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians use to eliminate the odor in the environment and from furniture and other contents around. One critical piece of equipment for this process is our thermal fogger. This equipment sends out a dense chemical fog that nullifies noxious odor molecules and leaves no scent behind.

When it comes to cleaning up the soot and smoke damages, often this involves vacuum systems and brushes on the surfaces, floors, and ceilings that soot has settled on. For set-in soot that does not come off easily, a wet cleaning solution may get applied to help remove the sediment and dirt. This process prepares these surfaces to be re-faced or repainted depending on where the damage was.

Fire damage in your home might not always require things like reconstruction, but they all leave behind effects that are difficult to contend with on your own. Trust the experienced restoration specialists at SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston to help you bring your home back to preloss conditions quickly and professionally. We can get reached 24/7 by calling (843) 577-2470.

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Water Removal In Your Charleston Home After Toilet Overflow

4/3/2018 (Permalink)

Toilets overflowing are one of the most common reasons for water damage in Charleston homes.

Water Removal In Your Home

Toilets overflowing are one of the most common reasons for water damage in Charleston homes. Even though we cannot imagine our lives without toilets, there are many things which can go wrong with one that is improperly maintained. Septic tanks stop draining correctly, children attempt to flush toys, and general clogs from use can all cause problems. Most of the time, homeowners are thankfully able to notice an overflowing toilet quickly, but sometimes it can happen overnight or when you are out, creating even more damage.

A toilet overflow is capable of causing a great deal of damage to your Charleston home. You need water removal services and help to get your home dry and restored. It is not something you want to hesitate on, so make sure you reach out to our staff at SERVPRO right away. We are professional water damage remediation specialists who can help you get your home back in order.

Structures which are water damaged can create slip, trip, and fall hazards at the work site. Wet surfaces are usually slick, and power cords and equipment hoses can trip people. When needed, we post warning signs and alert you about these hazards.

Slippery floors are most commonly seen hazards in wet buildings. You might not think about the potential danger of walking form a wet carpet to a hard floor. SERVPRO techs might be okay and not slip on carpeting, but when we step onto hard flooring, it can pose a serious slip hazard. We ensure that you and your family understand this to avoid accidents.

We also use caution with power cords and hoses during our cleanup process. They can become tangled, so we always tape them down, or gather cords up with a Velcro belt or zip tie. Tack strips also can be unsafe when we need to remove carpets. Stepping on an exposed tack strip can be dangerous and painful. If the carpet is removed for drying, we may need to cover the tack strips with foam strips to prevent injury.

In a water damage situation, SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston realizes that there could be dangers in your home in Charlestown and the surrounding areas to consider during the restoration process. Get in touch with us at (843) 577-2470 right away after a water loss of any kind so we can help you.

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Drying Systems for Commercial Water Removal Services in Your Charleston Warehouse

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

If you find pooled water on the roof of your business, your drainage system is not working properly and could result in commercial water damage.

Rely on SERVPRO to Remove Water and Dry Out Your Commercial Space after Water Damage

When you own a warehouse in Charleston, it is essential to check your roof on a regular basis. If you find a pond sitting up there, your drainage is not working efficiently. Remember, each inch of water weighs around five pounds. The pooled water can cause incredible strain over time and lead to leaks and water damage inside your building. Look for any damage to the perimeter flashing, roof membranes, or penetrations to the roof like pipes, drains, and gas lines. These critical safety measures can deteriorate over time, which leaves you with several potential hazards.

Dealing with a water intrusion in your Charleston business is not a fun task. You need commercial water removal services as soon as possible to get the standing water out and dry your building to prevent additional loss. Our staff at SERVPRO understands the urgency in a situation like this, so we are here to help whenever you need us. With the professional tools and training we have, letting us handle the problem is best to get your business back on track.

To dry your structure, we need to remove moisture from the air as well. Evaporation adds moisture to the air, and dehumidification removes the moisture. Two systems can be used for drying which is an open system or a closed system.

With an open drying system, the moist air inside your building is exchanged with the drier air outside. Opening up windows and using fans and air movers to ventilate the structure exchanges the air. These systems work only when the outside air has fewer grains per pound than the air inside. For the best conditions, outside air should have a high temperature and low relative humidity. The difference between the specific humidity of the air outside and inside is also significant.

In a closed system, SERVPRO techs close off the area affected by the outside air and from areas of your structure which are not affected. Dehumidification equipment is used to dehumidify the inside air. We must control the indoor environment with air movers and dehumidifiers for a closed system to work. It is easier for us to dry smaller areas, creating a drying chamber by hanging plastic sheeting or closing windows and doors. Air conditioning may be used as well to assist us in dehumidifying. By setting up a drying chamber, the drying process moves faster, and we can dry everything more thoroughly.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is careful to use the best drying system to get your property in Downtown Charleston or the surrounding areas dry again after a water loss. You can reach out to us at any time by dialing (843) 577-2470.

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Restoring Flood Damages to Your Charleston Home

3/15/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding in any part of your home must be dealt with right away to prevent secondary damages such as mold from forming. Contact SERVPRO immediately.

SERVPRO Technicians Inspect Your Home Thoroughly for Structural Damage After a Flooding Event

Despite all of your best efforts to keep your Charleston home in the best possible shape and conditions, inevitable wear and tear are going to occur as the home ages. The footer that supports the foundation and all of the load bearing elements of your structure settle a little more as the ground freezes and thaws with the changing of the seasons. The age of your home can sometimes be a clear indicator to look for potential problems like cracked joints and worn out blocks in the foundation of your home. Replacing them now could provide you with an advantage to prevent issues in the future, but most homeowners do not recognize the signs of a weakened structure until it has already allowed a disaster to occur.
One of the most common threats that result from a foundation that is worse for the wear is internal flooding of the home. While this flood damage in your Charleston home might occur on a lower level (like the basement) where there is not a lot of foot traffic, this is often the storage area for some of the belongings that you want to save and treasure. Several inches of water on the floor of this level of your house that does not get remedied right away can cause irreparable damage to these contents, not to mention further compromise the already weakened structural integrity of the property.
Our SERVPRO team of professionals have trained eyes to inspect and assess the source of the water damage you are currently experiencing. Once these vulnerable areas have gotten determined, they can get repaired as part of the overall restoration process, ensuring that you are less likely to experience the same kind of problem again in the near future.
Extraction is a critical component of the flood restoration process, as pulling this water out of the area allows for the drying and restoration of the contents of your home that currently are in jeopardy. For high volumes, our technicians employ a pump truck from our SERVPRO fleet to pull the water out quickly and efficiently. This process allows the drying and dehumidification to get underway more expediently.
When you are experiencing flood damages to your home, you can trust the experienced and professional technicians that we have at SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston. We are available 24/7 for any emergency that you might have by calling (843) 577-2470.

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Mold Damage From A Roof Leak In Your Charleston Home

3/5/2018 (Permalink)

The faster you act with a roof leak and mold damage, the quicker the issue can be taken care of, and you can avoid additional damage to your home.

Mold Damage From A Roof Leak

Even a small amount of roof damage in Charleston can let moisture seep into your home, which results in the growth of mildew and mold. You not only have a roof issue to repair, but you also need to address any damage which the leak has created to the inside of your home. You can often spot ceiling mold reasonably quickly. Brown discoloration, visible mold growth, or a musty odor near a roof leak are sure signs of a mold issue.

The faster you act with a roof leak and mold damage, the quicker the issue can be taken care of, and you can avoid additional damage to your Charleston home. Regular household cleaners are not typically enough to clear up a mold issue, which is why our professionally trained staff at SERVPRO should be called in.

As remediators, we record the conditions in your home, such as how severe the contamination is and how much moisture saturation there is. After we complete remediation, an indoor environmental professional might put on record that mold in your home has been returned to conditions that are normal.

The goal of SERVPRO staff is to keep the contamination of mold from getting airborne and spreading to areas of your home that are clean. Putting negative air machines near drywall demolition, for example, lowers how much airborne mold we are exposed to and makes the process of removing the mold more efficient.

After the mold has been returned to normal levels, the best solution is to get rid of excess mold contamination. We can accomplish this by physically removing materials that were damaged by growing mold, by vacuuming excessive spores of the mold into HEPA filters, and by damp wiping surfaces that are soiled with detergent cleaning products.

Correcting the moisture problem is the key to dealing with mold. We stop the source of the moisture, such as your damaged roof, which initially contributed to the growth of mold. Even the best cleanup efforts do not keep the mold from returning if your home still has moisture problems.

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston understands that mold needs moisture to grow in your home in Charleston and the surrounding areas. We work quickly to eliminate the source of moisture and clean up the mold after you contact us at (843) 577-2470.

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Full-Service Fire Damage Solutions For Your Charleston Area Home

2/26/2018 (Permalink)

When the Firefighters Have Finished Call SERVPRO to Restore Your Damaged Home in Charleston

Need Cleanup After Smoke and Fire Mishaps? Call the Skilled Team from SERVPRO to Make Your Life Easier

A fire has the destructive power to damage natural walkways, sidewalks, parking lots, roads, cars, and buildings. You should always consider fire-damaged structures on your Charleston area property as unstable. It is entirely possible to suffer structural damages that could pose dangerous risks to anyone that attempts to enter.

Always avoid working in or around fire damage in your Charleston area home. It is essential to have a restoration professional you trust inspect the entire area including, stairs, floors, roofs, ceiling, walls, and all utility supplies for safety before beginning work. You and your family should remain clear of all debris, leaving the heavy lifting to a professional.

Water used to combat the fire can expose untreated building materials to water damage that poses health risks and leads to additional damages or corrosion, rot, and mold. It is a given that it is necessary for your restoration company to understand multiple recovery methods and have access to the necessary equipment to handle each situation appropriately.

SERVPRO technicians can help ventilate the entire house, utilizing air-moving equipment to mitigate smoke odors after a fire. We also help you determine which items remain salvageable while transporting and disposing of all heavily damaged items. Smoke and soot residue can seep into a variety of surfaces, and each requires professional attention to limit losses you might experience.
SERVPRO's cleaning technicians wipe down all affected surfaces including countertops, appliances, walls, ceilings, and any furniture or personal belongings found in your home. We use EPA-registered disinfectants and advanced cleaning methods, both dry and wet, to mitigate damages as much as possible.

SERVPRO provides you with fully-certified IICRC technicians, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, year round. We diligently provide members of our local community with cleaning and restoration services you can trust and show it in every service that we offer to protect your home. You can count on our proprietary cleaning agents to be top of the line products to mitigate fire and damaging smoke effects to your belongings.

Contact SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston for full-service recovery solutions throughout the surrounding area. We help you make your property look its best when you can only imagine the worst. (843) 577-2470

Local advice on what to do after a fire. Very important, please click here.

Fire Damage Emergency Tips

11/20/2017 (Permalink)

Most house fires start in the kitchen. Cooking is the leading cause of home fire injuries. Electric stoves are involved in more fires than gas.

What you can do until help arrives

After any fire damage situation, your primary focus should be safety:

  • Is it safe to stay in the house?
  • Electrical and "slip and fall" hazards are some of the most prevalent concerns.
  • Only do activities that are safe for you to perform.
  • Wet materials can be VERY heavy. Be careful!

What To Do After A Fire

  • Limit movement in the home to prevent soot particles from being embedded into upholstery and carpets.
  • Keep hands clean so as not to further soil upholstery, walls and woodwork.
  • Place clean towels or old linens on rugs, upholstery and carpet traffic areas.
  • If electricity is off, empty freezer and refrigerator and prop doors open.
  • Clean and protect chrome with light coating of petroleum jelly or oil.
  • Wash houseplants on both sides of leaves.
  • Change HVAC filter.
  • Tape double layers of cheesecloth over air registers.

What NOT To Do After A Fire

  • Don't attempt to wash any walls or painted surfaces or shampoo carpet or upholstery without contacting your SERVPRO Franchise Professional.
  • Don't attempt to clean any electrical appliances that may have been close to fire, heat or water without consulting an authorized repair service.
  • Don't use any canned or packaged food or beverages that may have been stored near the fire, heat or water.
  • Don't turn on ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet. The wiring may be damaged.
  • Don't send garments to an ordinary dry cleaner. Improper cleaning may set smoke odor.

Have A Fire or Smoke Damage Emergency?

       Call Us Today – (843) 577-2470

Effects of Water Damage

11/20/2017 (Permalink)

Clean water has no contamination.Grey water has contaminants that are not considered pathogenic. Black water has pathogenic contamination.

Causes of Water Damage

There are many causes of water damage.  Leaky dishwashers, clogged toilets, broken pipes, broken dishwasher hoses, overflowing washing machines, leaky roofs, plumbing leaks, and foundation cracks are just some of the possible causes of water damage in homes and businesses. Natural causes also can cause water damage floods, heavy snow, and heavy rain are other possible causes of this type of damage and can lead to having water in basements.

We understand...

SERVPRO understands every water damage situation is a little different, and requires a unique solution, but the general process stays the same. The steps listed below illustrate our process for the “typical” water damage emergency.

Moisture promotes the growth of mold and other organisms, increasing the risk for serious health problems. Mold exposure may aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms, especially in children and people with compromised immune systems. Exposure may also increase the risk for respiratory diseases and other medical problems. Cleaning up immediately can help mitigate the health effects of water damage on everyone in a home or commercial space.

Have a Water Damage?

Call Us Today – (843) 577-2470

What is Mold?

11/20/2017 (Permalink)

Mold (or mould) is a term used to refer to fungi that grow in the form of multicellular thread-like structures called hyphae.


Mold Is Everywhere! You can easily spot the most visible type of mold, called mildew, which begins as tiny black spots that often grows into larger colonies.

Mold growth requires moisture. The sources of moisture could be Washing, cooking, air humidifiers, condensation or leaks from plumbing or from the outside. Poor ventilation contributes to higher humidity levels and leads to condensation, which also allows mold growth.

If you have a mold problem in your home or business, consider the following facts:

  • Significant mold growth can occur in 48-72 hours.
  • Mold may present a greater risk to children, the elderly, and anyone with respiratory problems.
  • A strong, musty odor may indicate hidden mold behind drywall or under carpeting.

What to Do:

  • Stay out of affected areas.
  • Turn off the HVAC system and fans.
  • Contact SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston for mold remediation services.

What Not to Do:

  • Don’t touch or disturb the mold.
  • Don’t blow air across any surfaces with visible or suspected mold growth.
  • Don’t attempt to dry the area yourself.
  • Don’t spray bleach or other disinfectants on the mold.

What you can do until help arrives

In as little as 48 hours, mold can quickly become a problem in your home or business when there’s a water intrusion, like a roof leak or leaking water line. Mold can cause health effects and can also cause significant damage to your property. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston has the training, protective gear, and specialized equipment necessary to handle your mold problem.

Have a Mold Problem? Call Us Today – (843) 577-2470

Post-Storm Damage Clean-up

11/20/2017 (Permalink)

Storm and flood damage can be devastating. Immediate action is needed, and you need the company with storm damage experience. SERVPRO can help!

No Job is to Large...

SERVPRO's Disaster Recovery Team

Whether it’s a tornado, hurricane, or flood – SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Teams can provide help fast. Clean-up after a natural disaster can be an emotional and time-consuming task. We will treat you and your family with respect and empathy and your belongings with care. We pride ourselves in helping families and communities get up and running again. With our highly trained storm damage specialists we can promptly restore your property back to pre-storm condition.

When you are dealing with storm, flood, and water damage, immediate action is crucial. You should choose the company with storm damage experience and expertise that has the resources and equipment to handle the job. SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston can respond immediately to storm and flooding conditions.

Locally Owned Company with National Storm Resources

SERVPRO of Downtown Charleston is locally owned and operated—so we live and work here too, and are proud to be part of the Charleston community. We are also part of a national network of 1,700 with special Disaster Recover Teams that can respond with additional resources during catastrophic storms and major events.

We proudly serve Charleston, SC, and surrounding areas.

Have Storm or Flood Damage?
Call Us Today (843) 577-2470


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